Jan 17, 2008


See I don't write poetry
I write inspiration
I write hope to those that has been blessed to hear my creations
Called "my words"
My tongue moves souls, spit logic, digest hatred..
French kiss your ear so you can listen to my information
Lick hatred and seduce Satan
Make you come cum before I even move on from this part of my dissertation
See I'm Superman baby
And for all you know my mind has no bounds
My words take you to outer space
Beyond God's limit
My words are infinite and considered alien when people hear it
Spirits are uplifted
While witnesses fear it
Fuck villains
My comic contains critics
Judgment is only for those that are weak
And me
When I speak
My eloquent words flow through frequencies
Through radio waves gamma and UV's
Beyond your TV's and PC's
And create a spectrum that you call poetry
It is not seen only heard from lips that are grace to kiss the greatest gift
Face it shit poetry has been a savior to the teens who can't really express their feelings
And I know that feeling
So I release my hatred shit...
God gave me a pen
So I gave back composition
You gave me slams
So I brought you competition
I rain realization readily on reluctant criticism
I have only one position
Save our teens from the rap's commission

I see through the fad
We don't rock new clothes
We rock new headphones
We don't show off our new shoes
We show off our new tunes
And soon we would be so engulfed with the rap society
That poetry would suffer the ultimate fate
So before I let that happen
I voice my cry for reform
Before poetry turns into a nothing more than wanna-be rappers to perform
Just as my metaphors runs quickly through your bloodstream
My pen bleeds the same blood that half my generation needs
Becuase the sucide rate only increase 183% over some 23 years
Poetry is a savior from your schools, your parents, your boyfriend, your girlfriend
Your teachers, your friends, and the annoying ones you know them
Release from stress
Is a release from death
But is only being obsecured by rap's breath
We need less teks and we need more text
My words flex their unused muscles
That has only gotten stronger from my lifting this burden
That has worsen periodically over the past couple years
The same years that transpired the infamous "Low Low Low Low Low Low Low"
I believe if she had them applebottom jeans and the boots with fur
Everybody would think she'll suck your dick and you could have sex with her
No problem, right?
Except poetry has turned the other cheek
No pun intended
And now that Superman is here
No Low ho, or foe could pound these words into your head faster that you can make your shit flaccid
My impact is massive
This is made for even idiots to understand it
So grasp it
Hold onto it just like I grip this pen
Just scribbling rhymes instead of my mathematics
There's your explanation for D's
Idiotic mistakes I make when people ask me
Do you need help?
No motherfucker I just hate geometry
I need poetry to keep my sanity in a class where there teach you there is a limit in every figure
I learned that you create your limits

Now limited by music
Rap makes poetry look stupid
Its pitful motherfuckers believe that poetry is rap
Since when has that transition been made?
Rap is poetry
Poetry is creatvity
Creativtiy is innvation
Innvoation is the same shit we need for new ways to obtain information
Ocassionly I've been patient
But the obtuse nature of this society has made this poet gone into a rampage and...
Thank God Superman saved me
Or I would of care less like Britney Spears with her baby
You know what there is no use to fight
But I'll die if someone considers poetry rap, that's why is called "Crypt"tonite
Clearly your teks, sex, drugs doesn't hurt me
I am Superman bitch
I am poetry