Sep 30, 2006

Hey! wassup wit dat?

Hey mr.c ive been tryin to post a poem or 2 but I wrote it in microsoft word!
i know i cud copy and paste...i always done dat but the blog wont allow me 2.
Does this mean i gotta retype the whole thing again?
oh please tell me i dont!!

Sep 22, 2006

145 SlamFam

145 SlamFam


my school gotta handball team o0o u know wat tha means gonna kill tha balls like wooa...woa tha aint sound right but idc...GUYS POST NEW POEMS WE KINDA LEFT THE SITE MAN...WE MUST HOLD THE REVOLUTION AND RESSURECT THE SLAMFAM CREW!!! fo sho fo sho hamtarodudehector reporting out...o0o yeah im in a military program..nvr thought this goverment hating communist would wana join the army??? BOOM YO
guess who made jv basketball team
and the step team
and the dance team that deals with hip and ballet
and i made concert band theres only like 10 freshman out of 40 students in that band
and i made orchestra band
i know im taking over the school but thats wat Talent Unlimited is about UNLIMITED TALENT
i have finaly found the one true love
that has taken my heart and sent it above
they have shared my emotions from when i was down
and when i was joyceful they gave me a crown
poetry have never disappointed me
it has been the one thing that believed in me
slamfam is slowly dieing
but im not the one to sit here crying
what we really need to do is
let out the emotions from the past the present and the future
please no one show any resentment
we have worked our tails out for noting
highschool maybe fun
but there aint nothing slam fam about it

I dont know where im going with this help me out

Sep 13, 2006


I'm a senior!
A "we run this school" yelling student
The 8th grader trying to walk in these footprints
But was to big for her so she made her own
You know her, she that girl
Telling all the kids one at a time
"I have been here 5th grade so let me skip the lunch line"
um senior...senior!...Senior!!!
Hold on-do you hear that?
Do you hear the way the words just gild so sweetly off the tip of ma tongue
I'm a senior
To think next year I'm gonna be that
Fresh meat sucker, tripping in the hallways, talk with a whisper,
and listen to all...Freshmen
But for now...
I'm a senior!...

Slamfam silently dieing

Ok I gotta bring baq the hype you guys left me wit (espessially Issaka) so here is a little piece I work on at study hall (the only time I have)

Now its time to change it up from my old game
Now I got an insane, power draining perfromance since "My Name"
I'm all hyped
Because it feels so right to finally have a spotlight
I always have
But that lightblub was broken but never fixed it in the past so
When you turned on the light you actually saw what I did
Now I won't have any blackouts cutting in
On mid-performance
I'm really writing right and rolling out of sight recking desrtuction its rotating, revovling, rocking, moving really slow and revolting its shocking
My words are damaged
They aren't 50 cents
My words are priceless Mastercard has nothing on this
See I got Red Bull in my blood veins
But Red Bull is bullshit I drank it nothing changed
So that Bull can have his bull shit and drink it
I got water bitch you hydrate when you really need it
I wish you guys could see this but I don't tape
Kodak need a video camera so this Kodak moment could be saved
Nothing can calm me down from this hype
And rappers can't dance so why do the fuck they making one?
The closest to a dance is Sean Paul's Jamcian one
But my performance beats them all
You'll be copying my every move before my last line is called
Even Mr. Craig would be apalled
And I think I am a prophet....nah I am a profit
Because I predict my fame will keep growing I can't stop it
My hype is like my poetry it comes out
No regrets and egressing
Its flow is addicted
Flowing thorugh my pen its like some herion
And you inject hype into your paper
Couple second your brain bursting few seconds later
Then you get a brain blast but Jimmy Neutron don't ever write poems
So when you write out your feelings then your really flowing
You feeling not concealing appealing the fans with the only thing that you have
Your feelings
And this performance will a prove this
This sense is all I have and I won't lose it
USe your sight matter fact use what you have heard
Tese written words
Are Spoken Word
So when this hype finally fades
I hope I leave some on you
I don't want Slamfam to die
No one wants it to
No one wants it to be true
Do something soon
Three years back
The group we begun
You better catch up
Before this group is done

