Dec 29, 2006


Daddy's eyes
grandma's ears
grandpa's love
uncle marks craziness
auntie's laugh
uncle buko's smartness
uncle Walter's sweetness

Mommy's cheeks
grandma's smile
grandpa's heart
uncle myron's voice
aunt leila's love of god
aunt maranda's sense of style
uncle glenn's strict old self
uncle butch love of games
uncle Ronald, we ain't much the same

all these things I got in me
all these things I'm suppose to be
but what am I without these things
like how many licks to the center of the pop
...the world may never know

Dec 26, 2006

The unreceived note that will never be delievered

I really held on to your hand
Thinking if I did that
there was no way of you leaving

When you asked what do I love about you,
I couldn't answer cause I was to busy trying to figure that out myself
Wondering why
I ran towards the fire 3 times knowing exactly what I was doing
And yet I'm willing to do it all over again...
crazy? I think I am

Dec 22, 2006


Hello everybody! How is everyone doing? I'm taking this time to wish each and every person a merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007! I know - time is flying and I can't believe is that time again of happiness and family and joy and the Christmas spirit.

But it is also a time of reflection of everything that has happened and a transition to a new year of hope, good deeds, and resolutions. Everyone should take a moment to go through all the good things that we have done and contributed to our school, community, state, and to the world. We should think about the bad things we wish never should have happened and a way to make it better for ourselves and for everyone. We have to always remain true and loyal to ourselves, friends, and family. We have a powerful tool of speaking to seek help, talk poetry, and way to express ourselves. Our lives are being guided to a beautiful place, dream, vision we can't quite see yet, but with hard work and determinaton we will get there.
So be good for goodness sake - Santa's watching! (Ha Ha Ha)

Maybe we can meet sometime during this week. But remember to relax, spend time with your family and countdown will be soon: 10 days till the new year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Dec 8, 2006

I've Changed

I put words together to form em into a poem.
Some people write rhymes so everyone could know em.
I just sit back, and reflect.
I’m slowly but surely growin’.
I just repeat a beat in my head.
Speak slow so I could show em.

I remember when Mr. C used to say to me,
“Don’t tell me, just show me.”
But in this case, I’ma need to tell him shortly,
That the old Miguel ain’t gon’ be me.
But you see, we’ve haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye.
I need to talk to you guy-to-guy.
Not kid-to-kid, or man-to-man.
The person you see in front of you is who I am, and
If you don’t like it man, I understand,
Cause frankly, I don’t like it neither.
I mean, I ain’t the little fat Puerto Rican boy rockin a ceasar.
Nah, not anymore,
Cause now I feel, way way more lower.
Now I know why,
Why my customers get high.
It’s because they reached their lowest point.
So what better way to take it all away?
After that, the only problem is wakin’ up the next day.
If you’re disgusted by the way I’ve changed,
I’m sorry.
I know you’re worried,
But it’s like I’m gettin' pushed in the wrong direction in a hurry.
It turns out that my foundation wasn’t all that sturdy.
It’s that the people that we’re holding me up suddenly scurried,
And scattered.
So my common sense fell down and shattered.
I’m stuck in a situation I can’t get out of,
And even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Dec 1, 2006

I'm Back pt. 2 (first time pt 2 is better than pt. 1)

I plant trees those seeds that grow
That feeds these people and I give them what they need
But I have gotten a drought
No more sprinkles of ideas to shower my harvest that slowly would grow
But rather wilting rhymes, drooping over my page on my black lines
That would seems elegant to me but no one else finds it elegant
The dry base of my topic is as old as it comes
one shot deal and the fertility is done
but you got to move on through this
Thick shit, think quick to make it through rough surfaces on your path to a new land
the land that would provide the sources you need
The greens of smilies or the leaves of vivid beauty
Whatever a poet needs you name it
but it seems the path is much harder than expected
My lines on this page is getting hectic
Chaos reigns through the rains of apopletic feelings
And regrets affected previous poets to proceed
Probably no... Indeed I am no other poet
The journey to new lands where poets thrive is mine
Where I can feed the hunger of the people will soon come true
My pencil on the paper where rhymes unfold, stories show these people cold untold tales that would never be heard if it wasn't for them
So indeed I shall travel to foreign places, see poets faces on the same quest as I
And I want this
No I need this...
For my people for has awaited for the returned of Mr. Prolific Poet
You know it I just need some help
That I once got to grow my crops to pot these flowers that will spring the true beauty of poetry
But they have been separated to grow their own
And I still need that help that I once got
Because my crops become scarce and farce
It Hard time through the wet season because that would rain on my unseeded plants which would never have a chance to grow
I can only see the end of my page but not know what will happen
What fate my lines holds on this uncontrolled terrority of poetry

I found new land now...
The flamboyant greens and pastures of the hills.....I can now plant my new seeds
But this seed is different
New flow new gardening methods of which you not know
Something that has been released from the pollen from which it has sprout
No more afraid little crops sticking its buds out no doubt on this new one
It has a new outcome that has begun to change the fate of my planted seeds
So I gave back what the people need
My new flow

Yes this new flow that I have perfected but now rather prefer not neglect my intellect as an individual but showing it
My rhymes do not really matter for now my plants beauty shows itself
That even science can't figure out what kind of beauty my plants exude
Truth spills from its sap no longer hiding behind its not bloomed pedals
From now that my crops has been successful for this short time coming
Mr. Prolific Poet is back you better know it
And I'll show it to you in this new flow
This new flow...
My Poetry Flow

®ø¥å£ ƒ£u§h Ent.
§£ÃmƒÃm 4 Life

Nov 30, 2006

How I feel...

You all know the story...
A guy meets a girl his world is now changed
No introduction just talk, no names but still
Same thing happen everyday
Talk is cheap, his eye turn weak and only focus on that girl all week
Until it turns that he can’t stop thinking about her
Its 24/7 all nights of imagining what he would say the next day
Nervousness each time he’s around her
Her words just carry him; he’s full of himself but to talk he confines it to her
He can’t find time to unwind his feelings into this ocean of heartfelt emotion
Explosions of excitement but corrosion of work
She knows nothing in this flustered situation
She continue with her life just mere talk between them
He can’t think without looking at her face
Smiles each time he talks with this girl everyday
Pacing in his mind he doesn’t know when to talk or not
When to speak when to think each time she within a few feet
When to say the truth when to joke
But he try to make her smile as often as it comes
Just to see her smile
He always excited delighted to see her everyday but just too shy to go up to this person
Cursing himself out because he didn’t or just kicking himself because he did anyways
To hoping she gets online that one night or to the night he can't sleep
Tryin to fight it trying to go to sleep but all week it stay unchanged
When ever he sees her thinks about her his heart pace quickens
Like he's standing right in her face
Faced with a desicion he can't make so it thickens into more shit
He knows she can do better, but what the hell, he should never hide something
But its nothing but a feeling of infatuation
The glutton of love has struck him
Now what is one boy to do?
Like to pour out his emotions and times of his life with her in a mere poem?
No that can't happen because nothing and no one reading can tell
What the hell his mind has locked up what he can't say but wants to
Confront her but taunted not to
Ms. Popular girl has gotten my world
How can I complete this tale of where one man can get killed
If she shatters or complete my heart it would never make a difference of how I feel

Nov 29, 2006

Why is it that all of sudden I feel the pressure of gravity on me?
I mean, I’ve been in deeper shit holes than this before
After just one class of English my brain cells feel surprisingly sore
Am I just letting one class breaking my wings, stopping me from my endless ability to soar?
These past 2 ½ weeks I’ve been forgetting whom I’m doing this for
Forgetting I have reports to be written, mistakes to be ridden, and nervous-filled drops of sweat to be hidden
My brain tissue seems to have reached a state of such compression, as my heart keeps beating to a rhythm of tension, and my bones and muscles are moving with what seems like permanent trepidation
All of this is leading me to say, “Shit, maybe I should have gone to one of those extra help sessions”
(Maybe it's finished, maybe it's not, but i just feel like seeing the name Mauricio on the blogger once more)

Nov 12, 2006

145 SlamFam

yo everyone listen up
yo this is for all slamfam peoplez
we are trying to get together for the thankgiving break
spread the word and let see wat we get

Nov 9, 2006


Ms.preisner said if ma class (447) keep being bad then we not gonna do poetry slam, or mock trail. she went crazy on us the other day. she even stopped collecting our homework journals. We been doing journals since last year. :( I think we really pissed her off this time. it's like every thing we ever did since 6 all added up and she's tired of's kinda sad though.

