Aug 13, 2008

~Untitled ~but inspired by her

She is starting to understand
How the world works
And between the quivering breaths she takes
I want to hold her hand
“It’s okay
The truth isn’t supposed to be easy “

She finds herself plying double Dutch
1, 2
1 ,2
1 ,2
She hippity hops betweens the lines that cause her to feel like an outcast
Never falling off rhythm because the
Ropes will hit hard
If the rhythm is broken
“Finding your self between middle school summers isn’t easy”
I try to pretend like I know what I’m saying
Because I know that if I sound confident she will feel so

“ I’m afraid “
She says with the high pitch giggle I am way to familiar with .
this Is the giggle given to the wind
While butter files get their wings caught between your vocal cords
“ it only makes senses for u to feel this way “

When u can no longer linger in the bliss of ignorance
The essence of not knowing
hunts your new found knowledge
Yes !
We have been born into a world where every piece of who u are has to be critiqued
These bridges will one day have to be crossed if you
Choose to LIVE your life
But please don’t allow your anxiety attacks To pigeon hold u to the
Things the that are accepted in this society
don’t fall victim to theses classifications
Stop jumping
Breath easy
this is who u are .