Being A Bear

U know, Craig, i feel like you're pissed off at me, cuz first, on the myspace SlamFamLive u posted everybody else's recording except mine, that hurt, but then i sent you like 2 or 3 messages in the past month and u never respond, now, i think the reason why you're mad at me is cuz i never sent any stuff 4 the Documentary, i'm sorry, i should've done it but i didn't, maybe i will when i go back home, but until then could u please e-mail me man! I'm lonely out here, i made a few friends but i'm always alone with no one to hang out with, well, it's only been 4 days now since i've been here, and it's getting better.
Now i know you're gonna be mad cuz i have no poems, but please, i wanna hear more from u Craig.
Berkshire is fun man, JV Football is alright, but i worked out fron an hour after practice last Monday and ever since my ribs and legs hurt whenever i walk. Classes r aight, kinda easy, but F*ck, i had two tests today already!!! N0 100s yet. I'm so scared of getting kicked out though, i like it here a lot, and the 1st night i was here they had a dance, and yea, well, i got me dancing with whitiessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, dude, but like very few hispanics guys, like i'n not even playing, i only know one other spanish kid so far. Girls here look nice man, but the older girls ignore freshman like sh*t my dudes. Peace out 4 now!!!!!
Berkshire Bears Rule!!!123BEARS!!!

i'm still got those stripes though...

Sep 12, 2006


Sep 11, 2006

...Empty Nest...

So, that day is finally upon us. What day you may ask? Well, not that day that everyone is probably thinking, no, that day is getting enough coverage already - and that's not what we're about. No, the day I'm writing about is the first day that you're all gone. The first time I can actually say, none of you are any longer here. Of course there are those of you who are still somewhat local, attending schools around the city, but with the exception of Miguel, no one has come to visit. Of course, I understand, I truly do. You need to establish your knew identities, get a foothold in your new places. I really do understand. My only hope is that none of you ever forget what we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. From the childish antics of sixth grade, to video-conferencing with the First Minister of Scotland, you are some truly inspirational people. I miss you, I really miss you. And yet when I really think about it (and I do a lot...) I always knew this day would come, and we'd have to adjust. I'm not going to try and lie about the heaviness in my heart though, in fact, I made a little fool of myself the other day when I was walking down the hall. I decided that I'd stop by and pop my head in the door, like I did at various times of the day, but I really had forgotten you wouldn't be there. I rounded the corner and peeked in...Only Jesica looked at me strange; she knew I had messed up, and she silently, with a sly grin shook her head. I just turned and sauntered away...Damn.

On a more cheerful note I need all of your mailing addresses now that you are fully entrenched in your new surroundings. Don't post them here, that's a little too public, but you can post them as a new topic only as a draft. I need to send some of you some things. Don't be alarmed, it's nothing serious, but it will put a smile on your faces, and decorate your walls at the same time.

Please, when you read this, if you have internet access wherever you are, post a response. Let me know you’re healthy and still into the site, and be well. Best of luck with all you attempt this year (although to quote Carissma this year, "We didn't need luck, we knew how hard we had prepared...") I agree, and instead of luck then, I wish you great preparation. Miss you all.

Mr. C

Sep 10, 2006


wishin for an idea...
got an idea for a dream...
it's a dream of a reality
Reality fact-I ain't comin back
To many tears has fallen
from ma small 13 year old eyes
over this summer I got very wise
1-me=a lonely you
Ma friends told me but i ain't listen cuz
no one every showed me that u were
hookin up wit gurlz behind ma back
talkin snit like yo her poetry is wack
like ne-yo im tired of love songs
but oh
I ain't gonna do sucide over ur bullsnit lies
send ma self to hell on a horse and carage cause
you messed up
I would've killed you but
im to lazy to hide the body
I would've broke up before but
I jus kept givin you a second chance...after the 10th time
well now u can
suck ma imaganary dick without a codom on
better yet let me take that back
knowing your gay ass you'll probely like that