Nov 7, 2006

Meaning of Our Words

How is it that when spoken word takes hold and control of your mind, you can't get rid of what you has heard?
Sticking into your head you can'’t shake it out, like a bad song only that the lyrics you can'’t figure it out
Maybe because our words can twist, not lyrics but stanzas used beyond people eye because they use tricks
These metaphorical statements creating explanations to the thoughts we present
Through this creation to hating politicians or making vivid pictures dictating
What we see to what we bleed on these ink-filled papers printed out by thoughts
These provocative smilies stopping and clocking many, people figuring out what these poets are actually mocking
Or it is that this dense country of ours is actually thinking that rapping is shockingly turning to poetry, but this process is not happening
Because our spoken word was transferred and transformed to a "hands on" project for rappers to turn, torn and shred up poetry
And just to make currency on
Currently upon further study on the music on so call "rap"
Rappers can'’t deny there is an emerging emergency
These professional poets is dying
That'’s why this poet name Ryan is trying to use his mind to get it to you that poem is not rap
Who else can use these words so fluent like fluid flowing through you like water but words hit
you through tissue?
Through issues told through young teens witnessing horrific events since the age of three
Some warm hearted individuals trying to send it to you that this performance your eyes are seeing is not a rap video
This visual given to you at intervals so you can see the entire picture at the end
Not all at once before we give away our surprise
I guess that'’s why this art form is so hard to digest
Rappers can'’t duplicate and replace this unique race
We are held together by a common knowledge of poetry
But rappers in haste to copy our style and words
That'’s why your hear smiles in each one of their verse
Rappers don'’t care who likes their works
Work 2 hours and then get reimburse
Mixed with curse worse they us look bad with their figure
If you going to promote this at least look decent in your picture
No need to see a dozen platinum CD'’s with covers with rappers holding guns and money,
We poets act professional not funny
What do you expect reciting, and writing, and typing it up?
Biting our tongues every time seeing if fans are liking or not
Every time our hands touch the paper of our words
Our excitement is unbearable of our illustration but we are careful if our statements are critical to others but that'’s what we are here for
We tell it like it is we put breaths in between important point
Because we need to stress certain topics like...this
When people listen to our words they don'’t figure out the meaning
But yet they say its rap to us it'’s really demeaning
It seems that no one believes in this dream any more
ItÂ’s chewed up, spit out, and thrown out on the floor
But we poets still don't give up, we still doing shows behind close doors toes froze from fiery chills
Those foes knows that poems still exist and we still have a will
Because we would never bow to people who don'’t know
The meaning of our words so we will show them today
Through poems that convey feelings on political reasons
Or medieval treason or a young teen still dreaming to be whoever wants to be
Just like me
Because our words can transfer you out of school, alter your moods, it can even talk thaveu
You just have have to look behind our words find the terms, and read inbetween them and look and learn
Our words are stern or they can be kind
But it depends to the person is content or cursing in rhymes
Just check next time what this person is feeling and don't call it rap because it is demeaning
So let's see what you've learned, what our meaning?

Oct 27, 2006

New Postings

Well this was the best I could do but I am coming out with more (oyour thinking AGAIN RYAN!!) so hang tight. THese are not my best at all looking at the pattern but with topics I think I had a little help from you guys (solider-miguel, pencil-from wayne's talking bout his pen, my new home- graduation piece sequel) I hope you guys enjoy and leave some comments

My New Home

You know…
I came from a real crappy place mixed race
People knew my face and I had friends
It was the same all the time
Never changed from the line
It was…
9-5 they went to their jobs
6-10 the party begins
Then 9-5 they get on with their lives
And 6-10 it happens again
Then it all changed with three simple accepting letters
It was

So have a look at my new chapter book
And see this opportunity that I took
I am just starting school it is just like the BX
But now I feel I go more on the line with the grades and the tests
This is important
According to the guidelines and the rules
This is more than what I expected for high school
I know I’ll have to work and I know what I have to do
But this place is huge compared to my middle school
First few days I was gone astray
Into a place portrayed as a classroom
But really was a boiler room
But what would expect? I was a color speck in this pale sea
Beside who would want to a color person like me?

Yep….its pretty crowded
Nah it’s packed
I pack no slack but pack bags that’s a fact
It will never change I won’t slack off
And I know this is going to be hard
But I am up for the challenge
I am ready to go
Ready for anything, ready to show
My talents, my grades
Going to leave people amazed
Nothing is going to faze me

From that one main goal
“to succeed and to have fun”
Thus is probably one of the most exciting experiences
So much for fearing this high school and
More for preparing this “thing” that I long for
Hmmm……I am not going to say it
It’s more like create it
This “thing “is beginning to feel like home
And I love it; it’s called the ABC home

See…..ABC helps you so you won’t get D’s skip E’s or F’s
Unless you’re ready to fail a test
I used to love the Bronx, I still do
But now I got to “rep” ABC
I got a lot of Family: along with FEP and Slamfam you know these #1 poets
I don’t show it
But I love this place
Going to be hard to leave
All I need to do is accomplish this goal all I need is to believe

A Soldier

A soldier in a war, he’s under fire
He knew that this war was dead-man for hire
But he knows that he got to lock and load
Because one shot through his heart could mean that his soul is sold
Bombs explode
Packing M16’s and throwing grenades
The only way to live for another day
And he doesn’t thinking about the killing
He thinks about survival
From his arrival and facing his rivals
He knows the deal
He could end up dead on a battlefield
Thinking how horrible his family would feel
This soldier
Has to make decisions
And god forgive him he kills an innocent man
But all a soldier thinks about is a one shot kill or your body would be lying lifeless until
A soldier can see the reality of this game “they play”
A soldier is a pawn while the king is safe far away
But this pawn can never be black or white
Because life is seem through the color of your eyes
What he seem was the one thing no other soldier saw
He recalls the military flaws
I can’t kill “the man” as long as I live
I can shoot my rivals no matter what they did
So I shot myself and I lay dead
So pawn I was that pawn...….The pawn of life of heavy fire of expectations showering from the light
My only way out has one consequence
Put my soul in the devil’s hand and be an eternal hostage


What ever happen to the times we shared?
All the things I’ve cared for
Has wash away from my shore
Sure new things would wash up but I don’t want it anymore
I want back the things I had
Don’t tell me I am sad I’m just disappointed that every time that something is perfect
I think that is it worth it, worth my life
But it has to fade because nothing ever stays the same
And it kills me to watch my best friends wash away
Everyday we I try to prove myself but you guys aren’t there
Now I am in PA a new place, new school and with some new fear
That the only chance to make friends like you would never come
That 145 was a one-shot deal and now I am done
The money, the kindness, and the cleanliness I don’t care for
If I don’t have my crew what I am here for?
I thought that I would never miss you guys at this time
Time worsen this scar I can’t hide
I reminisce…
Back in June 2006 went by quick, having fun with the Slamfam
Won 3 championships in our course, can you imagine how happy I am?
Its “picture perfect” like I said in June
I can perfectly picture when I was packing up in my room
The times we had, sure it would never last
But would always be encrypted in my heart not my mind
But to find that the choice I made was bitter sweet
Because the experience is great but I miss the New York streets
The concrete underneath my feet now
It pains me
It stains my heart to find I am only walking with friend
Just friends I am pretend that everything is alright and that I would make amends
But thinking
Mr. Craig dissing people, people diss his forehead
Both going back and forth again
We tried to freestyle at least for a little while
We play football and Frisbee
Literally the excitement could not be contained
My insane mind driven out of brain
And when I left the excitement stayed in NY
And sorrow came to fill in
From then on it stays on my mind
The moment I spent must’ve been the greatest
I could resurrect those memories even at the faddist
So that would always be the climax of my life
SlamFam gave me the world so I’ll repay with my life
My success goes to all of you because since of SlamFam
My grades soared
And I couldn’t have wanted anything better anymore
Imagine later in life what would of happen?
We dead silent now since most were sent up and packing
I f we hadn’t left tings would be the best
Still got an education
But still got best friends
Those memories….are killing me
Because I don’t have you anymore……

Controversial Rhymes part 1

The pencil I have has only lead for success I guess that why I always aimed to be the best
But not sports not games I only aim for the fame
The pencil writes mistakes on my soul
Bush wrote his speech so terrorism explodes
But unlike a pen you can’t erase your mistakes you have to face the after stains on your page

As I write a child dies at his home
A mother worst fear and now she lives alone

Bush target was missed and so he bombed
I bet that mom missed her son when he was bombed
This pencil has not written clear
My hand’s guidance was focused on beating off
Those shear people who don’t share, don’t care, don’t fear, but go near me
Bush has the same way on terrorist
Except I actually care about people and don’t act like a bitch
He’s straight bullshit
His decision were permanent
Because he doesn’t want to be proved wrong by true believers
And so keep dreaming
Because this pencil writes for you guys who thinks that life has a meaning
Fend off Bush and show how wrong he is for believing that he could handle president
Same with immigrants he wasn’t hesitant

That hand that was beating off wasn’t meant to masturbate but meant to educate
I don’t want to be wrong by saying
“Bush is a motherfucker”
But that’s not true
Bush doesn’t fuck mothers but who thought that he got screwed?
The pencil I have only writes on souls
If Bush held a 55 iron pen then US reaches a low
If a pen ink last
Then pencil has to be special
It wrote these stanzas you can tell me it higher than his IQ level!
This pencil make subtle poetry like Bush is subtle
You have to hear it twice to figure out what he said
Bush don’t speak right but me it’s just the special lead

So when you hear this a second time
You’ll realize the truths and the lies
You’ll want to despise his franchise or “cabinet”
So when you read this a second time
You’ll see that…..
My pencil has only lead for success
I guess that’s true from my controversial rhymes
Rewind what I said
Not sports not games I got your attention so let me get some fame

Oct 25, 2006

im sitting here with nothing else to do
but to think about my old ways, my old emotions, my old life
my past life, my future life my- present-life
i have been shot with a bullet that passed my lungs and aimed straight for my heart
peircing through the hard ice that is to be in it's place
My soul is now lost
my soul is no more
my words can no longer speak my minnd and my mind can no longer speak my mind
i am no loonger invinsible
my blood has turned a coal black that has been used as the dirt that man walks on
As i enter my closet what do i see
a dark hershy chocolate bar looking at me
his luscious lips has attacked my body\he caressed my mind as my heart skipped a beat
he captures my soul in a mear image
he speaks the words of true passion and love but i am told that he is not for me
he takes my mind and plays a game
he opens a wound in my heart and fills it with hope and desire
of a romantic night
but all i get is heart break
poetry has leed me to nothing but a vomat of emotions
it has stabbed me in my stomach
leaking out all my internal thoughts, hunger, desires
I can tell you what i have to saybut the words just can't fit this page

i dont know where im going with this help............................

