Sep 22, 2007

A Walk Thru My Path (No More Drama Rmx.)

Have u ever been hurt so bad, that spendin sad nights alone don't sound so bad?
Even my dad cried when grandma passed, so
how should I feel now that I'm left
alone in this cold zone? No emotions shown.
Havin' no home that I can call my own.
The stress had gotten so bad that I began 2 smoke.
So now I'm beggin 4 change while I'm on my phone.
No wonder everyone ignored all my calls 4 help. It's
hard 2 win with those conflicts I was dealt with.
Only 14, check them circumstances,
but growin older taught me that that was only practice.
Stuck out on d's streetz alone ain't no joke.
Do u know what It's like bein homeless and broke/
U don't know what to know, or who to believe.
U can't trust no one, not even police.
U see thingz u never wanted 2 see.
Ur something u never wanted 2 be.
I saw the same thing happen 2 my boi Ronny,
I'm sorry I couldn't save u from malnutrition.
Ur wishin.
Hopin dat at least God would listen.
Livin a life of strain, strugglin tryna maintain ain't a game,
so 2day i promise 2 thingz...
no more drama, no more pain.

This is 4 Ronny, Stephanie, Kimberlee, Tommy.
Survival of the fittest, no more runnin 2 mommy.
My wordz keep me strong, so my penz stay beside me.
I gotta keep movin 4ward, ain't nobody gon stop me, cuz.
I'm tired of playin games.
I'm willin 2 make a change.
I'm tryin 2 clear my name,
and never look back again.
this life I'm livin,
wuz corrupted by
those nights in prison.
So I pray 2 God,
"Please Lord, 4give me!".
See me eye-to-eye.
I'm tired of sinnin.
I'm livin a life
I'm tired of livin.
Free me of these lies.
Ready 2 give in.
I'm tryna get by.
Thoughts got me trippin.
Check out my shoe size,
glad u don't fit in?

I bet u are,
cuz then u wouldn't have the option 2 take a walk in my shoes,
and then u wouldn't have 2 see the type of shit that I do.
And then u wouldn't have 2 breathe the type of shit that I do.
And then u wouldn't have 2 feel the type shit shit that I do.
And then u wouldn't have 2 eat the type of "SHIT" that I do.
And then u wouldn't have 2 deal with the type of stress that I have,
so just be glad,
that none of ya have 2 take a walk thru my path.....


Inspiration From The Instrumental Of No More Drama by Mary J. Blidge(Blige)(Wutever)

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