Oct 27, 2005

Who Ever Knew?

Who ever knew?
That, what lies in front of me is the truth
And that I can't go back
I couldn't hold tight; I couldn't say good bye
All that is left is a blury memory of the past,
In which I find myself trapped
I can't return and face the horrible truth
I am not blaming anyone or anything

But couldn't she hold on for just a couple of months
For time is a powerful tool you must use wisely
Or it will juxtapose, filing you expired from the core of this planet
We are only temporarily

For she almost lived a century
She belongs in the "great" generation that
Follows behind me

Waking up with a shiny smile that lit her face
And ending with a frown that lets down the
Flowers after living many years
And when the door to that bathroom opened
It was the end of history
I felt her motions within my blood
Whoever knew it was going to happen?

Lying unconscious on the floor, without
Having that same lively child power that lifts you up
Like nothing happened
Destroying most of your senses
With the hard brick floor
As fifteen minutes had passed - I left school
Early and received that phone call
The phone call I never wanted to hear...

The tears rolling down my eyes were
Like drops of rain on a tormentous, cloudy,
Sad and dull afternoon
Not knowing that the end was near

Waking up to that world of extinction
And shadows beyond this realm
I was paralyzed - never will I get to see
Her again
I hadn't seen her for about the number
Of days in a week transformed into years

I detonated with fear
Feeling an electric shock that ran through
My body, giving me some type of signal
That the beginning was only ending

Earth's nature was darkened with the
Knowledge that she had just passed
Away to a better world

I will always remember that blury
memory of her....
She will always be in my heart!
From the beginning until the end of my time
Distance, still doesn't matter

Never Say Never

Every time I flow every time I rhyme
Someone taking their time to listen to my poem
Line by line
My skills get better I get better
I thought I never make it but never say never

I started at the bottom and risen to the top
Nothing will hold me back I will not stop
Now while everyone is talking about nothing
And everyone fronting

This is my story that you will hear
About a boy and his perseverance
About how he got much better
Now never say never

I never thought that this would be the day
How many people stayed?
To listen to me
I thought I never see
How I transform to a great poet
I getting better you better know
Now my poems are having twists and being clever
I never thought I make it but never say never

I used to hate the idiotic ideas
Of poems and how no one will see us
Us as in the outcast
The ones who hate poetry and always laughed
Laughed how they sound so crazy
They always sounded like another slim shady

After a while my feelings grew
And then I found a connection through
To release these feeling and what I am saying
Now they hear me now everyone staying
I never thought I had a cover
To hide my feelings, now I share with one another

Now I am feeling free
Free as a bird and big like the sea
Now I say what I want in this poetry
Now everyone's eyes on me
Now see
Never say Never

Oct 26, 2005

This poem by yomar


Acid Rain

I will never forget the acid rain of pain that stained my life forever
While you take your time to grind with my rhymes you are not really listening
Now rewind nine seconds back in time and listen
I said the acid rain of pain that stained my life forever
When that moment hits you will stop your jaw will drop, eyes bugged out with an agape mouth
You will be torn your heart stomped out on the floor all worn

It is the acid rain of pain that stained my life forever
I was heartbroken I cried an ocean no one had a notion to cure me
The acid rain mainly messed with my brain
It is the acid rain

Now the phase that past that shortly lasted but not too fast is gone
My eyes are clear; my light has appeared now all darkness is illuminated I have no fear
I shall face the dark nothing shall tear me apart again I will not go back to the start it ends now

Now is where it ends it all depends on me where I defend myself of the acid rain
I tore through the former me now all shall see that I am the key to my success
The shadow torn apart that laid on the ground that shade is now gone

It was the acid rain of pain that stained my life forever
I was heartbroken I cried an ocean no one had a notion to cure me
The acid rain mainly messed with my brain
It was the acid rain

Now I shed new light I no longer have to fight I am a new me
I am living a new life everything is all right there is no struggle no fight I am a new me
The angry storm that formed on top of my head has cleared up every one shall see

Now I am new improved always better but you have to include
Those who help my person find my ocean in my deep blue sea
They got me together now I feel better

Now can you imagine this happening to me?
Now you know I have a new flow how can this be?
I found time got sick with my rhymes line by line can you see?