Oct 19, 2006

To all slamfams

The new 8th grade class will not let the poetry slame slip through their careless hands causes the honor to fall into someone else's lap. Even if only two people join we will make the best of it. But I doubt only a few will join. Also I hope ya'll lie bein in high schools...haha freshmen!!!!!! Respect me freshmen for I am a senior LOL I like the way that sounds LOL.


My after school poetry teacher Mr. Fish made me write-yea I was mad. He wouldn't let me stop until the 10 minutes were up n I couldn't cross anything out. So now I'M working on a poem n need feed back. I don't want to give him crap. I want him to see I can write, I jus need time to do it LOL.


You are as beautiful as the night sky
Right after the sun has went to sleep.
Your eyes are deeper than my family roots-
and you know I got a lot of family!
Your cute koolaid smile
is like that bright star showing hope on such a sad day
You are "beautiful"...
Well at least on the outside
now if your personality had a face!
Oh my god,
You would take ugly to another level untouched before.
You are
As ugly as the
"Just woke up" hair style
I'm talking
U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi
You ugly what?! what?! You ugly!!!
Yeah you can bag every girl in NYC
But that's just with your face sweetie.
Girls are not as smart as they use to be
Wanna get with a boy cause he cute, he fine, he calls u a dime
but at the same time
got another chick on the side
AKA his slide!

God don't like ugly,
So you is daymn lucky he loves you

But yet in the medias eyes you are beautiful
Well, what do they know
Who was given the right to judge what's beautiful
I don't remember voting on this!!!
"beauty is in the eye of thee beholder"
But what if the beholder dies?!
What if she or he is blind?!
Then who will find beauty
Who will break the hearts of the ugly by only their words
Who will brainwash the young minds,
If no one knows the definition of

Oct 14, 2006

The Meaning

My pen runs across a blank page of unfulfilled dreams
and it "seems" I've finally lost all hope...
And it hurts,
Because all the work and shit I put into this craft
it won't last,
I gotta make more to sore past any block in my obstacled life,
But time after time my mind gets locked,
my poems contain no plot,
But I gotta top myself to be on top,
but I gotta knock myself down to show everyone what I got
keep planting these worded seeds but have no poetic crops,
I said ima slam poet but damn..What if IM not,
I guess what IM experiencing is writer's block.

Shocks shock up and down my spine,
as I see myself grind on poetic lines
that can not be written,
My mind's trippin off my addiction of raw emotions,
floatin down an endless stream of dreams of who I wanna be, But to show dis I gotta supposedly write it down and perform it to you,
just to show or prove what I feel but I feel I can no longer do this shit,
I can no longer think, write, move or shoot my spit,

Looks like im doin good but
80 percent chance ima lose dis shit,
right now im scared ima trip, slip, flip over my tongue
go thru the rest poem mumblin on and on,
Hope my nervousness of dis 1 minute poem isn't shown
Cause i really want dat cash but better yet dat poetic throne

Dis is a little sample of wat i cud do i hope wat i did really helps me go thru.

Oct 10, 2006

I forgot

It has been that long
I have forgotten the way you make me laugh by just,
poking out your bottom lip when yeah mad
It has been 2 weeks and already,
I have forgotten the way your
six pack pressed against my flat chest
gives such a feeling that if I told you
you'd say T-M-I
It has been uncountable hours
since I had the right to say
"yea we go out"
when you would pass by me with only the
light in your eyes to let me know your still mine,
though we're not together

It's been that long that,
I had forgotten the way you made me feel
the days spent thinking was you really worth my tears
was you really worth wanting to be left alone from my family and friends
you must have been
cause I came right back to you
just like you thought I would
I guess I forgot I love loving you love me...

Oct 9, 2006

guess what even though it's not officialy time for basket ball games we decided to play against Vanguard Highschool and we beat them 38 to 29 i only scored 16 points, 2 3points and the rest were layup shots 2 points i play shooting guard.

we also had a pep rally on friday and the dance team had to dance we were so hype
we danced then we stepped it was hot.

Concert band is coming along great im mad that im third chair clarinet but they said it's a freshman thing.
It's scary cause most of the kids are like white and like so nice and that weird.
Im getting ready for the holloween dance that we are planning (oh yeah im on the dance commity) Im talking over the whole school.
And guess what i found out that i am actually a great singer(i told u i could sing but no one wanted to listen ) maybe one day i will sing for yall

Oct 5, 2006


I know that many people have seen that this blog is going dead. Its seems the main reason we made the site is now useless. But thanks to my study halls and finishing all of my home work I was able to come up with two more poems. This also should not be a one person effort. We all need to pull together and start bringing back the meaning of Slamfam. The 3 championships that we worked for may be gone. Still work on poems, still dedicate yourself to this. I know some people just don't have enough ideas (or in Miguels case) can't finsih it, but the study halls come in handy from high school, I'm going to post up some new poems soon but I wanna the greatest poets back on the stage. Its good we still use the site for telling us infomation, and its good people still use the site. All I am asking is please everyone try to show people that you can do poetry and show them that you have some talent in you. Post something on this site now. PLEASE!!

Oct 1, 2006

No Inspiration

Yo, i've been tryin ta do sum poems fo da longest time now....i got ma internet bak so i culd submit poetry, but...i can't!!!
I've started 3 iight type poems but i only go halfway through them, and no matter how hard i try, i can't finish them...iz dis becuz i dont got ya ppl ta help me out...or am i jus losin' ma touch?

Sep 30, 2006

Hey! wassup wit dat?

Hey mr.c ive been tryin to post a poem or 2 but I wrote it in microsoft word!
i know i cud copy and paste...i always done dat but the blog wont allow me 2.
Does this mean i gotta retype the whole thing again?
oh please tell me i dont!!

Sep 22, 2006

145 SlamFam

145 SlamFam


my school gotta handball team o0o u know wat tha means gonna kill tha balls like wooa...woa tha aint sound right but idc...GUYS POST NEW POEMS WE KINDA LEFT THE SITE MAN...WE MUST HOLD THE REVOLUTION AND RESSURECT THE SLAMFAM CREW!!! fo sho fo sho hamtarodudehector reporting out...o0o yeah im in a military program..nvr thought this goverment hating communist would wana join the army??? BOOM YO
guess who made jv basketball team
and the step team
and the dance team that deals with hip and ballet
and i made concert band theres only like 10 freshman out of 40 students in that band
and i made orchestra band
i know im taking over the school but thats wat Talent Unlimited is about UNLIMITED TALENT
i have finaly found the one true love
that has taken my heart and sent it above
they have shared my emotions from when i was down
and when i was joyceful they gave me a crown
poetry have never disappointed me
it has been the one thing that believed in me
slamfam is slowly dieing
but im not the one to sit here crying
what we really need to do is
let out the emotions from the past the present and the future
please no one show any resentment
we have worked our tails out for noting
highschool maybe fun
but there aint nothing slam fam about it

I dont know where im going with this help me out

Sep 13, 2006


I'm a senior!
A "we run this school" yelling student
The 8th grader trying to walk in these footprints
But was to big for her so she made her own
You know her, she that girl
Telling all the kids one at a time
"I have been here 5th grade so let me skip the lunch line"
um senior...senior!...Senior!!!
Hold on-do you hear that?
Do you hear the way the words just gild so sweetly off the tip of ma tongue
I'm a senior
To think next year I'm gonna be that
Fresh meat sucker, tripping in the hallways, talk with a whisper,
and listen to all...Freshmen
But for now...
I'm a senior!...

