Apr 30, 2006

No idea

I am out of ideas
I did topics about tropics
And politics, and lockets, and rockets, and I couldn’t stop it
Until now
You know I have been doing this a long time
So I have no more service like America Online
But if have one spark that’ll mark the start of a new era
This era will prove I can do poetry
I’m not a lackey, but slap me I am wrong
I put more than 15 poems on this site
I love doing poetry and I will not stop
Until I am the top of the crop
But unfortunately I am out of ideas
My mind inside is trying to find ideas
And unwind itself from this tangle of confusion
And delusion
It is utter chaos thinking and straining for one measly topic
I used to have millions of ideas floating around
But now there is none to be found
How could I use up all of my ideas?
It just can’t be
Oh yeah it all on my computer which has low memory,
I wonder why…….
I did topics about tropics
And politics, and lockets, and rockets, and I couldn’t stop it
Until now
Until now I use to type all day everyday using my recipe
Back then you couldn’t mess with me
Well I guess I can’t find my secret ingredient because
My “Sins” brought “Acid Rain” and it burn up “My Poem”
But I “Never Say Never” and I will get another idea in my mind
But I am out of ideas
These acidic words of critics always burn through me every time
So why should I put another poem why should I put another rhyme
It’s clear to me this thing I hold dear to me
I should not use ever again because of the fact that “I suck”
But I will not stop
I will continue to post 4 ever and ever but
I am out of ideas!
I did topics
But none of these topics were the one poem to get me that guaranteed spot at the top
So A message to everyone
When I do get a topic I guarantee it will be the best you have ever seen to believe
Because YOU have NO IDEA what will come next

OH MY F*CKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was just captivating, lord! i will never forget it, I mean, LEMON ANS MOS DEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!! I admire Lemon and MOS DEF is admired by like every poet, and the funny thing is...they wasn't what was captivating, PHILLY WAS!!! Nah, i'm just playing, every city did what was suppose to be done, NYC, Seatlle, Philly, San Francisco, and Providence (I think that was the name). My GOD, the styles and the things we (145 complex poets) haven't seen yet...it was just beautiful. DEfinitely made me forget what happen Saturday and Friday (I needed that after the break-up). Yo....we already known by a few of these people and we are GREAT cuz we're full of Greatness...just wanted to let ya know that what ya saw last night is going to be nothing to what it's gonna be like when we get there...because of the fact that we're going be part of the competition and i just know it's going to be crazy. I have to say that Philly was my favorite City of the night, i;m pointing them out because they were new and they were just seriously feelin their poetry and the crowd, they left me feelin inside out, their lines, their attitudes, their diversity, their passion, and i truly believe that so far that was the best Poetry Slam Team i ever saw, MY GOD!!! They were just gettin to me throughout the whole night (and so did every other team, but Philly got to me the most, thats all). And Providence, was just unique because of their Poetry and they.....knocked themselves in the first round!!! And still got one of two 30's. This Night was just...so emotional.

I also wanna say that we all should start posting more comments at least, i'm tired of seeing over 50 poems and "1 comment, 2 comments, 1 comments, 0" for like the last 10-15 posted poems. Another thing is that we should go to Fish's workshop, Mr. Algarin's ofcourse are special to us, but i've gone to one besides his before and it's nice to be at a place were everyone is going cuz they "want"to do poetry. I'm talking about the fact that less than only about half of the class is interested in the Slam (Don't think I'm talking about Mr. Algarin. That's the real Mastermind and didn't ya ever wonder why i only insult Mr. Craig and Mr. Donohue with metaphors, it's cuz I know i definitely can't mess with Mr. Algarin!!!). And plus, let's see some other poets besides ourselves.

PEACE (I wanted to write a poem but, don't expect them yet...i got mad homework ansd i don't got all the time in the world at granny's cuz she go out more than me and she has to take wit her)!!!