The acid rain of pain stained my life forever
I was heartbroken I cried an ocean no one had a notion to cure me
The acid rain mainly messed with my brain
There is no acid rain

My Poem

Is there a poem that defeats the unworthy of poets?
A poem that never backtracks but always marches forward
Is there a poem that takes the heavenly throne?
Or a poem that becomes notoriously known

Is there a poem shatter the rules of reality?
A poem that someone can visualize and see
Is there a poem that takes you through different points of view?
A poem that takes you on a ride through
Through dangers of this world to the magical blue sea
Is there a poem worthy for me?

Is there a poem revives world trade center?
A poem where a new matrix is entered?
Is there a poem that finds the meaning of life?
A poem where you can finally see Jesus Christ

Is there a poem that solves 30 year mystery?
A poem that takes you through American History?
A poem that reveals who actually killed
Kennedy or why the gold quarter values nil

Is there a poem that can beat the beaten?
A Poem that you can tell what someone is feeling
A poem that can touch an angel
And why you back talk your mother even though they made you?
Is there a poem that makes the devil break out in tears?
A poem that makes even you even care?
A poem that shows what happened in the past?
Even through those events happened so fast

Is there a poem that makes scientist looks crazy?
A poem where even your favorite food not so tasty
Is there a poem that can revive the dead?
To bring back legends not the fed's
To bring back Tupac or Notorious B.I.G.
Because they were nice and drop major hits

Is there a poem that so hot it makes fire look like ice cream?
Is there a poem that actually sticks to a theme?
Is there a poem so great?
Is there a poem so nice?
A poem so exciting
Is there a poem like that?
Is there a poem that has all of these things?
Yes there is one
It's MY poem

Oct 25, 2005

Inspiration: Lost and Found

Here I sit in my room with this pen in my hand
And once again nothing to say
Man oh man
Here I stand seeing my best friends
Tear up the stage and I, I’m trapped in cage
Isolated and alone
All my inspiration gone
And I’m feeling a rainbow of emotions
Which I want no one to know like how lucky doesn’t want the kids with his lucky charms
I am feeling lost, replaced, unwanted and unneeded just to name a few
I so badly wanted to be on the team
While others were making poems I remained serene
Hoping, praying that an idea would pop up in my head
And I would write it down as fast as a cheetah dashes through the wild
While my best friends were making poems as hot as cars turned out after they were re decorated in pimp my ride
Those same best friends encouraged me like there was no tomorrow
even though I’m not mad at them
those encouragements were putting me down leaving me in sorrow
Those encouragements were like little Pac-mans
Biting away from my brain
So all topics would vanish out of my head
The pressure was so intense
I felt like a medical miracle

I felt like I let my friends down
But worse I felt my self down
The feeling was so devastating so dynamic the letters of the alphabet couldn’t dream of forming a proper word to describe it
I tried to make a poem every single minute
But at times I felt like my lines and my rhymes were literally abusing the English language
I felt like I would go to jail for it
And I felt like I did
Because in jail they take away your possessions
And I was stripped of my topic ideas and my heart
So I could no longer write emotionally
Through my hand
A poem people love, appreciate and understand
I could no longer write a poem
That would elevate ,surpass my other poems
I was busy trying to make a poem that would show them
I was tired of being left alone in the side lines
And I didn’t realize
That a poem was right before my eyes
And that my adventure or conquest
Was merely a test
And to pass I needed to answer one question
Just one question
What is worse being judged by others or by yourself
I felt like what resides inside of me
Would answer truthfully and without a doubt.

The Time is Now!

People wanna act,
talk smack,walk,
n look at others wrong,
which makes other kids just try to right some wrongs,
but they can't right no wrongs.
They might be wrongin' that wrong.
The song in this poem.
That's why I'm writin' this poem
'cause no one can out poem this poem!

Don't get it twisted.
Don't confuse this poem for a rap.
This poem's a poem
and it's just that.
It might come off as a rap,
but excuse me sir..
are you writin' this?
C'mon get back!

Don't ever tell me what to write and fix,
I'm nice that's it!
I write what I feel 'cause that's just how I feel.
Don't tell me,
I tell you what's real.
Do you think that you've been out in the fight?
The fight for time?
Haha!Yeah right!
The time is now.
Let's do this.
The time is right.
I'm doin' this slam by choice!
I'm here to win the battle,
not the fight!
C'mon ya know I'm just tryna advance,
but I'm already
too advance for me,
I'm crazy you see.
I'm a pro in this game,
and ya just rookies.
I'm so advanced I'm a make it to the damn slam hall of fame,
and ya gon' be chantin' my name!

