Jun 28, 2007

Whers da Fam?

Wrote it after seeing Ryan's and Miguel's posts....needs work, i didnt read thru.

I heard the same shit too Joker!
EXTRA! EXTRA! Slamfam Splittin,
First time i thought that thought, I thought My mind was drifftin,
Driftin away into acting in plays, less recitin dem poems, more acting on stage
I felt like a traitor and i done gone betrayed da shit dat made me Wayne,
Now im typin dis poem from da heart and and its bringin me pain,
Pain dat drains your very being onto a single page, a sheet of paper,
Lines run across it horizontally, as my words balance on top forever and later,
Truth be told, I wondered when there would be another blog post by me,
Slamfam.blogspot.com, dats da place to be,
Da one place that kept us tight,
lets less rely on myspace and begin to write or type,
what we think or feel,
Whats goin down and wats the deal,
not show our feelings through surveys or posting pics askin peeps to rate your sex appeal,
Its time to buckle down and head for the core,
This is not a poem its a realization ...wats yours?


For this "Post or Die" s**t
You could call me the poster child for it
But I doubt any1 would hear the message being spread
I don't even think people even check the blog
Call up Mr. Craig
This s**t is dead
But its what ever
I understand people got things to do
But its new to me that no one ended up doing poetry in high school
So I could say what I want when I want with out worry
I mean the last time I saw every1 post it was like February
It don't matter any1, any more


This is a Royal Flush Announcement.........

Thank You....

Jun 26, 2007

Reply 2 Ryan's Wordz...

"all of diz iz freewrite so some parts mite b confusin'."

SlamFam iz Dyin'....

slamfam iz dyin'?
ryan u lyin',
u trippin'.
we juss been busy,
so now u think we slippin?
more like flippin up middle fingerz 2 our teacherz.
u think we've givin' up on our wordz?
wut show have u been watchin'
wut lyf have u been livin'?
Look out cuz SlamFam got a more younger generation.
and they started off good, but wait till separation
tears their wordz apart.
i saw it at graduation.
it happened 2 da best of us.
Look around u, where's da rest of us?
1 in new jersey, sum back home, 1 almost placed in cuffs.
but luckily i had da slamfam wuz thea.
dont ever say slamfam iz dying,
cuz 2 god i truly swear
time and time again
itz my friendz who where there to
snatch me off da streetz,
drop my flag
and head back 2 f.l.a.g.s,
my current skool.
my current mood iz irked.
cuz i think diz mite b tru...
are ryanz wordz gonna end up legit????
we workd 2 hard 4 diz
2 juss let diz fam slip.
please, if u got wordz 2 speak jus do it, and post it.
cuz da absense of da SlamFam from my life iz "like total" bullshit.

I need ya,
i need ya wordz,
i need ya wordz so i can feel alive again.

New Saying...

"POST or DIE!"

Jun 25, 2007


What is LOVE?
What is its purpose in life?
Well let me show you how I feel about it
The good side of love and the bad

Logically it's a liking but causes liability for lovers
Looking like its real but in actuality it's covered
Locking emotions into place leaking and seeping intimacy
Leaving like and love into a stereotypical feeling

Obviously people oversee true intimacy
Over analyze s**t and it leads to overt hostility
Of course people fight for affection
Others strive for it with
Oncoming opportunities its an
Onslaught of emotions

Vicious verbal altercations created from it
Vexing over the true meaning of it
Very well in turning the meaning to hating someone; this
Vandalism of the word making it less valuable
Veils from true lovers who knows the value of it

Each person encounters true love at some time
Either it escalates into something more or not
Egotistical mother****ers take advantage of what they got
Effortless attempts to get with chicks using love as a facade

Well if you haven't gotten the picture yet
Love can be tough
But for all of you people out there who still don't have a clue
This is for you

Elsewhere two people equally excerise their love
Expressing emotion beyond understanding
Equating to a perfect relationship
Equipped with the right knowledge, they conquer the world underhandedly

Vigorous, treacherous, and unsteady emotions
Vile, senile, even ludicrous notions
Vulnerable, barren, heart-warming and caring
Vengeful, hatred, turn into vital marriage

Oaths of love are supposed to be pure
Overwhelmed with passion lead to an
Obscured life
Often times we must endure
Opposition and obstacles lie on these chronicles
Often open up doorways to our oblique answers

Loveless doesn't mean hopeless
Loneliness will soon fade
Let time take its course
Looking for it will not help in any way
Languish and anguish would go away because
Last time I heard everyone was ~Destined2bluved~

Forget what you heard
Everyone can be love
No matter what

-Royal Flush ENT.
-Inspiration driven by Papoose "Alphabetical Slaughter", and some other things.....
-SlamFam is dying

Jun 4, 2007

make suggestioin to make poem better

i wanna write a way

i wanna write here

i wanna write brave words to fight my fear

i write my dreams and nightmares like the day my neices life flashed before my eyes

now all i see is ashes and while she lays in grave resting in peace

now she's probably wondering what her life would

i just wish i could've replaced her life with me and bring her back to this not so wonderful world

she could've been sleeping tight saying good night right now and not in ashes and bones and not knowing where soul would be

but theres one thing she will always remember ill always love her no matter where she is

even dough she didn't know the defenition of love she just died to young

i might scare some folks stuck in the days with nothing to say
but that was just the begining heres the end

my little cousin beaten to death by her so called father every time he saw her he abused and left bruses

like an races cop at war with blacks and whites in the 40's - 60's

every time i see that man it reminds me of the harmful death my little lived

now every time i see that man i feel like killing him i should've when i had the chance and put him out of his missury now people look at me like i'm some kind of criminal

i guess i just miss the i use to carry her in my arms the way she use laugh the way she use to try to mimic every word and silybol anybody said

but people still look at me like i'm some kind of criminal but i say in my mind is cause of my skin color or what i said

and now with an stare and glare like ive been living street and corner selling weed crack and co-cane

just cause they confuse my race and the way i dress

i may be American Hispanic Asian what ever does it even matter

you take one look at don't even know and already judjing

but non of this wouldn't never been happening if that so called father of my little cousin never beat her to death

and her mom at a window

tears going down her cheeks like an rain drop gliding down window and still wondering about that so called father of my little cousin

my cousin on her lap

and the deciept i see in the eyes of the so called father

the sadness in the moms eyes

and the tears in mine and my little cousins