Apr 15, 2010

I never liked math

He pulled her by her roots 
two times
Slammed her body into the stack of chips
only once
Slapped her face 
3 times
she began to bleed by the
second hit
She cried for a straight 
6 hours
He stared at me with his
two eyes filled with rage
as he beat her as if he had a quick flash back to slavery
7 bruises hidden behind her torn coat
He told her it's because he loves her and that he cares for his baby
4 months into the pregnancy I can't believe this baby made it this long
She stared at me as if she believed I was a mind reader
a few glances and I turned my head a straight 180 degrees 
He grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the store
3 screams had become distant 
Like cinderella I saw her lighter on the concrete