Slamfam silently dieing

Ok I gotta bring baq the hype you guys left me wit (espessially Issaka) so here is a little piece I work on at study hall (the only time I have)

Now its time to change it up from my old game
Now I got an insane, power draining perfromance since "My Name"
I'm all hyped
Because it feels so right to finally have a spotlight
I always have
But that lightblub was broken but never fixed it in the past so
When you turned on the light you actually saw what I did
Now I won't have any blackouts cutting in
On mid-performance
I'm really writing right and rolling out of sight recking desrtuction its rotating, revovling, rocking, moving really slow and revolting its shocking
My words are damaged
They aren't 50 cents
My words are priceless Mastercard has nothing on this
See I got Red Bull in my blood veins
But Red Bull is bullshit I drank it nothing changed
So that Bull can have his bull shit and drink it
I got water bitch you hydrate when you really need it
I wish you guys could see this but I don't tape
Kodak need a video camera so this Kodak moment could be saved
Nothing can calm me down from this hype
And rappers can't dance so why do the fuck they making one?
The closest to a dance is Sean Paul's Jamcian one
But my performance beats them all
You'll be copying my every move before my last line is called
Even Mr. Craig would be apalled
And I think I am a prophet....nah I am a profit
Because I predict my fame will keep growing I can't stop it
My hype is like my poetry it comes out
No regrets and egressing
Its flow is addicted
Flowing thorugh my pen its like some herion
And you inject hype into your paper
Couple second your brain bursting few seconds later
Then you get a brain blast but Jimmy Neutron don't ever write poems
So when you write out your feelings then your really flowing
You feeling not concealing appealing the fans with the only thing that you have
Your feelings
And this performance will a prove this
This sense is all I have and I won't lose it
USe your sight matter fact use what you have heard
Tese written words
Are Spoken Word
So when this hype finally fades
I hope I leave some on you
I don't want Slamfam to die
No one wants it to
No one wants it to be true
Do something soon
Three years back
The group we begun
You better catch up
Before this group is done

Being A Bear

U know, Craig, i feel like you're pissed off at me, cuz first, on the myspace SlamFamLive u posted everybody else's recording except mine, that hurt, but then i sent you like 2 or 3 messages in the past month and u never respond, now, i think the reason why you're mad at me is cuz i never sent any stuff 4 the Documentary, i'm sorry, i should've done it but i didn't, maybe i will when i go back home, but until then could u please e-mail me man! I'm lonely out here, i made a few friends but i'm always alone with no one to hang out with, well, it's only been 4 days now since i've been here, and it's getting better.
Now i know you're gonna be mad cuz i have no poems, but please, i wanna hear more from u Craig.
Berkshire is fun man, JV Football is alright, but i worked out fron an hour after practice last Monday and ever since my ribs and legs hurt whenever i walk. Classes r aight, kinda easy, but F*ck, i had two tests today already!!! N0 100s yet. I'm so scared of getting kicked out though, i like it here a lot, and the 1st night i was here they had a dance, and yea, well, i got me dancing with whitiessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, dude, but like very few hispanics guys, like i'n not even playing, i only know one other spanish kid so far. Girls here look nice man, but the older girls ignore freshman like sh*t my dudes. Peace out 4 now!!!!!
Berkshire Bears Rule!!!123BEARS!!!

i'm still got those stripes though...

Sep 12, 2006


Sep 11, 2006

...Empty Nest...

So, that day is finally upon us. What day you may ask? Well, not that day that everyone is probably thinking, no, that day is getting enough coverage already - and that's not what we're about. No, the day I'm writing about is the first day that you're all gone. The first time I can actually say, none of you are any longer here. Of course there are those of you who are still somewhat local, attending schools around the city, but with the exception of Miguel, no one has come to visit. Of course, I understand, I truly do. You need to establish your knew identities, get a foothold in your new places. I really do understand. My only hope is that none of you ever forget what we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. From the childish antics of sixth grade, to video-conferencing with the First Minister of Scotland, you are some truly inspirational people. I miss you, I really miss you. And yet when I really think about it (and I do a lot...) I always knew this day would come, and we'd have to adjust. I'm not going to try and lie about the heaviness in my heart though, in fact, I made a little fool of myself the other day when I was walking down the hall. I decided that I'd stop by and pop my head in the door, like I did at various times of the day, but I really had forgotten you wouldn't be there. I rounded the corner and peeked in...Only Jesica looked at me strange; she knew I had messed up, and she silently, with a sly grin shook her head. I just turned and sauntered away...Damn.

On a more cheerful note I need all of your mailing addresses now that you are fully entrenched in your new surroundings. Don't post them here, that's a little too public, but you can post them as a new topic only as a draft. I need to send some of you some things. Don't be alarmed, it's nothing serious, but it will put a smile on your faces, and decorate your walls at the same time.

Please, when you read this, if you have internet access wherever you are, post a response. Let me know you’re healthy and still into the site, and be well. Best of luck with all you attempt this year (although to quote Carissma this year, "We didn't need luck, we knew how hard we had prepared...") I agree, and instead of luck then, I wish you great preparation. Miss you all.

Mr. C

Sep 10, 2006


wishin for an idea...
got an idea for a dream...
it's a dream of a reality
Reality fact-I ain't comin back
To many tears has fallen
from ma small 13 year old eyes
over this summer I got very wise
1-me=a lonely you
Ma friends told me but i ain't listen cuz
no one every showed me that u were
hookin up wit gurlz behind ma back
talkin snit like yo her poetry is wack
like ne-yo im tired of love songs
but oh
I ain't gonna do sucide over ur bullsnit lies
send ma self to hell on a horse and carage cause
you messed up
I would've killed you but
im to lazy to hide the body
I would've broke up before but
I jus kept givin you a second chance...after the 10th time
well now u can
suck ma imaganary dick without a codom on
better yet let me take that back
knowing your gay ass you'll probely like that

Aug 28, 2006

Guess what, and please don't scream

hey u guys, don't hate me but i cut my hair!!!
don't worry it's still long though, it's been 2 days ever since... and i still can't believe it. it looks nice though!!!

Aug 26, 2006

Dear Slam fam

as we all seperate
i feel the pain of a life time
i never thought i would or even could care for people as much as i care for all of u
u all have done so much for me
cheering me on
helping with anything i needed help with
and most of all being a freind to me
Don't get me wrong i was a hand full but u all stood by my side
To Dalisbeth and Jasmine most of all
you both have been closer to me than anyone
you both were the only two i could trust with my personal issues
and i love u both as my sisters
Slamfam will live on forever
as i sit here writing this letter
i shed tears that have been carried with me for a long time
as we all seperate reach for the best and don't ever reach for less
don't let anyone hold u back and remember
in order to see the rainbow you must first endure some rain

Love Carissma aka Applesauce/Mickey44

Aug 24, 2006


I cry the tears of a warrior at war
I sing the song of death and
I dance with the devil
It's like I'm juggling 3 things at the same time...
But yet all on fire and weigh more than life it self
I can't take it but
I can't shake it off but
It seems I find my self lost
Found with a child, a husband whose a dead beat, n a job that
Only pays half of what I deserve
Yet I keep trying to win this war
Though it feels as if I been threw this before
As a story falls from my eye
My child asks me "why mommy cry"
All I can say is
I'm not crying I'm yawning
But even she can tell that waz a lie
and-bitch where my food at!!! My husband yells
Comin honey IM just-I don't care hurry the hell up
now these stories are rushing down my face
to be born in my eyes live down my bruised face and die
in my pool of blood on the floor...
But I still keep fighting even if my army is population of...
This journey in hell has just began
I cry the tears of a warrior and
I sing the song of death
I dance with the devil and
Still have time left.
I always thought slavery days were over but ever seen I've been
Livin wit him
It seems I've just been another
Slave in history.

Aug 11, 2006


Well, Dalisbeth has me crying (again) and Ryan has me astounded. Edwin has me impressed, and Mauricio...well, flabergasted. But none of you have sent me a d*mn thing. Pics, video, HELLO! No help, no documentary...

...but here's something you can do to help, since getting pictures together is so much of a chore...

Your Mission; should you choose to accept it: Write/type a one page (please, one page, not more, not less...) reflection on a topic of your choice, the theme is of course the team. I want to record you reading these as a sort of interview to use in the documentary. Doesn't have to be video, just your voices.

Some starters:
Mauricio when speaking about his Urban Word experience: "the most important aspect about what you're saying , is, what you're saying..."
Edwin speaking about his acceptance to his high school: They were most impressed with my writing, something I've only just gotten better at. Amazing."
Omar: The quietest guy I've taught (besides Luis maybe...), Spittin' fire at the Nuyorican!
Ryan (Mr. Prolific): The three year mission, get on the competing squad. Accomplished!
Miguel: Politics, presidents, students voices, what we say can and will be used...for good!
Dalisbeth: Hello! Scholastic awards! Only Middle school student on stage!
Wayne: Do you really need any starters...? Okay, how about LaGuardia and your sitcom in a couple years (hey, I'm great with a camera, hint hint. You know where to find me.)
Issaka: The soul searcher, the silent assassin, the toungue twister, the seemingly confident yet ultimately shaky inside young man who released his frustrations on paper an cemented a legacy for himself.
Carissma: Three years, and the best performance was the only one that really counted anyway. Graduation! The points are not the point; the point is poetry!

Holla back. Please do this. please...

Seriously,...please. Some of you may have started some of these already or may have something you've already written which satisfies this. Just do it.

Aug 9, 2006

Thanks.. a lot

Thanks a lot Mr.Craig for everything that you have done for us, every motivation, every ounce of love, every hour of effort that came/comes toward us, every laugh, every story, every hour after school was done, every one of the three years, every day of you being our role model, our teacher, afterschool teacher, our inspiation, every piece dedication to us, and most imortant, an every day friend we could always come to to talk to.

