Jun 29, 2006


I don't believe this...we're separating, sorry, we're separated...i just can't believe it. I don't wanna go to Berkshire anymore! Or Jersey! I wanna stay where I belong, BX, DA Bronx, one of the only places where its beauty and significance is something hidden and something u must look for...to see for yourself. Lord, we may never see each other again......
What the hell am i talking about?!! Ofcourse we gonna each other again! We have to...i hope...

Ah, crap, i'll miss all of ya, and please everybody stay focused, we're not gonna have each other this time, so, Freshman year is always a female dog (Believe me, the first time i talked to Issaka, i said "Hi" and he kicked me back). We're SLAMFAM 4 EVER!!!
yo slam fam forever
im repping slam fam forever
i wont forget about ya cause we've been together more than our own brothers and sisters
thats wat wayne said in we movin on up
he said damn wat was that line we movin on up to bigger and better times
we finaly got our piece of the sky
man that was waynes favorite line

yo slam fam forever
im reppin the slam fam forever
cause as issaka and mauricio said
every seed has grown and i think
therefore everyone shall know

that slam fam will never die
we reached high
but never got high
we never tried just to get by
we actually finaly got our piece of the sky

but know i finaly got wat mr. craig said
we will now be picked for a nother school
i know for the past three days i've been walking around like every thing was cool

as edwin and ryan made me say
after hearing acid rain/who ever knew
who ever knew that acid rain
will fall
at your

the pain ya felt at graduation is now tearing me apart
omar mentioned the battle that we fought
after we realized that high school was tearing us apart

then miguel made me feel it cause
we will be stuck in the bronx trying to escape
he said but
this is where we live with fifteen year old girls screaming at they kids
and it's true
some of ya will be leaving thebronx where misery lives
while the rest will have to fight off the bullots that will kill them dead

to be continued....................................................

I Wish To Just Create

i wish in this world a man could be judged by what heard of him and not seen of him;
i wish in this world we were defined by our poetic rhymes written in those little lines;
i wish in this world a little girl could walk through the dark late street without worrying about getting beat;
i wish in this world people wouldn't get pressured and depressured to join a gang or a group just to fit in;
then again we could let stereo types draft us into our own posse;
i wish in this world we wouldn't do things pressured on us like the temptation of your curiosity to smoke yourself into a monstrocity;
or drink away our misery only to find it back the next day with a headache;
i wish in this world instead of hooked on t.v and hooked on drugs we would be hooked on life and love and knowledge;
everyday it seems we lose our hopes and dreams because of our bad reality;
i wish in this world we would appreciate the finer things in life rather than hate the worst;
i wish in this world we would give life rather than taking them from kids with brothers and mothers;
but for these wishes to come true we must put down our weapons of mass destruction and carry only our minds of mass creation and create;
create happy for tha sad;
riches for the poor;
friends for the lonly;
and love for the hated;
create lives,create minds,create;
just create a positive out look;
just create,just create,and wish, but most of all do.

a final goodbye

this is hector...even though we use to argue alot im really gonna miss u guys.u guys were really cool and could be counted on.im a miss the football,ultimate frizbee and ofcourse all those poetry setions(i know i spelled it wrong).just thought i should throw that up here 4 u guys to see.this is 4 wayne : i know ur gonna read thiz and i know wat ur gonna say so ill admit it...YES I HAVE EMOTIONS 2!!!

Jun 28, 2006

145 SlamFam

Good talking to some of you on the phone today. Expected to have a some time with you all last week and, as you know, for reasons beyond my control - although I was there as planned, I didn't get to formally say goodbye to all of you. Unfortunately, due to work and personal conflicts, wasn't able to attend your graduation and the Open Mic.

I want you to know that it's been an inspiring, moving and rewarding experience seeing you all grow as young people and as artists over the past five semesters. That includes those who wrote and performed and those who wrote and chose not to perform. You've traveled from poems about life on your blocks, dueling video games and wishes for the miracles the rain can bring... to poems that show how you have blossomed.

