Aug 29, 2009

something like god

U smell like something god was too afraid to create
So I stand firm in the belief
That u are a descendant of the clouds
With the sky imprinted on your back

I wish you would laugh more often
With me
or At me
It really doesn’t matter
Either way ur giggles leave me breathless

Women who scares me to a silent quiver of knees and shallow breathing
I just recently found the memory of the best reason to smile
on your shirt
U wear the same perfume as my friend
who slipped through the fingers of forever
To soon .
I know it sounds wrong
But smelling like suicide
Is a compliment here

Women with skin that sounds like the violent snaps of rubber bands
U are a recovering butcher
Or at least I feel it’s safe to assume so
You are stained blood red beautiful
With a soul like a night sky
The stars are clawing to your gut
A Broken Column for a backbone
ur spine is a painting the world is too familiar with
you are godly like fears trapped in a poet

and sometimes I wonder if u could see me past the mic
would u recite me?
dear cloud women,
I’d be your poem
and take honor in being left
on the stage.

Aug 8, 2009

There is a coffee stain on the social fabric of this time,
That reeks of putrid milk spilled over a smooth piece of cloth
That is the American Flag,
No longer Red, White, and Blue,
But Red, White, and
Unable to emit the scent
Of its pure dye,
Black and Brown Ugly blots, naked to the eye.

Inner circle is circumscribed by WARNING SIGNS,
Big Job, Big House, Big Dog, Big Family,
Stale ingredients coalescing into the bland boiling pot of utopia,
That shall sugarcoat one,
But artificial saccharides hide the underlying lie,
This cannot possibly be the American Dream.

“America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing”,
Allow me to unzip this layer,
Here are my quirks, odd-shaped nuts and bolts,
Here is me,
And your media-mediated circle of life, America
I’ve given you all
And now I’m nothing,
But another needle in this smoldering haystack of Dicks
And Janes.

(Based on 1950s American and quotes Beat poet "Allen Ginsberg")(Howl is a LONG COMPLicated son of a gun)