The flow to this poem grows
with every second that goes by.
Kidz ya need to recognize,
and understand who ya challengin',
cause you know and I know that ya betta be in this to win,
cause you know I am
ready to do whatever it takes to win.
I won't do anythin' but all the things that I can,
cause my boyz, Marz, Izz, and WayJ are in this with me to the end.
This is our chance,
our chance to shine.
This is our time,
our time to rise,
our time to rhyme,
our time to climb
that ladder that keeps fallin' every time
we create a rhyme.
The time is now!

I ain't goin' nowhere,
but to the top.
I can't be stopped.
My wordz I've rocked.
The time I've stopped,
I've stopped the clock.
Frozen faces upon
young ones,
upon different races.
The race is on
to be number one,
but this ones differunt,
it will never be done,
we must never give up,
this is the time for us,
because the time is now!

When it comes to slam poems,
you know that mines just are the joint.
You know all we needed to win that last slam was only one more point.
So now that the world know it,
let me finish this right here.
When it comes to compition, man I have no fear.
Don't act like you don't understand,
my voice and my words are clear.
So now that I'm almost finished don't think this poem is done,
'cause for all that you know
this is still part one!

Judgement---Part 2

I hope ya know the true essence of this world, cause little boys and girls can't seem to find the time to do anything but live crimes

I can't take back seat to witness this nation's defeat,
to witness latin faces be beat, to see how black races get treat
this nation is its own defeat

You may think you know someone or you may think someone knows you, but you can't get to know someone until you get to know you, you people and all people are dicrminating humanity, dicrminating you and many

yeah, I said that and now i'm here, now I'm back, I ain't gonna sit back hoping my words will change the world

I'm steping it up, slam day is coming do I hear footsteps approaching or are they running

This world ready to judge others and put them down, they will never let it go this nation is full of clowns

They will judge you like a book, they never look within your outlook, its sick how this nation is, they burn bricks and pile sticks, this nation is full of old pricks.

They say Bush don't like Black People but it wasn't me, I may back it up at times but I ain't going into no controversy
I don't know if its true or maybe its not, but I can't judge no one, although its fun, If we started now Pandora's box just won.



You may think you know someone
Or you may think someone knows you
But you can’t get to know someone
Unless you get to know you

People are unworthy, untruthful, unfriendly
You may think they’re your friends but its just envy

People judge others and put them down,
Just let it go don’t be a clown,
They judge you by your cover, your outlook, they act as if you were a book; you’re fat they yell, you’re dumb they say
But you are who you are and sometimes that’s hard to change

Pier pressure, that’s it the pressure worst of all reports of psychos and suicides follow the fall
I even try to hold on I try my best so follow my path to the end of this conquest

Listen up people I hope you heard don’t let anyone put you down

And all there is to know is, is did you hear me?

Oct 24, 2005

A Student

Every single one of you knows what i've been through this year
Staying up late doing projects, typing essays, and studying for tests

I got tired of people insulting me like it was a daily thing to do
I wanted to become a dangerous werewolf with saber-like fangs so i can get back at them
But it's like those insults were actually silver bullets that just killed me
I remember that at one point i felt so depressed that i started to cry
My nose turned a light red, and my tears were slowly rolling down my face, the drops splashed on my page in my shameful disgrace
I also got sick of being called something i'm not
Do you know how it feels to be called a pervert?
People calling you someone that's desperate
People calling you someone who's nasty
If someone didn't deserve love, a pervert is that person
Yeah sure, i acted a little silly before, maybe a bit childish and immature, but i was only playing like when you start saying you're a famous actor, or a pumped up slicked down gangsta rapper

I got tired of the teachers who taught this year, tired likewhen you just put too much load on the saddle of a horse
I know what i'm saying is disrespectful, but it's my opinion and i hope my teachers are listening
I got yelled at for small things, they failed for no logical reason at all
One of them even disrespect me often
Why should i let that happen?
To me these teachers were like cheap video games for my xbox
One game was dim-witted, it's instruction manual provided no instructions!
One had ugly graphics that made it seem like it was a game for Nintendo 64, not my xbox
Another had too many levels, so many that it made me feel like i was never going to beat it
One was just boring because all the stages were easy and the shallow storyline just didn't please me