Apr 28, 2006

soon and very soon we gonna have to stop and drop all of our vainness
and strangeness
we gonna have to stop the temptation of unruley and untrustworthy
we gonna have to get on a stage and say how we feel cause now the
fight of civil rights has been revealed
we gonna speak our mind
instead of hiding behind the man
the big man
the strong man
the man who has treated us worst than hitler
he hit her
the girl who walked down the street not fearing nothin else except fear itself
walked into the church of the holy master
and thats when her friends and family heard the last of her
KKK thats wat they say
when they walked down the street with a torch burning the Holy Cross
a black couple walking in the state of texas where the masequr had occur
and thats when people say they the last of him and her
back then blacks were not able to read or write
got shot down if they tried to put uo a fight'
the kids of the black women were takin away
and they were forced to do what ever the masters say
the young girls were raped and killed
but when they died the police didnt make it a big deal
no we have a vengance
against whites spanish and even us
us as blacks

Apr 21, 2006


the one point that made you shine
the one point that got you by
the one point that got you high
that one point

Have you ever wondered why these so called
young men are on the corner drinking and getting high?
They dropped out of school cause they couldn't just get by
their families and friends are in their house crying cause
they know sooner or latter they gonna end up dying
The cops drive around just to see if they got that crack
on the ground
Now they got these white boys calling people nigga
they parents never taught them anything i figure
the one point that made you shine
the one point that got you by
the one point that got you high
that one point
not only we got these boys screwing they life up
we got this president named Bushe that need to get locked up
he's destroying our planet it doesn't matter which way you turn it
these boys are feeling insecure
and they feeling like their being ignored
Now we got these girls
getting pregnnant at 13teen
acting like boys is what they really need
they be on hunts point selling their bodies
or they probably got aids/Hiv already

These young girls need to stop shopping at G+Hoochie
and start shopping at sears
going to boys talking about hit it baby one more time like Brittney Spears
some of them even look like Dave Chappelle
and when they smiling in people face people be like
we got these boys shaped like Tina Turner
working at a makeup industry and not even as a learner
twisting and turning like Ms. Jay Alexander
they be seeing couple's walking down the street and they
not even tryin to scam her
if you catch my drift
going to gyms watching men turn and go into another shift

The one point the made u shine
the one point that got u by
the one point that got u high
that one point

Apr 20, 2006

Last time

I like prompts that lead me no where
cause i know with out them im gonna end up going somewhere,
we,us with this poetry thing we gonna end up famous
ya keep on performing and doin ya thing and i'ma keep on writing and making it intriguing
I ain't never scared to get on a stage and say how i feel
but i relized that this poetry thing is the real deal
I'm like a mock trial type
ya know i damn sure like to argue and put up a fight
I like to enforce law and make it my fort
Oh Well, if they don't like it they could just get out cause this is my court
Even though i refuse to write poetry
It has really made a person out of me
Like now i really live for stupidity
If it's not mauricio talking about how sexy his girl is
or miguel who just want to meet my fist
they make me laugh
'cause our personalities just seem to clash
we got wayne and his acting success
and we got Edwin with his 99% average who ain't tryin to regress
we got Omar who's my "buddy" but sometimes he shunds me
Issaka who's real cool but sometimes he asks like a damn fool
Karen oh Karen what to do
Sometimes i wonder if we could really stand in each others shoes
Ryan a soft spoken person until now has shown an proven himself
Then we got Mr. Craig OH MY GOSH
talking about him gives me a head rush
This whole poetry team really means something to me
'cause this time is our last year
syke just playing
'cause sooner or latter we gonna get back together and we gonna
get back together and talk poetry, scream poetry, yell poetry
So much that there
could be a possibility that we will hate poetry
'cause without poetry half of us would not be able to
speak cause poetry gave us
It gave us a way to communicate
It gave us our mind
our body
our soul
Sometimes through hard times it kept us whole
Sometimes I know for a fact that poetry has taught me how to act
it allows me to to think what i want to think
Then go back and reflect and eject all negativity
going through these three years has brought me a couple of friends
and one best friend
'cause before i had no reason to feel because there was no one i could reel to release my
energy poetry has made me
Sometimes i sit with in my bed wondering how the hell am I going to get my emotions out
then next thing i know i got a pen in my hand readty to write !man!
poems poems poems
sometimes i
wite poetry
i talk poetry
i dance poetry
I sing poetry
i dream poetry
I cry poetry
I shout poetry
I clap poetry
I clap poetry cause poetry is clapping for me routing me on making sure I do everything to the best of my abilities
Back then in the 6th grade i wasn't shy but in poetry class i thought i could just get by
Reciting poetry wasn't my thing after seeing these slam poets i thought it would be easier to learn how to sing
i spoke crappy lines, i wrote crappy lines. My lines soon relized that i had some cries to cry.
i had never let my emotion shine
i wouldn't cause i couldn't think up a rhyme
i was thinking of trying out this time
since this is my last year
i wouldn't dear interfear with the soon to be famous poetry team
They have become like a math problem they always
have a average, median and mean
I beleive that they have been put on this earth to speak oot
to shout to everyone
what should be said
what should be heard
This poetry team has made something out of them selves
They have proven themselves
I have proven myself
I think we have all proven our selves
making it this far and exceeding to Highschool
and moving on to something
bigger and better
I like prompts that lead me nowhere cause i know whith out them i'm going to end up going somewhere
ain't nobody can stop us
cause we going to be famous
don't get in my way cause
i'm going to the top