I'm back

You can call this the return of the worlds greatest
Or returning to the blog because Mr. Craig made us
Now that every school hate us
Because the real champs never lost the crown it’s been underground
But poets never reveal their secrets
Wait that’s magicians but this is our magic
Who else can fight with words ignite sentences so they burn?
Overcome stage fright still has the might to learn?
Who can still has enough to excite this blog with my return?
That’s me
And I’m back with fire power
More ammo in this hand and still shooting down cop…iers
Yea copiers still trying to copy my words
But betcha you can’t do it like me
Because no one is able to write like me

But I have been busy for not writing
Busy how high school life is going to be exciting
Can’t believe that I am going to leave
I’m saying I am back when I am about to leave
But it has been a while since I have been on the site
I said on my site Slamfam 4 Life
I got it embedded in hand not tattooed
Because the hard work left a mark so left hand screwed
Maybe that’s why I didn’t write, I did what was right
But I am back with no complaining
Now everyone in Fieldston knows “My Name is”
Everyone in the ABC house knows Ryan’s da greatest
See I’m spreading the word of the SlamFam
It’s the truth you should have seen them
You wouldn’t believe them
Now would you believe that I’m back
Yes Ryan’s back
And here to make history
It going to be sight to see
Make your right hand bleed
Because no one will be able to copy THIS from me

Aug 8, 2006

WOW I guess no one is writing poems

I thought this blog waz made 4 poems? Oh well...Hopefully history will be made tomorrow and sorry I didn't post ( new record 1 month and 12 days) I guess since everyone is talkin about waz iight, I went 2 FEP, the PA orientation which should be longer, and writin A LOT of poems as usual and you will them soon see soon ( I hope)

If I had Mr. Craig worried for not writing I'm sorry but da #1 poet is back u better know it
I'll show it to you in rhyme schemes
but time seems to pass by when you thinking about your dreamz.....
Hope it wasn't too hot in ur home
But when I'm alone poems is my gateway drug it opens me to more bigger ideas
I hope people will see us soon because this blog is too lonely show me poems and
I'll comment
show me writing and
I'll read it
hope we still keep in touch before we are leaving

(a little poem...we sum more)

Aug 7, 2006

Wow, summer is almost done and high school is around the block!
Fieldston finished for us and this summer was a blast! We had fun and learned new things for high school. Issaka, Ryan, Dalisbeth, Ariel and I went to the ABC orientation August 4 - 6 and it was very informative. We were informed of different things that we have to face in high school. There we were in Pennsylvania representing 145, Fieldston and we have been declared the most recent ABC scholars. From this point on is packing up for ABC community and boarding schools, catholic schools and public schools. Now may i say that I miss everyone. I miss those 145 moments, those happy moments with you guys and you too Mr. Craig. If it's one thing that I won't forget to pack is those pulchritudinous poetic moments!! I want to wish you all good luck in high school and don't forget to tell us about your first day of school. Mr. Craig I have seen and read what you have been working on - Thank you, man, I know you will never forget us. We'll get you what you need! Dalisbeth, I'm grateful that you are trying to get us together once more.

Well as for me and Issaka we have to leave August 24th. I'll talk you you guys later. God bless you!

Aug 5, 2006

The SlamFam Experience: The Documentary

Okay, before you get too excited, it's not done; but the reason is simple. I need more footage from you guys. Listen, all the digital pictures you've taken at Awards Night, Fieldston, Graduation, Prom, anywhere that involves you all, I need them. All the digital video your parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers took of us at graduation, at Awards Night, at Fieldston, I need it. I've pretty much uploaded all of the footage I have, from three years ago in a circle in the classroom when Issaka was a foot shorter and couldn't remember his lines, and Luis was his line helper, to Urban Word Semi-Finals, to the beginning of our performance at graduation (my tape ran out as I started my second part...stupid, stupid, stupid...) and it's an awful lot, but I seriously need more from you guys to balance out everyone's time in the documentary. Right now, a few faces show up too much, others not enough. (Plus the interviews were pretty wack considering you wouldn't answer questions for me like you knew how to speak...on stage, on mic, on camera, to foreign leaders,... but not for me...(but that's another story...) So...anybody? I know Dalisbeth has a few digital pics because I see them on her MySpace page, I remember Carissma said her mother recorded us at graduation, anybody else? You know how to reach me. You know how to fix up your MySpace pages so I know you can email me a few pics. I'll get the video from you if I have too, that's more difficult to upload, but come on. You want the documentary right? I need help from you too.

Btw, speaking of MySpace, Wayne, Carissma, Omar, Edwin, Issaka, Karen...Where you at?

Post a comment if you have stuff for me and can get it to me, otherwise, have a relaxing second half of summer, pack light and tight, and stay out of trouble! High school is so close for you guys!

You know my email addy already, and phone number...or, , or
and, oh yeah, started another one for you guys...a MySpace Music page...and it's gonna be crazy!!!--->

Jul 28, 2006

145 SlamFam

well...weeeeelllll,I slept, woke up, ate, played games, watched television, ummmm...took my sister and brother to the park every hour...uh oh yeah and I slept. I did this 4 about a month...AnD Im GoInG FrIgGiN CrAZy!! we need a reunion lets try to set it up everyone!
my AIM account is wayj41. if u don't call i'll kill the most handsome guy in the world... of course.... that'll be suicide.

Jul 5, 2006


S is for success, when we’re doing our best.
L is for lettin’ go of what’s on our chest.
A is for the straight A’s we never get on our test.
M is for the microphone where we relieve our stress.
F is for the family that we’ve built on our land.
A is for the alternates that aren’t afraid to stand, and
M is for the might of the o so notorious SlamFam!

We never quit.
We never stop.
Our opponents, like flies, they drop.
We as dangerous as a nine millimeter, that’s already cocked.
We never rocked dem rocks, like all ‘em diamonds.
The truth of our poetry is how we stylin’.
We wildin’ out, without Nick Cannon.
We standin’ on our own two feet
Without dem beatz dat dese rappers need to succeed.
We bleed out thoughts onto our paper.
Then, later we put on a show for everyone.
We never done.
We take our risks,
And this boy WayJ might just put it in a song.
Issaka’s our own personal spit kicka.
Ryan’s our twista.
Edwin is already a Mr.
This team was meant to be.
We get our energy from Marz.
We not future starz, cause we already famous.
We wild and finally unleashed.
Ain’t nobody can tame us.
We rewrite and excite.
We past entertainment.
Come and join us.
If you do, everyone would recognize your name, and
Ya life just won’t be da same, and
From our “competition”, all you’ll hear is complainin’.
See, they just can’t comprehend.
Man, I know it’s hard to understand, when
We be doin’ some crazy $hit wit our pens,
But ever since, we’ve been introduced to this
Poetry Express Experience, we’ve been
Jumpin’ off the walls,
Swingin’ on chandeliers.
Look at us standin’ tall.
Just look at us standin’ here.
It looks like we got the spotlight
Just on right.
Right on the faces of us young ones.
They’ve seen us grow up from
Little girls, and boys,
To young ladies, and men, that have thrown away their toys.
We just keep makin’ a whole buncha wonderful noise.
We rock the world, by only usin’ our voice.
Whether you choose to see us, or not…well that’s your choice.
But, it will be one that you will regret.
Because our words hold enough power to make everyone throw away their packs of cigarettes.
We all have individual goals for our future,
And our minds are set.
There’s a little voice in our heads.
It keeps sayin’,
“Keep all dese obstacles from stoppin’ you.
There’s gonna be alotta people doubtin’ you,
But don’t let their word rot in you, or rotten you.”

Thank You,
Mr. Craig.
You’ve opened up a whole new path for all of us.
A path that I never thought I had.
The only path I knew of was the one going downhill.
But you’ve cleared the bushes out of my way
for an entirely new one.
I don’t ever think you had doubt in me, no.
Along with my Uncle Jayson,
Man, you’re my hero…

Jun 29, 2006


I don't believe this...we're separating, sorry, we're separated...i just can't believe it. I don't wanna go to Berkshire anymore! Or Jersey! I wanna stay where I belong, BX, DA Bronx, one of the only places where its beauty and significance is something hidden and something u must look see for yourself. Lord, we may never see each other again......
What the hell am i talking about?!! Ofcourse we gonna each other again! We have to...i hope...

Ah, crap, i'll miss all of ya, and please everybody stay focused, we're not gonna have each other this time, so, Freshman year is always a female dog (Believe me, the first time i talked to Issaka, i said "Hi" and he kicked me back). We're SLAMFAM 4 EVER!!!
yo slam fam forever
im repping slam fam forever
i wont forget about ya cause we've been together more than our own brothers and sisters
thats wat wayne said in we movin on up
he said damn wat was that line we movin on up to bigger and better times
we finaly got our piece of the sky
man that was waynes favorite line

yo slam fam forever
im reppin the slam fam forever
cause as issaka and mauricio said
every seed has grown and i think
therefore everyone shall know

that slam fam will never die
we reached high
but never got high
we never tried just to get by
we actually finaly got our piece of the sky

but know i finaly got wat mr. craig said
we will now be picked for a nother school
i know for the past three days i've been walking around like every thing was cool

as edwin and ryan made me say
after hearing acid rain/who ever knew
who ever knew that acid rain
will fall
at your

the pain ya felt at graduation is now tearing me apart
omar mentioned the battle that we fought
after we realized that high school was tearing us apart

then miguel made me feel it cause
we will be stuck in the bronx trying to escape
he said but
this is where we live with fifteen year old girls screaming at they kids
and it's true
some of ya will be leaving thebronx where misery lives
while the rest will have to fight off the bullots that will kill them dead

to be continued....................................................

