Dec 21, 2009


Words were so fluid flowing through my lips I never thought I could talk like this
Somehow this happen
This status quo that I thought would never work
Two forces combined in the realm of music
Guess it’s intuitive the way we got glue in it
Its foolish to say I knew this was going to happen
Because I never thought a spark would ignite,
I didn’t think we were the “match”
Sulfur scraps on mind palates please tell me these synapses were right
I guess they were
As smiles were brought about
And although my tongue only kissed poetry I felt she would understand
Because your beauty could only be express with her
Even through breathless words
Countless thoughts
Up to this day I cannot fathom being in a relationship
Because to be honest
I never wanted one
Who knew it would lead to perfection?
I guess someone has got something planned
And if I knew in advance
This would have happened a long time ago I wouldn’t have needed to ask
But now excitement of emotions causes blood rushes
And we can’t control our own bodies
Their possessed
And the feelings expressed
You can only land on clouds afterwards
Its called bliss
As lips walk the grounds of orgasm
While your feet still kiss
We are on a higher level now, no not sex
This that
I understand you deal
Without understanding a bit
And why didn’t you call me flow
But didn’t complain for shit
Its like perfection
Simply that
And if wounds were inflicted from the future backlashes
I know you would still bandage our bond
And we will still be by your fireside sharing stories
During a night that I call perfection…

Ryan Rampersaud