Jul 28, 2006

145 SlamFam

well...weeeeelllll,I slept, woke up, ate, played games, watched television, ummmm...took my sister and brother to the park every hour...uh oh yeah and I slept. I did this 4 about a month...AnD Im GoInG FrIgGiN CrAZy!! we need a reunion lets try to set it up everyone!
my AIM account is wayj41. if u don't call i'll kill the most handsome guy in the world... of course.... that'll be suicide.

Jul 5, 2006


S is for success, when we’re doing our best.
L is for lettin’ go of what’s on our chest.
A is for the straight A’s we never get on our test.
M is for the microphone where we relieve our stress.
F is for the family that we’ve built on our land.
A is for the alternates that aren’t afraid to stand, and
M is for the might of the o so notorious SlamFam!

We never quit.
We never stop.
Our opponents, like flies, they drop.
We as dangerous as a nine millimeter, that’s already cocked.
We never rocked dem rocks, like all ‘em diamonds.
The truth of our poetry is how we stylin’.
We wildin’ out, without Nick Cannon.
We standin’ on our own two feet
Without dem beatz dat dese rappers need to succeed.
We bleed out thoughts onto our paper.
Then, later we put on a show for everyone.
We never done.
We take our risks,
And this boy WayJ might just put it in a song.
Issaka’s our own personal spit kicka.
Ryan’s our twista.
Edwin is already a Mr.
This team was meant to be.
We get our energy from Marz.
We not future starz, cause we already famous.
We wild and finally unleashed.
Ain’t nobody can tame us.
We rewrite and excite.
We past entertainment.
Come and join us.
If you do, everyone would recognize your name, and
Ya life just won’t be da same, and
From our “competition”, all you’ll hear is complainin’.
See, they just can’t comprehend.
Man, I know it’s hard to understand, when
We be doin’ some crazy $hit wit our pens,
But ever since, we’ve been introduced to this
Poetry Express Experience, we’ve been
Jumpin’ off the walls,
Swingin’ on chandeliers.
Look at us standin’ tall.
Just look at us standin’ here.
It looks like we got the spotlight
Just on right.
Right on the faces of us young ones.
They’ve seen us grow up from
Little girls, and boys,
To young ladies, and men, that have thrown away their toys.
We just keep makin’ a whole buncha wonderful noise.
We rock the world, by only usin’ our voice.
Whether you choose to see us, or not…well that’s your choice.
But, it will be one that you will regret.
Because our words hold enough power to make everyone throw away their packs of cigarettes.
We all have individual goals for our future,
And our minds are set.
There’s a little voice in our heads.
It keeps sayin’,
“Keep all dese obstacles from stoppin’ you.
There’s gonna be alotta people doubtin’ you,
But don’t let their word rot in you, or rotten you.”

Thank You,
Mr. Craig.
You’ve opened up a whole new path for all of us.
A path that I never thought I had.
The only path I knew of was the one going downhill.
But you’ve cleared the bushes out of my way
for an entirely new one.
I don’t ever think you had doubt in me, no.
Along with my Uncle Jayson,
Man, you’re my hero…