Jan 22, 2006

Poetic Destiny

Every time I walk
Every time I walk through these empty streets it’s just me and I see the weak and the not so weak
Wait that means it’s not quite empty
I can’t speak instead I seek the answers to these unasked questions
Don’t forget to mention dispensing these sentences that rest in me
Resting in peace
Because it needs to come out
Loud and clear
For all to hear
These wise poetic words you heard
These words like a child
Grown, but not raised
Instead it was shown, but not praised
Nat saved from this tight safe
And it’s not safe to escape
My Poetic Destiny
Because it follows me through my dreams
And it seems to follow me wherever I go
As if it was a second shadow
Through my shallow self
And it helps to know I have
The power to make my words flow like ripples in a wave
And it saves me from taking
A quest to test if I’m really the next Mos Def
Because I’m satisfied with being me
And make others see a
Young man who knows, who chose, who wrote his life with all his might
Long nights were wasted
But was nothing compared to the empty spaces in this spaceship
That’s me
The seed that needs water nor light and
What a sight to see me
Enjoying this advanced form of arts and crafts
Watch as I craft my art though
I, we struggle through this trouble
Known as poetry
It’s okay to say
Poetry was double the trouble of trying to juggle five balls with one hand
But, Poetry made me understand
And now I’m poetry’s #1 fan
I’m going to become a better poet
By becoming better at being me
To follow this bridge which is my legacy?
That is my
Poetic Destiny

Jan 17, 2006

One True Soldier

He's been through war,
but that won't bring him down.
Little was known about his past reputation of "class clown".
Kids used to tease him about being the outkast of his class.
Yet he'll admit that he enjoyed it while it lasted.
If some one stepped up to him,
he'll put up a fight,
and he'll do it with a smart mouth-
now who does that sound like?
He has explored many different things,
fearless of what he might have to face.
He's gotten pass many obstacles in his way,
no matter how hard the fight, he'll keep up his pace,
leapin' from state to state.
He has taken big blows for us over and over again,
but always managed to stand.
He got a family now,
with his new born baby girl Roxanne.
December 2 of 2005 was the date.
Her daddy goin' away for a while 'cause he need to train,
but on February 16, he gotta hop on that plane,
because we don't dare put our president to shame.
Soon he's gonna be on his way to Iraq,
and even sooner his family will be wonderin' when will he be back.
He's too strong for anyone to bring him down,
'cause even if he falls,
he'll rise right back up from the ground.
He must have this guardian angel that keeps him on his feet,
because through his exhaustion,
he'll never be weak.
Jayson, I've looked up to you for a while now,
because you've always picked me up when I fell down,
always stitched me up when I got hurt,
always gave me a hug when you were proud of me,
always cheered me up when my father yelled at me,
always tied my shoe laces when I forgot how to tie them together.
Jayson if I kept goin' it will take forever.
Jayson you are the one true soldier
in my life,
the one comfertable shoulder
that I can lean on.
We share this special bond that can never break.
We won't give it up, no matter what's at stake.
Not even the Gods can tear this bond apart,
'cause no matter what happens,
you'll always be in my heart.

Jan 11, 2006

Freestyle2(the truth)

This is dedicated to the cowards and non believers to say it was never meant to be
Now see this is the true, the rue, this is to the kids and the fools who didn’t know the truth
This is not a poem that has crappy storylines or flowers and the governments has too much power because no one wants to listen to that crap
You want to know the truth? The truth is the rapes, the slain, the struggles, and the pain of the people in our society today
Yeah the crap you hear on the news but yet no one seems to care
Death in front our eyes but you see no fear
This is the truth

It seems our society is a bit too divided
Not the rich or the poor But to the fighters and the helpers
The fighters want everything to themselves leaving the rest weak less
They are the people who resist the fact that they don’t want to help society
The rest of the population is the helpers and it seems no one wants to help today
You want to know the truth?
The truth lies in front of you
The homeless, the beggars, and the drug sellers
That is the truth