This poem is to be continued...................

Apr 19, 2006

Antigua forever

As i talk out loudit's not a beat that comes out my mouth
it's my Antiguan heritage that must be kept hostage
Cuase my launguage is not known to the untrained eye
I talk for my familly and me, myself and I
I love my dilect, it helps me to reflect to eject all these american ways that must not stay
As i talk out loud
it's not a beat that comes out my mouth
it's my Antiguan heritage that must be kept hostage
There's no Jamaican in me can't you see
I'm not black yellow or green
As you listen to how i speak you confuse me
for something I'm not
I am red, blue, white, black, yellow and a island that's hot
I am the pink sand on the beachthat is truely unique
I have a strong desire to go on with my culture and not as an american polture
The American Music is hot
but it doesn't hit that spot
that one spot in my soul that desires soca and colipso
As i speak out loud it's not a beat that comes out my mouth
it's my Antiguan heritage that must be kept hostage
I feel like i'm being torn apart
but i'll always remember that that Antiguan is my heart

Speak Out

In this world crack and dope lives on forever
but after death dark life glows in the forest of never
Shot down a five year old child
he only did it cause he wanted to join the gang 6 wild
Suicides and homicides are nothing uncommon
People take their own lives cause they feel as if their not floating but drowning
I’ve seen babies beaten within an inch of their lives
done time with husbands who killed their loving wives
Seen a mother crying over her 10yr old daughter
after a man raped her and then committed man slaughter
This world brings so much misery
but I guess we are forced to dwell within our own agony
Since there’s so much drama in the world
I think all these boys and girls need to write some thing called

This ain't the way to go

She's walking down the street cause she think she hot
got boys all over her kissing her favorite spot
she got more than enough tardies
but everybody all ready know she's fulfeeling her freakish needs
5,4,3,2,1 into the gutter and she had another son
going to clinics and hospitals and telling her parents it's her tonsills
her nerves are growing more and more intense she should have had enough sense
she always walks the hall in a linger
she told her best friend that it was by her man and her friend gave her the finger
she's sad and depressed and feeling alone
Her mother kicked her out and now she ain't got a home
hold up rewind
did i forget to tell you that this girl has a disease too
You see she was one of those girls who did anything for anybody or did anybody for anything
She had no pride in herself and she always got into mischeif
she doesn't know what love is how could she?
or maybe she does
This whole poem is so twisted
but waitIt's not the poem that's twisted it's this young girls mind
She never thought she never sought she never thought to find any knowledge of man kind
If i ever met her i would tell her
Sit down let me talk to you i got some choice words to choose
or i got to choose to make a choice to tell you this
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
what are you doing to yourself
you suppose to be making something out of your self not destroying yourself
ain't no body can satisfy you
it's not gonna all be easy and brezzy
you suppose to try to escape all this
rasism, biasness, prejedice and poverty
and if that's a problem for you
you need to learn to write something called poetry.

