Dec 9, 2008


This box can’t keep me warm
This trash doesn’t fill me for long
Literally on the subway
No matter how much I beg
Only get a couple dollars for just one day
I try to save but it’s kind of hard when your shower is the rain
You just make me sick with your phones in your ears
You’re deaf when I speak
But I know that you hear
And my muffles come through your headphones
Kind of hard to not notice a vagabond I know
I used to be “civilized”
Used be steady with a 9 to 5
Brought home the bacon
For me, myself, and I
That’s 3 times the food I get currently from January to July
Only two sets of clothes now I don’t got a home
Foreclosed probably 4 or 5 months ago
Now I’m alone
Can’t get a job
Can’t sleep with your car alarms blaring
I’m poor
It’s apparent
But it doesn’t mean I’m not less than a human
You stare at me with confusion
I’ve had a college education
But a Bachelor’s can only get you so far without losing
Been draining weight, been force to pick your pockets
Sell goods at pawn shop
Your watches and lockets
Your game boys I cop it
Even those IPods and mp3s
Yes I got it
Cop it
Before cops stop it
I profit
But enough for one bowl of rice
Thanks Stock Market
What is a recession for you, is just more of a pain for me
Higher prices for goods mean more money to eat
Since financially I can’t stand on my own two feet
You probably love your flat screen TVs
Stuck on the stamps you stuck on your stocks
You get cut from your job yet I don’t see you on my block
My house is always filthy
Thanks to you
Wipe your own feet at my bedroom
Simply is just that
I can’t show respect back
Don’t see change
So two seconds later where your chain at?
Around my neck
That’s my check
That’s my salary
But don’t have any hope left
And I still pray to an empty voice
Still I get cleaned by nature
I’m free by law
But yet banded by paper?
How could I savor, this life without saviors
This game without kings just pawns in our way but
The obstacles we tend to topple in our path
It’s optional if you take advantage or pass
If you tend risk it
Then you miss it
You get pay back
Called consequences
I got hit hard in my wallet
I’m just broke now
Jump off this roof
I finally got a home now