Feb 1, 2008


Why can't we all just have some faith?
Not really talkin bout the judism. christianity or budaism
but im talking about that faith that we have in ourselves
the faith that has not necessarily been threr from the get go
but the faith that we have fought to obtain
that we hope to remain
in our hearts and our minds
as we try to find
who we really are in this life
growing up knowing that im human
accepting my faults
and accepting that i must to
go through pain
has kept me sane
No we are not perfect but we must try
to allow our faith to flow up our toes
through our bones and around our veins
i know i may have a little to much compasion for this so called Faith
i but i believ in something
and i believe that this something
will allow me to prosper
and become successful
as i try to take that path of adulthood
not knowing what i should or should not do
i will make my own mistakes because i have Faith
there should never be a time in someones life where
the only way to go is down don't sit around
just look for a path to your valley of success
don't regress never give up on a challenge
because every challenge is just another test
remember the old tales of the old ancestors
as they grew old and withered into a spot in our hearts
they told us never to use darts to clog the
emptiness in our minds

hey guys long time no write so heres a draft of a clearly unorganized and yet to be completed poem, i want to continue it so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Story of a life

i want to see a fantasy role played
by me i could be a movie star or
whom ever i want to be i can rule the world
or knock it downwith a fist i can sing a sweet
song to my grandchildren as i reminise
i can dance on top of the moon while everyone watches
they can aplaude so loud and even i would not be able to stop it
i could mourn the death of an old pet friend or i could
buy a knew one and startover again i can fish a million
dollars outof the ocean or i could wish that it could
become my favorite lotion i can sing a song at the top of my lungs
or i could save the moment because that could've
been the last song i've ever sung i can study hard
and be whom ever i want to be or i could live the
life with the fantasy role played by me.

Carissma T Hughes
Copyright ©2008 Carissma T. Hughes


I'm living deep in sin where
my dreams are being held with in
i have no hopes of becoming
rich or famous
but i guess all our hopes are
held with in us
we might be afraid to express
how we really feel
but do we really understand
that life is thereal deal
i have succeded in so many
things that people have tried
to take away from me
But i know God has a perfect destiny
that he feels fits me
i've been wounded by hate and
stiched with confidence
but do any body really know what
my angerconfinds in
well nobody really knows me like i do
so im gonna be somebody like i should
so when life seems down don't wear a frown
just be happy and know that you also hane a destiny

Carissma T Hughes
Copyright ©2008 Carissma T. Hughes


I've been emotionally crippled and twisted
and tossed
up side down love that feeling of that love feelingi've
been shakened and hurt and wounded with feari've
been stripped by people down to my lastteari've been
tossed on a street corner because noone cared
i've been stabbed with a unlovable dart
that seems to be digging and and ripping my flesh and heart since the day i was born
i've been told that that was the way of love
i've never been able to admit to no one
that the love i hold is a love to deep
to share with a ruined soulbut now my life has taken a new toll

Carissma T Hughes
Copyright ©2008 Carissma T Hughes