The truth of gang signs, the wondering eyes to seek the truth
Those wondering eyes of undercover agents and police that are always on the job
But where were they when Tupac got shot
When Kennedy got shot
And all those never forgotten people that will always be in our hearts

The truth is the twisted minds of killers who insist on stalking and raping their prey of a 16 year old girl
Yet no action is being done
The truth is that no matter what we will always lead to our own demise and we shall go into oblivion
No matter what we still can’t face the fact we screw up the world today
And have half ass presidents who are just greedy for power never listen to our demands
That is the truth

So this is a dedication to the cowards and non believers to say it was never meant to be
Now see this is the true, the rue, this is to all the kids and the all fools who now know the real hardcore truth

Jan 4, 2006

I Thank Poetry for That

The first time I wrote poetry I was just a mindless power ranger-lover in the fifth grade
Poems were short, about the length of a sticky note
Yet back then I was proud of what I wrote
6th grade, I entered Craig’s boat of poetic writing
A couple of poems in my hand
I performed one, then all of a sudden the lights were shutoff, then turned back on, the spotlight was on yours truly
I never thought the so-called best performance was going to be by me with this poem I now hardly call poetry
You know what, “Ode to my XBOX” was a poem, childish, but interesting
Interesting to see a 12-year-old boy start the first page of his poetry journal
For the first time in my life, I felt I was being heard loud and clear
Not just being heard, but listened to
For the first time in my life I didn’t feel the emotion I always felt when I was talking to and staring at the confused and amused face of the person was speaking to
And it felt great being so focused that I didn’t stutter or stumble or crumble over myself
And I thank poetry for that
I mean poetry was also the one thing I was ever really good at
Writing similes and metaphors explaining burdens in my heart which was enclosed in a locked up simple chest
Every poem I wrote was letting people know a bit about the real Mauricio
Every poem I wrote was giving people a bit of my treasure from my chest
I never really fully opened it
Poetry and I, I and Poetry, a married couple saying I do because at the moment they loved each other
You can say we were very on and off
Well, whenever I was on she was off, whenever she was on I was off
But there were always those rewarding moments when Poetry and I really connected, really in a relationship
I spoke for her, and she spoke for me
Poetry was my microphone, the things I said were incredible, I couldn’t believe they were my own, but the more I spoke the more I honed these metaphorical lines that even rhymed
They made sense and had rhythm and were well-timed
Wait, I’m getting a bit cocky now, but I can’t say that what I was saying through this microphone was actually micro
I was full of ideas in my head like the amount of hair in an Afro
I owe poetry a colossal debt
A debt which I will pay as quickly as I wrote that I O U
I’m very honorable you see
I believe anyone or anything I owe something to will be given something in return
So that’s how I feel about poetry
I owe it like how I owe my sister “strength”. I owe it like how I owe baby brother “hope”. I owe it like how I owe my dad a “home”. I owe it like how I owe my mom “care”. I owe it like how I owe my parents “life”. I owe it like how I owe my family “love”.
I used poetry to get through people as many times as you turned something on
Yeah sure, they laughed with my performances, but they laughed because they understood, they understood this book titled Chronicles of Marz Book 1-3, and it will soon be Chronicles of Marz Book 1-Infinity
So you know what, all the money I earn for these bestsellers should and will go to poetry
Poetry, thank you for that…that freedom of speech and passion I now feel resting in my chest
That confidence and inspiration I feel jogging through my veins
I now feel like, if I do my Ode to my XBOX I would become the XBOX…
I would be Microsoft’s masterpiece and again I won’t seem so soft and micro
I would be like an ignition of pure sensation from within
And it won’t matter how many times I would lose in life, it won’t matter how far or close I would be from that victory
I could lose by 100 points feeling like a dim-witted professional NBA All-star, or I could lose by 1 point feeling like all had to do was run for one more yard to get the touchdown
Either way it still doesn’t matter to me because I’ve all ready gotten my trophy
So through accomplishments and failed attempts, I still hear it in my ears, I still feel it in my heart, and I still see it in my mind
“The point is not the point, the point is Poetry”