I Wish To Just Create

i wish in this world a man could be judged by what heard of him and not seen of him;
i wish in this world we were defined by our poetic rhymes written in those little lines;
i wish in this world a little girl could walk through the dark late street without worrying about getting beat;
i wish in this world people wouldn't get pressured and depressured to join a gang or a group just to fit in;
then again we could let stereo types draft us into our own posse;
i wish in this world we wouldn't do things pressured on us like the temptation of your curiosity to smoke yourself into a monstrocity;
or drink away our misery only to find it back the next day with a headache;
i wish in this world instead of hooked on t.v and hooked on drugs we would be hooked on life and love and knowledge;
everyday it seems we lose our hopes and dreams because of our bad reality;
i wish in this world we would appreciate the finer things in life rather than hate the worst;
i wish in this world we would give life rather than taking them from kids with brothers and mothers;
but for these wishes to come true we must put down our weapons of mass destruction and carry only our minds of mass creation and create;
create happy for tha sad;
riches for the poor;
friends for the lonly;
and love for the hated;
create lives,create minds,create;
just create a positive out look;
just create,just create,and wish, but most of all do.

a final goodbye

this is hector...even though we use to argue alot im really gonna miss u guys.u guys were really cool and could be counted a miss the football,ultimate frizbee and ofcourse all those poetry setions(i know i spelled it wrong).just thought i should throw that up here 4 u guys to see.this is 4 wayne : i know ur gonna read thiz and i know wat ur gonna say so ill admit it...YES I HAVE EMOTIONS 2!!!

Jun 28, 2006

145 SlamFam

Good talking to some of you on the phone today. Expected to have a some time with you all last week and, as you know, for reasons beyond my control - although I was there as planned, I didn't get to formally say goodbye to all of you. Unfortunately, due to work and personal conflicts, wasn't able to attend your graduation and the Open Mic.

I want you to know that it's been an inspiring, moving and rewarding experience seeing you all grow as young people and as artists over the past five semesters. That includes those who wrote and performed and those who wrote and chose not to perform. You've traveled from poems about life on your blocks, dueling video games and wishes for the miracles the rain can bring... to poems that show how you have blossomed.

There's a book I have - it's a screenplay for a film. The title, "Odds Against Tomorrow", is fitting for where we all are in our lives - especially you, as you make the transition to High School. The book is significant to me because it is signed by three artists who were involved in the project: The composer of the music for the film, the screenwriter and the producer/star - three artists who I respect and admire and who've made a difference in my life.

Here's how they signed the book:

The composer of the music for the film wrote "Best Wishes".

The screenwriter, who knew I was a writer wrote, "Write On!"

The producer/actor, a life long activist for social justice, wrote the most important sentiment: "Peace".

And so I pass on to you what they passed on to me -




Below is a short, though not comprehensive, list - in no particular order - of just some of the poems, poets and writers we shared over the past two and a half years and that inspired some of your poetry.

Abiodun: I Am Earth, I Am Fire, I Am Water, I Am Wind...
Walt Whitman: I Hear America Singing (On My Block…)
Langston Hughes: April Rain Song…
Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
Jesus Papoleto Melendez: Hey Yo…
Piri Tomas: “Every Child is a Poet…”
Sandra Maria Esteves: Dance With Me…
Louis Reyes Rivera: Was You There?
Common: Music
John Rodriguez: Two Word Poem exercise
Tupac Shakur: The Rose That Grew From Concrete, If I Fail
Naz: I Know I Can
Charles Simic: Inside a Stone
Bassey Ikpey: Homecoming, “Sometimes silence is the loudest noise…”
Pablo Neruda: Poetry, Ode to My Socks, Selections from “The Book of Questions”.
Federico Garcia Lorca
William Shakespeare
The Twin Poets: “They say that dreams are Illegal in the ghetto…”
Mos Def
Steve Connel: “Carve out your section…”
Steve Coleman: I Want To Hear A Poem, Blue
Willie Perdomo: Where I’m From
Gina Loring: Somewhere There is a Poem
Sandra Cisneros: Abuelito Who
The Last Poets
Jesus Colon: A Puerto Rican In New York
Martin Espada: Borofels
Dudley Randall: Ballad of Birmingham
Rudyard Kipling: If
Mutu Baruta: Dis Poem
Amiri Baraka: “…the silence had muscles…”
Ray Ramirez: Who I Be?
Welfare Poets: Project Blues (CD)
N Scott Mamaday: The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee (I Am…)
George Ella Lyons: Where I’m From
Jack Agueros: Sonnet For My Heart In The River Below
Taylor Mali: How to Write a Political Poem
Flaco Navaja: Kids Don’t Play
Quincy Troupe: Poem for Magic
Gwendolyn Brooks: The Pool Players -
Seven at the Golden Shovel.
Mari Evans: Where Have You Gone?
Jimmy Durham: Columbus Day
Bob Holman: It’s 1990 and Nelson Mandela is Free
reg e. gaines: Please Don't Take My Air Jordans
Nikki Giovanni: Ego Tripping
Pedro Pietri: Telephone Booth No. 9051/2, Ode to Road Runner, The Puerto Rican Obituary
Joe Brainard: I Remember
Frank Algarin: The First Time…

Go Forth and Google…

One more time -
repeat after me:

I will
articulate and enunciate
every word

Every child is a poet!
Every poet is a child!

...and so this is how this life poem ends...
and a new one begins...



Jun 27, 2006


When I entered this school I was just a small little kid
Didn't care what I said or what I did
But everytime I tried to open up my rage closed me in
But now.....
See 6th grade rolled past me
Still shy and afraid
And 7th grade was just full of rage
But this year wasn't like to the rest
I got to open up to everyone

And I regret not to open up before
Because now I wouldn't get to see you any more
Sure we could always be in contact
But where would there be eye contact?
Damn it!
I hate this shit!
Slamfam is gonna break apart
But don't let your spirit
Because I don't want you to have regrets like me
And I don't you want to be......
An idiot!

I regret my past times I had
Because when I was mad
I could of gotten glad
My bad
I didn't mean that stupid product
Because nothing could seal this pain I brought up
Now I am caught up with the memories of this year
Because the last 3 wasn't like this year
Now I have tears
They're dripping through my soul
Because now our chapter has closed

And I regret the stupid shit that I did to everyone
Because I opened up to them the year was done
I don't think you would understand
On how pissed I am!
And how things could of change with me....
I'm sorry
I regret my regrets
Cause I regret that my regrets was something that no one would forget

This year......
I did something....
I got to talk
And commuicate
But now I got to go out of state
I hope u got no regrets
Because will something u will never forget
Just stay in touch.....
Because I love everyone so much

Don't break each other's hearts
Comfort them
And Good luck



Jun 23, 2006

Graduation and Award Night Pics

I posted the new pics from Awards Night and Graduation for all of you. Some are a bit dark, but that's what happens in poor lighting. Also, since I was busy during most of these shots, I missed some I really wanted, so when you ghet yours developed, or if their digital - even better, please forward the dupes (duplicates...) to me so I have for myself as well as I'm able to post them.

Jun 22, 2006

My name

I am the only guy that will still lives after he dies
At least my soul would be alive
Surviving off the words we speak
Tweak to perfection, a collection of poets who will spit the truth
And vomit their recollection

So I'm leaving my mark here
Right from the start here
Right where I'm departing here
Where I learn fear

Do you know who the f**k I am?
Guess Not
Because I don't need fame to get your attention
Because this poem itself has got your attention
Did I forget to mention my name.......
I am Ryan b*tch
I call myself the North Star
Because everyone needs a little guidance when they stray far
And far along did I need this help
But no one was there
But the SlamFam was
And let me show you how they helped me

I was always afraid I stayed away anyway I was ashamed of fame
Rep to gain but the acid rain of pain had always stained my name
Now my name is framed
Its picture perfect partly because partly this picture wasn't perfect because
It doesn't matter
What ever I do
I can't be picture perfect like you

You see I can't be picture perfect
But damn well I can perfectly picture my skills
An when I reach that unreachable stage
On stage
My pages of words will finally mean something
And I mean mean something

But now who's the profilic guy
The honors guy
The poetry guy
The guy that writes his soul and not care what the f**k the points are
The guy who has been on the sidelines but always came back up when needed
Never pleaded nor did I ever cry for it
But I'll die for it
Not for the attention
Or the tension
Or the fame
All I need to do is mention my name
So everyone could remember
Cause I'm Ryan b*tch!

I rather say it twice
Cause I know you people always forget it
I'm Ryan b*tch!
Now don't mistake me for mike jones
Cause he got no girls man he's alone
He's a phony
But me, see I got the whole crowd locked on me
I don't care what they say about me
See I will become famous
All you have to do is say what the f**k my name is!

Yo, we got madd emotional today(cough)Mr.Craig(cough)
ne way...Ya can expect tears on da last day of school.
Why did I have ta love ya peoplez so much?!?
I'm truly gunna miss ya....
Congratz to da class o 2006!!!!
Luv ya.

Jun 18, 2006

Off Book!!!!

Guess who's already got his part memorized...Yeah, it's me, it's me.

You know I've got to live up to your expectations. You've set your standards pretty high, but I've got my part - who's next?