There's a book I have - it's a screenplay for a film. The title, "Odds Against Tomorrow", is fitting for where we all are in our lives - especially you, as you make the transition to High School. The book is significant to me because it is signed by three artists who were involved in the project: The composer of the music for the film, the screenwriter and the producer/star - three artists who I respect and admire and who've made a difference in my life.

Here's how they signed the book:

The composer of the music for the film wrote "Best Wishes".

The screenwriter, who knew I was a writer wrote, "Write On!"

The producer/actor, a life long activist for social justice, wrote the most important sentiment: "Peace".

And so I pass on to you what they passed on to me -




Below is a short, though not comprehensive, list - in no particular order - of just some of the poems, poets and writers we shared over the past two and a half years and that inspired some of your poetry.

Abiodun: I Am Earth, I Am Fire, I Am Water, I Am Wind...
Walt Whitman: I Hear America Singing (On My Block…)
Langston Hughes: April Rain Song…
Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
Jesus Papoleto Melendez: Hey Yo…
Piri Tomas: “Every Child is a Poet…”
Sandra Maria Esteves: Dance With Me…
Louis Reyes Rivera: Was You There?
Common: Music
John Rodriguez: Two Word Poem exercise
Tupac Shakur: The Rose That Grew From Concrete, If I Fail
Naz: I Know I Can
Charles Simic: Inside a Stone
Bassey Ikpey: Homecoming, “Sometimes silence is the loudest noise…”
Pablo Neruda: Poetry, Ode to My Socks, Selections from “The Book of Questions”.
Federico Garcia Lorca
William Shakespeare
The Twin Poets: “They say that dreams are Illegal in the ghetto…”
Mos Def
Steve Connel: “Carve out your section…”
Steve Coleman: I Want To Hear A Poem, Blue
Willie Perdomo: Where I’m From
Gina Loring: Somewhere There is a Poem
Sandra Cisneros: Abuelito Who
The Last Poets
Jesus Colon: A Puerto Rican In New York
Martin Espada: Borofels
Dudley Randall: Ballad of Birmingham
Rudyard Kipling: If
Mutu Baruta: Dis Poem
Amiri Baraka: “…the silence had muscles…”
Ray Ramirez: Who I Be?
Welfare Poets: Project Blues (CD)
N Scott Mamaday: The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee (I Am…)
George Ella Lyons: Where I’m From
Jack Agueros: Sonnet For My Heart In The River Below
Taylor Mali: How to Write a Political Poem
Flaco Navaja: Kids Don’t Play
Quincy Troupe: Poem for Magic
Gwendolyn Brooks: The Pool Players -
Seven at the Golden Shovel.
Mari Evans: Where Have You Gone?
Jimmy Durham: Columbus Day
Bob Holman: It’s 1990 and Nelson Mandela is Free
reg e. gaines: Please Don't Take My Air Jordans
Nikki Giovanni: Ego Tripping
Pedro Pietri: Telephone Booth No. 9051/2, Ode to Road Runner, The Puerto Rican Obituary
Joe Brainard: I Remember
Frank Algarin: The First Time…

Go Forth and Google…

One more time -
repeat after me:

I will
articulate and enunciate
every word

Every child is a poet!
Every poet is a child!

...and so this is how this life poem ends...
and a new one begins...



Jun 27, 2006


When I entered this school I was just a small little kid
Didn't care what I said or what I did
But everytime I tried to open up my rage closed me in
But now.....
See 6th grade rolled past me
Still shy and afraid
And 7th grade was just full of rage
But this year wasn't like to the rest
I got to open up to everyone

And I regret not to open up before
Because now I wouldn't get to see you any more
Sure we could always be in contact
But where would there be eye contact?
Damn it!
I hate this shit!
Slamfam is gonna break apart
But don't let your spirit
Because I don't want you to have regrets like me
And I don't you want to be......
An idiot!