Apr 11, 2006

I'm not a writer who writes for the hell of writing
I write to say things I couldn't really be sayingLike world...girl...rl ending words whom I cannot pronounce
I say whom cuz these words are people who I curse at with such profanity, but overcoming them seems beyond my ability
Wanna right-hook this one, wanna abuse those two, wanna have unlimited physical capabilities
These bastards are tires losing air in my SUV, further limiting my abilities
I wish I had an atomic bomb to launch on these female dogs...World!, you're Hiro, Girl, you're shima!
Rest of ya, I’ll just get a few weapons from Saddam
Others will get the middle-finger from Uncle Sam
Some will be eaten by me as ham
After I become a glutton of u feats, u can't tell me there's no way I can't pronounce
Maybe I’ll raise my hand a bit more, converse wit the ladies more fluently, King of the Jungle is now ready to pounce
I'm 115, and u words weight less than an ounce, so ya can't hold me down
I ain't gonna be the class-clown
Speaking clearer will get me ass-bound
Beat me 1st round, 14 more to go
Tired of ya corrupting my flow
Cuz I could be the cream of the crop, atop of the top, ya linebackers...I'm about to bop
Ya the criminals, I am the cop, go to jail fiends, I got the handcuffs
I ain't gonna sound like I’m choking on coco puffs
No one knows what I go through every single muthafucking day!!!
Having this 1 million paged composition that I can't completely clearly say
I don't want no sympathy, cuz sympathy to me is that heart-warming pat on the shoulder clearly singing, don't be tight cuz it's alright, u will one day win that fight
If u paid attention to my last line I do want sympathy...cuz hell... I sure don't get it at home or in school that much
At school, I got this fresh scar on my chest burning the shit outta me, and it keeps getting touched
My so-called friends are seriously so cold, are ya my friends, or my peers, please answer despite the fact u see these tears
4 years sailing in the same boat as ya, and can't my fellow sailors just not giggle, fiddle wit me and toy with my already-known feelings
What ya say is small, but your statements take some sensitive healing
So could ya please stop laughing at whats in my closet, give me the benefit of the doubt, and just help me clean it out
At home, I have dad saying that I don't need any therapist cuz he had the same problem and it grew outta him as he got older
But...dad, my rival just keeps getting stronger, and...I got a girl, I wanna to be able to SPEAK to her
I'm already in shining armor, just let me take out my word-thirsty sword and swing
Let me be the vet to perfectly willingly fix this long time damaged wing
I don’t want to wait for four or more years, I want to say "I'm Going To Disney world!" right now and right here
I wanna extinguish this inferno of manipulation now, I’m tired of this smoldering fear
All the factual nightmares I had about laughter at me cuz of my mouth now all seem like a blur, but non-forgetful I-wet-myself-in-class-like humiliating memories nonetheless
Feel like my internal War World 4 is going to stop me from continuing My Quest

(This poem was a long coming, i knew it, ya knew it, just had to get it off my chest u know, it was something personnel that i had to write for my well-being)

Apr 9, 2006

Next stop, Oprah...

If you guys get any more coverage, we're seriously going to need to hire Edwin as an agent... I just wanted to post a run-down of some of the coverage you've recieved, in case you haven't seen it yourselves. I'm also including some of the statements from the email announvements I recieve. Revel in your spotlight kids; you're going places I could never have imagined possible...

From Ally Hunter:
As some of you may know I am out in NY with Gordon and Mark visiting inspiring projects and inspiring people. Yesterday we launched a new project between Buckhaven and the Bronx and it was picked up by the BBC. More details of the story can be found by copying and pasting the link below or visiting the BBC Scotland News website.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4890026.stm "

From Maria Fico:
"Your students are famous!!!
http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060127/NEWS03/601270339/1024/NEWS08 "

From News 12/Bronx:

Im also still waiting on the link from Eyewitness News (ABC-7), and I have the studio feed from Edwin's interview on WBAI that I'm going to post some snippits from...

You poets amaze and impress your community, your families, and me daily. You are our role models, because you rise in the face of adversity and you excell despite society's failing you. Keep being leaders. Much Love.