Oh yeah, got another suprise for you all Monday, find me to find out.
We'll also need to practice a few times this week, obviously before Thursday - All who want in must be committed, this is the one time we'll have the captive audience we've wanted (all your parents, your teachers, and fellow students) Talk about leaving with a bang.

Any suggestions for placements on the stage; I don't think the line-up will work because we're going to need to use a mic, or two - it's a huge theatre and everyone won't be as quiet and attentive as at an open mic (lol) so I was considering a semicircle around two standing Mics, we'd still be seated until our parts, then fully standing by the end...not sure yet...

We also need to get the extrs three minutes from Mrs. Holland; We have to amaze her, so be prepared with your best, most emotionally rapturous and intellectually stunning voices...(I love the thesaurus)

Mr. C

Happy Father's Day Mr. Craig

Now that you’re a father and you have your baby daughter
Now you a apart of her life
Matter of fact
She apart of your life
Cause I never saw a teacher who life is dedciated to teaching
But would never forget his family when they really need him
And watch that you have another seedling
Now that we sprouted
She has just started to grown
You will never give up
At least it had never really shown
But now
I know you living the good life
Even though I haven’t seen anything good in life
But your different
Can’t really explain it
But I could picture it
Through predictaments, torn ligaments I see a light
That shines so bright but you could figure it out
I know you had your doubts
Your times that you pout
But light that give you the hope you wanted
After that baby was born you was different
Now I have vision
An image that one day that girl would awake
Grab a pen and paper and would make a lot of mistakes
But a little inspriation would all that it would take
Fold the paper in half and would make
A little heart and write real big
She would run and jump into a bed
A guy would have woken up and she would have said
“Happy Father’s Day daddy, I love you”
If you want this vision to be true
Be true to your family
Because I know Madison really loves you

Jun 17, 2006

Our love is true/ Saying good-bye

Somehow saying good-bye - doesnt feel right
because i love you
i dont want to go
but i dont have a choice
if tears roll down my eyes
dont let that make you cry
you have to stay strong 4 the sake of our love
i remember when we met,
we didnt expect yo create a world of our own
but we have
and now we have to let it go
but dont worry my sweet love
ill be here 4 you
please dont stop believing that our love is true
i know that your pain is shedding down tears with a sad cry
but dont make it hard on us
i promise to be back..................

Better Photo Service...

Try this out instead passwords, no long load times. Still the same funny pix.

Jun 14, 2006


How is that we evolved from writing about the constant game play of video games of our video game systems which I still play, but not constantly
To writing about current issues that are affecting our lives like infecting a product at a factory
I first wrote about my Xbox, but now I just simply exited out of the box
I stopped making plays in my video games and started doing play on words, my adjectives were linebackers, my metaphors were wide receivers, a rhyme was my halfback, my subject was my quarterback, and my linemen were every word in between
From breaking controllers because you still didn't get pass that 7th level,
To breaking pencils in half because you have that first line of that poem but don't know where to go from there, to breaking it again once more because you read that line over and it didn't make any sense anyways
We've reached the unreachable level and now it is our turn to teach
My team is a leech, because from the beginning to the end we absorb...we draw...and we still taking in all of the attention and tension from the crowd
The combustion starts because we're packing heat and the spotlight is on us and we're finally done with the suction so we spit back the tension which is now just now emotion
From writing at such a slow pace to typing with each of my fingers looking like they were trying to win a race
With a writing utensil my pencil and my thoughts were playing freeze tag and seemed that my pencil had plenty of lead but my thoughts were still 2 lines ahead
We are each others radios
And when these radio waves arrive at the shore of other peoples' ears they know they want more, and we're more than a just a group young poets, we're tigers that soar
Sometimes I think the reason why stutter or have trouble speaking so much is because I've always had these rubies and gems, and jewelry in my mouth so when I was saying a poem I was always spitting gold
And the reason why I spit so much is because I get so excited, I become a flame that was just lighted, and I melt my gold so it gets turned into liquid, so, my melted gold gets sprayed on all of ya
I cannot believe our progress, from having pebbles of inspiration, to having diamonds of passion that every jeweler wants, but please tell Jacob they're not for sale
Not because I don't want the money, but because these diamonds are attached to my spine and if you were to remove them I would become motionless and I would rather die than have that experience

(This is the shortened version)(I can't say this right with just 2 minutes!!!)(What else should i cut?)

Jun 13, 2006

Transtions-Revised by Da Joker

See, I used to hate it.
But now I don’t wunna leave Junior High.
I don’t know why.
Do I seriously have great feelings for my friends?
I guess cause it’s the end
Of our friendships, and
Our poetic ambition.
I’m sick and tired of all this talk of transition.
It’s not even over, and I’m already startin’ to miss them.
I guess losin’ ya is my greatest fear.
I feel like ya driftin’ away slowly,
But ya all still standin’ here.
Soon, we’ll be movin’ on from 25-cent juices, to a can of beer.
This might be the last time we see each other, how can we cheer?
Most of ya going out of state, man this ain’t fair.
Ya seriously going places, I kid you not,
Cause while your high schools are far away, mine is up the block.
At least we can look back at our school, and not be ashamed of nothin’,
Cause when it comes to 145x, believe that we’re proud of it.
In our school, the slamfam is legendary,
Cause in our school we’ve left a legacy.
So, when people put us down with their words, with our words we fight it!
Because when it comes to poetry, we all stand united.
We all are standing tall.
United we stand, divided we still don’t fall.
But we’re stronger together,
And we about to split up, and for that I’m pissed off.
I’m not even afraid to admit that I’ma miss ya’ll.

Jun 12, 2006

It is Time…

It is time to honor the honorable
It is time to listen to your listeners
It is time to speak with your speakers
It is time to see the change in life
It is time for that message from above
For, don’t you see life is hard – at least an American life is hard?
From the time you wake up for academics is 180 days,
To the time of your activities sprinkled with your schedule,
To the time you spend with your family – most important,
To the seasoning time you give to impress
For I tell you it’s better to give than to receive
A pinch of sleep to go with that and that’s life
But why?
Because he who is worthy of knowledge is worth of innocence
But not knowledge itself – will of God, will of self, will to see beyond what’s in your sight and some common sense
Respect shall be given to those who give respect
Respect and honor your sacred family
Respect adults as you would want respect when you grow old
For is all those messages that help mankind stay alive.
If you find yourself in a dangerous position, rigorous competition, brutal predictions
Think deep sweet thoughts, give a little prayer and look to the heavens
Only one who guides us has guided himself
Those leaders were once followers and those followers will in turn be leaders
And you ask, “How do I survive?”
And I tell you Learning is the key to success
In contrast imagination is more important than Education
You must learn step by step and after you have learned so much be prepared for challenges
In order to be a winner you must learn how to fail – for not all is perfect
You must learn Resilience – not everything goes your way and you need to know how to get back up
And I now tell you:
Remember first is last and last is first – so do your best, have fun, faith, that’s all
Life is eternally full of joy and mysterious concepts
It is time for that message from above
It is time to see the change in life (transition on to high school)
It is time to speak with your speakers
It is time to listen to your listeners
It is time to honor the honorable
And so my peace I give you
Good luck in your future’s endeavors

Jun 11, 2006

Yeah its a fad

Yo I guess its a fad...
heres my site it'll be updated every 2 or 3 days on whats hot,on my mind,about us and whats going on...
its hot please check it out and particiate in the blogs and polls.....PLEASE!!!!

Standing Tall!

Were movin’ on up…
Damn what was that line...?
Were moving’ on up… to…Bigger Times
We finally got our peace of…
Of The Sky!

Cause just like the sun it’s our time to shine
Our Life lies on the fine lined print
& that fine lined print defies the law of our mentality, for a few seconds life is no more a reality,
Our fatality lies…on that fine lined print,
And that fined lined print defines if…
His, her, my, your mind locked behind the bars of freedom
His, her, my, your mind stifled behind the chloroform of life
His, her, my, your mind trapped within the vortex of time
His, her, my, your mind is all on the line…of that print

You see, we don’t need a card to tell us what’s what
Cause its you that knows if you’re gonna stand with us or continue tying your shoes,
You’re your fine lined print…

You see, I always write about what’s right in my writing
Except for today…
I can’t tell you what I was planning writing cause then it wouldn’t have fit on my page,
It wouldn’t have kept up with my brain that’s contained within concrete walls,
And these concrete walls are slightly cracked,
So when this compact brain gets way to packed,
Poetry seeps thru and is then recited to you,
You, my many listeners, listen to my last Jr. high 1 minute and something seconds poem,
We came in hatin’ it and were leaving….. not hatin’ it as much
But it was such an experience finally completing Jr. high now its time to cut the junior
And finally get HIGH!...
High School, cause you know without an education that would make us fools

After this I’ll get to know my pillow and blanket a little better
And remember how I hid my blue school’s pride under a hoody sweater
But yet uhh… I was still proud…
Proud of how we won every round of mock trials, poetry slams, anything else you can think of.
Cause once us tigers put our heads together no one else can beat us…
We spend so much time together its like were brothers and sisters…
Yo we spent more time with each other than our own brothers and sisters.

This is certainly what we all needed…heh…I hate to say it but let’s make like M.J. and just beat it!

