Nov 9, 2007

Eulogy (R.I.P.)

Even if we continue this path
Nothing ever lasts
So I pay respects to my graduating class
As I pray and hope we all have gotten somewhere
Because we forgotten why we left there
Forgotten why we made it here
Faded, dissapeared, existent in only dreams
In the same youngings we performed for
Now they going for it
Only I performed more but I understand the circumstances
We enchanced and advanced education but left poetry abandoned
Imagine if we reunited
All back again same people standing tall some women some men
Some poets, some singers, some producers, some pimps
But no matter what SlamFam will always be within
We all come from that one bond
Even if you broken off
So even if you forget it you will remember the SlamFam call


As we approach the stage
Issaka looking ready
Mauricio plams sweaty
We battling each other in a libary
Wayne lyrics got everyone anxious and waiting
Miguel spitting politcal rage and blazing the shit
You got me in the scenary and Edwin's probably describing it
Either way
All our forms
We mastered it
Made it our own that why no one else could f**k with the champions
You could say we were the best of our time
The forefathers of SlamFam so I am not scared if you asked me to rhyme
I can still spit
I wish I could say the same for everyone else in it
We evolved and progress
And tend to drop that helping hand when your ready for success
But as we dropped poetry
And entered a new stage, we tend to let go of middle school ends
And tend to let go of parents stronghold and start to forget our friends