I got so irrated this year because of all the work i had to do
So many projects that had to be done, so many events were going on
It seemed that way too many plugs were getting plugged into the outlet of my mind
It was overwhelming
Sometimes i stayed up doing homework till 2, or 3, and 4 o'clock in the morning
A couple of times i didn't even sleep at all
So i barely slept during the night, then woke up and went to school just to get yelled at by my teacher?
There was always something i had to do
I never had time for myself or for my family
I had a tough job and this job practically required me to work 25 hours in a 24-hour day
I wanted to quit , I wanted to get fired, but i knew i couldn't
When i could've been enjoying my xbox i wasn't because i was working on a report
When i could've been learning how to take care of my baby brother i wasn't because i had to complete a power point presentation
When my cousins came over i couldn't play with them because i had to study for a test
On mother's day i broke my mom's heart by telling her that i still had homework to do
That statement to her was like getting hit right in the face with a bat by a professional wrestler
My God! All this work made me crumble like when a building collapses on the ground
So i'll be leaving this year sad, angry, and with a frown
And hoping, just hoping next year i 'll have a better go round

I Got to Write a Poem

Many people wanna hear a poem that includes this or that but I got to write a poem that's worth way more than that

I got to write a poem to fill the air to draw you near, a poem to show our lives flow, a poem that shows how fast we grow, a poem to show the show the growth of my flow, I've gotta write a poem

A poem that shows my one to many losses in the poetry slam

A poem that makes the dead regret death and changes the curse of Macbeth, I gotta write a poem

A poem that stops time modifies curse words into rhymes I gotta write a poem

A poem to unite king author and Darth Vader a poem to cause other performers to yell "hey maybe I'll go later"

A poem to stop porky pig from st-st-stuttering a poem to make butterflies stop fluttering

A poem that asks why everytime I flip through T.V. I don't see any one of my color, only on the channel of BET, that's the only channel I see people with the same color skin as me

A poem that really proves that this nation still haven't realized their creed, there are people with no heart and people with such greed, a poem that asks was it worse being owned by slavemasters or being put down, spit on and being called drug passers

A poem that tells about the streets of NYC, where the hobos at and the drug addicts be

A poem that drops jaws haters yell there are no flaws that's against the poetic law

A poem that helps me write a better poem, I gotta write a poem


Sins I will never forget
The day when I forgive, I will earn respect
But nevertheless something goes awry
Sins will be with me till the day I die

Deadly, lethal always on my shoulders
Whether it is stealing or cursing out others
Man don't say you don't have sins 'cause I know you do
You can't say you never have a sin it haunt you

Never forget the day you strive
To do a good deed and try to survive
Try not to do wrong thy shall not steal
say your prayers everyday just kneel

And say please forgive me lord please forgive my sins
From my friends, poor all middle class and my kin

Sins I will never forget
The day when I forgive, I will earn respect
But nevertheless something goes awry
Sins will be with me till the day I die

Man how glutton are you?
Man you should have learn about eating food
Take some and take later
But think about it man aren't we all god traitors?
I mean we break every rule we should abide
Not friendly not kind
Side by side
Lie by lie
We set a record for low
We are cold

Oh man what did we do?
We are all cruel
Sins all around as we speak
Like ghosts in a graveyard it gives me creeps
Sins sins and more sins
Like finding a pin in a pile of pins
It's everywhere
Don't anyone care

I have guts writing this on this paper
You can't say I a traitor
Because you and you and everyone of you
Commits deadly acts in this deadly pool
We call life
It not all right
We do this for not reason at all
It not going to be fix with one call
We must all forgive our deadly sins
So we can start over for real

Sins I will never forget
The day when I forgive, I will earn respect
But nevertheless something goes awry
Sins will be with me till the day I die

Acts of sins are a crime to humanity
Come on people do you have any sanity?
Do you have no respect for god?
For all?

And we shall fight
Start all over so we can be right
But cooperation is all I need
I will need a week of it and it will blossom a dream
A dream everyone had once hope for
So come on everyone start over

Oct 21, 2005

First Post

Okay, I will try to keep this brief as I have a tendency to be long winded. My name is Mr. Craig, and I am an educator in the Bronx, NY. The kids/students whose material you'll see and hear on this site and I have been together for three years. We are participating in a Slam Poetry Project through which an Artist in Residence/Teaching Artist visits our classroom once a week for a 90 minute session and exposes all of us to the fine art of Slam Poetry. We write, practice and perform our own works. We share, we critique, we suggest, and we feel nourished.

These are our voices, our words, our thoughts and feelings, our secrets, our memories, our visions; past, present and future. We are young, old, short and tall. We are a stew of cultures; a cornucopia of heritages. We are Now, and we are poised and ready to rock this world. What you read, see or hear on our blog is real; visceral and aggressive, inquisitive and passive, and always, always from our hearts and minds.