We watched as we set it up,
We would cry if it were to fall,
Here we all stand hand in hand,
Standing tall,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,

We watched as we set it up,
We would cry if it were to fall,
Here we all stand hand in hand,
Standing tall,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way…

Jun 10, 2006

Transition reloaded

I like prompts that lead us no where
cause i know with out them i gonna end up going somewhere

we, us
with this poetry thing we gonna end yp being famous

ya keep on performing and doing ya thing
and i'ma keep on writting and making it intriguing
cause now
i aint never scared to get up on a stage
and say how i feel
cause i realize that this poetry thing is the real deal

As we walked into a building called 145 we thought of ways that education could have made us die
entered a building without metal bars
and we knew without it being a jail
it was still built for protection
we could see the class room structure and how it was
built to perfection

these teachers
these educational preachers
have built and rounded our imagination
they have set our minds on one thing which is
we walked into this school not knowing what was going to happen
our minds were set for

death stabbing blood flowing
human cremation

but what we really found was education

learning to be a poet
a slam poet was never an inconveinence

it has given us a lot of sense

we wont be leaving a bunch of people
but we will be leaving our family
this emotional stress has motion my bones and send shock to my toes and went up my veins and

9 th gradewill be fun but it wot be the same
it wont be the same
it can'tbe the same cuase as we walk down the halls people won't know our name and
we will work for popularity but thats not our thing and
we have been toghether through thick and thin....
we have known each other for quiet sometime
and now during graduation

Jun 8, 2006

Yo Ryan Really inspiried me to create my own site
so check it out
Yo! Mock Trial; Poetry,
Graduating; Nothing can stop us
this is our year to shine guys
lets leave with a bang

Jun 7, 2006

Who ever knew and Acid Rain (remake) combined

Check out Who ever knew about the acid Rain?
On my site
§lÄmƒÄm 4 L!ƒe

Jun 6, 2006

Transitions - Mr. C

Someday, a child will be born who will not have to suffer poverty,
Hunger or disease,
Will not have to beg, on bended knee,
Or have any need to plead.

Someday, a child will be born who will never know bruised skin
Swollen lips
Swollen eyes
Damaged goods at the hands of her husband
Father, uncle, brother.

Someday, a child will be born who will succeed in the face of adversity,
Graduate from an accredited university,
And will never succumb to pseudo-democracy
She will be that leader,
He will be that leader,
She and he will lead together,
With respect,
With sharing,
With passion and pride for what one does,
For what one says
And for how one will be seen.

Someday, a child will be born who will write the last poem
Sing the last song,
Film the last movie,
Speak the last words ever seen read or heard,
And everyone will know they are witnessing,
That they have witnessed the supreme spectacle
The most definitive declaration,
The time stopping,
Eye popping,
Crowd rocking,
Super-sayan, uppercut, death blow to all those who’ve tried before.

Someday, a child will be born who won’t be harassed by witless comments,
Won’t respond to halfwit comments
Won’t waste time or energy on anyone’s comments,
She and he will be confident
Because his and her mother and father
Will have raised them not to ignore the comments of the ignorant,
But to enjoy them,
Because the fact that they’re being said must mean that she or he is the center of attention,
The middle of perfection;
The keynote speaker at a huge convention;
The creamy center filling of a flaky confection;
They’ll know that people only hate what they cannot have,
Cannot be,
Cannot contain or irritate, and it
Angers and confuses them.

Someday, a child will be born who won’t have to worry about living on a block
Where cops get shot,
Where, rocks get copped,
Where, glocks get cocked,
Where, Pop drinks gwap,
Or at night, while trying to sleep after four hours of homework and putting two younger sisters to bed,
Shot’s go POP…POP…POP,
Past her window…But

That day is today

And so,
For all those students who’ve quietly marched through the past 740 days
Never had convictions fazed,
Never had intentions swayed by some fashion craze,
Never cared about what colors, what street, or what flag was praised,
About who rocked what fitted, or some Bathing Apes,
Cared more about their grades and keeping their families amazed,
Didn’t have to worry about a time waste on MySpace,
Or where they’d go next, after schools blocked Sconex,
Cared more about the friends they could see,
Than who was on their tag-team.

That day is today!
Because for the last three years I’ve looked forward to the next, but
This year just ain’t quite like the rest,
Watching my seeds sprout, bloom, and be picked for another school’s bouquet.
I know I should feel okay, or even a little happy, but
Not today.
Not today.

From little boys to young men
You’ve grown.
From small girls to young women
You’ve grown.
Seedlings planted in fertile soil, you’ve grown,
Courageous caterpillar to vibrant butterfly, you’ve grown.
And that day is today!
Your wings will unfold,
The wind will take hold,
And you will soar

Because for the last three years I’ve looked forward to the next, but
This year just ain’t quite like the rest,
Watching my seeds sprout, bloom, and be picked for another school’s bouquet.
I know I should feel okay or even a little happy because that day is today.
That day is today!

Jun 4, 2006


I waz bored and created a site
4 no reason at all
I waz just bored

Jun 3, 2006

A Day in The Life of A Puerto Rican

See, I’m just this young, Puerto Rican boy
Speaking about this life.
I speak about his’, her’s, your’s, our’s
And this one ain’t so nice.
And I know that Jesus Christ
Ain’t sacrifice his life for nothing.
So, all we need to do is make our’s better.
Don’t worry, it ain’t that hard.
Praying is like writing a letter.
And those messengers are focused.
No matter the weather,
They will still go.
It could be some rain, some sleet, or some snow.

So, remember, no matter what’s your reasons,
You may always turn to God and Jesus.
But, not everyone looks up to God or Jesus.
And it seems no matter what, they never have a reason.
Like those thoughts popped up in their mind as soon as their life had begun.
They blame him for every bad thing in their life, but they don’t believe when
We try to tell them
That life is bumpy,
And the more you itch, the more it just keeps swellin’.

See, I have experience with that.
A lot of bad things happened in my past.
Even though those events went by so fast,
It seems like an eternity,
Forever it will last
In my soul.
Normal again,
Oh no, that will never be.
I’m permanently scared.
I compare life to a rock, cause it’s nothin’ but hard.

I took advantage of my friends’ lives, but I had to remorse three.
I gotta do that cause those same three friends died before me.
But I need to remember that no life is guaranteed.
But all these signs around me were meant to mislead.
Trick me into thinking that it was all of my fault.
But all these signs around me were meant to exalt.
Intensify the truth.
That’s all they do.
They’re infecting the minds of all of our youth.
Somewhere down the line of our youth,
It comes to me.
Somewhere down the block,
There’s a boy getting’ shot,
And a shot of heroine is injected in an arm down the block.
They’re overdosin’ themselves, because that’s all that they got.
They got no family that loves ‘em, cause they’re busy smokin’ blocks,
And blocks of marijuana’s somewhere, so they’re busy breakin’ locks,
And locked up brains secluded, intruders like the boilin’ pot.
Plottin’ their way for invasion, crept through to you, that’s why that boy is getting’ shot.
You see, it’s hard in this world.
People can’t figure out who they are, or what they’re worth.
It’s hard because not even God owns this Earth.
This world plays tricks with your mind.
It gives you infinit stabs from behind.
It got teacher sayin’ ”Quit you illiterate, stop tryin’!!!”
So now we got little kids throats slit then dyin’…
No matter what I do,
This is where I live,
Where 15-year-old girls are screamin’ at their kids.
Where hustlas keep rollin’ dice and makin’ bigga bids.
Where criminals keep stackin’ up their homicidal list.
When the hell will we stop all of this?

See, everyone needs to snap out of this stereotypical state of mind.
But the only way to get to ya is if I spit it out in a rhyme.
So, there ya go.
Are ya satisfied?
Ya need to stop,
Cause ya got us feelin’ like we’re crammed in a shell.
Cause every time ya think “Mexican” ya think of Taco Bell.
Cause every time ya think “Dominican” ya think of platanos.
Cause every time ya think”Puerto Rican” ya think of Coquis or Goya beans.
Don’t hate cause ya can’t have any Coquis.
Cause ya know that they can’t survive out of Puerto Rico.
Don’t hate cause ya don’t got Goya.
Stop frontin’, cause ya know that ya eat it and it is “muy rico”
Yea, I’ll crack a little joke on a Dominican or Mexican,
But in their mind, they know I don’t have nothin’ against Dominicans or Mexicans.
So here we go, to Puerto Rico,
Yes I’m reppin’ it.
But I also got that Bronx blood in me,
And no matter what happened in the past,
in the long run it did better me.
So yes, I grew up with a rough past.
Had my “friends” force into my hands a gun.
While, their child grew up in a great school, with role model parents.
Yet I bet I still know more than their son.
Yes, I speak different with the accent that we all have in the Bronx.
People have criticized me for it,
Not by usin’ sticks or stones,
but it was more like big rocks that broke my bones.
But no matter what, my attitude will always stay positive.
This will not ruin my future plans,
Because in time my bones will heal.
And I’ve got nothin’ but time on my hands.
When I’m done with this, give it a big “Wepa!!!”
Si Puerto Rico es mi tierra.
I could be walkin’ down my block chantin’“Yo soy Boriqua, pa que tu lo sepa!!!”

May 24, 2006

American Idol Poets

Yo Dudes, that was hot...awesome...true new American Idols...a new generation has arrived. What more can I say...chills, thrills, and tears. Keep the fire burning...Good Luck in the next round.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!