I regret my past times I had
Because when I was mad
I could of gotten glad
My bad
I didn't mean that stupid product
Because nothing could seal this pain I brought up
Now I am caught up with the memories of this year
Because the last 3 wasn't like this year
Now I have tears
They're dripping through my soul
Because now our chapter has closed

And I regret the stupid shit that I did to everyone
Because I opened up to them the year was done
I don't think you would understand
On how pissed I am!
And how things could of change with me....
I'm sorry
I regret my regrets
Cause I regret that my regrets was something that no one would forget

This year......
I did something....
I got to talk
And commuicate
But now I got to go out of state
I hope u got no regrets
Because will something u will never forget
Just stay in touch.....
Because I love everyone so much

Don't break each other's hearts
Comfort them
And Good luck



Jun 23, 2006

Graduation and Award Night Pics

I posted the new pics from Awards Night and Graduation for all of you. Some are a bit dark, but that's what happens in poor lighting. Also, since I was busy during most of these shots, I missed some I really wanted, so when you ghet yours developed, or if their digital - even better, please forward the dupes (duplicates...) to me so I have for myself as well as I'm able to post them.

Jun 22, 2006

My name

I am the only guy that will still lives after he dies
At least my soul would be alive
Surviving off the words we speak
Tweak to perfection, a collection of poets who will spit the truth
And vomit their recollection

So I'm leaving my mark here
Right from the start here
Right where I'm departing here
Where I learn fear

Do you know who the f**k I am?
Guess Not
Because I don't need fame to get your attention
Because this poem itself has got your attention
Did I forget to mention my name.......
I am Ryan b*tch
I call myself the North Star
Because everyone needs a little guidance when they stray far
And far along did I need this help
But no one was there
But the SlamFam was
And let me show you how they helped me

I was always afraid I stayed away anyway I was ashamed of fame
Rep to gain but the acid rain of pain had always stained my name
Now my name is framed
Its picture perfect partly because partly this picture wasn't perfect because
It doesn't matter
What ever I do
I can't be picture perfect like you

You see I can't be picture perfect
But damn well I can perfectly picture my skills
An when I reach that unreachable stage
On stage
My pages of words will finally mean something
And I mean mean something

But now who's the profilic guy
The honors guy
The poetry guy
The guy that writes his soul and not care what the f**k the points are
The guy who has been on the sidelines but always came back up when needed
Never pleaded nor did I ever cry for it
But I'll die for it
Not for the attention
Or the tension
Or the fame
All I need to do is mention my name
So everyone could remember
Cause I'm Ryan b*tch!

I rather say it twice
Cause I know you people always forget it
I'm Ryan b*tch!
Now don't mistake me for mike jones
Cause he got no girls man he's alone
He's a phony
But me, see I got the whole crowd locked on me
I don't care what they say about me
See I will become famous
All you have to do is say what the f**k my name is!

Yo, we got madd emotional today(cough)Mr.Craig(cough)
ne way...Ya can expect tears on da last day of school.
Why did I have ta love ya peoplez so much?!?
I'm truly gunna miss ya....
Congratz to da class o 2006!!!!
Luv ya.

Jun 18, 2006

Off Book!!!!

Guess who's already got his part memorized...Yeah, it's me, it's me.

You know I've got to live up to your expectations. You've set your standards pretty high, but I've got my part - who's next?

Oh yeah, got another suprise for you all Monday, find me to find out.
We'll also need to practice a few times this week, obviously before Thursday - All who want in must be committed, this is the one time we'll have the captive audience we've wanted (all your parents, your teachers, and fellow students) Talk about leaving with a bang.

Any suggestions for placements on the stage; I don't think the line-up will work because we're going to need to use a mic, or two - it's a huge theatre and everyone won't be as quiet and attentive as at an open mic (lol) so I was considering a semicircle around two standing Mics, we'd still be seated until our parts, then fully standing by the end...not sure yet...

We also need to get the extrs three minutes from Mrs. Holland; We have to amaze her, so be prepared with your best, most emotionally rapturous and intellectually stunning voices...(I love the thesaurus)

Mr. C

Happy Father's Day Mr. Craig

Now that you’re a father and you have your baby daughter
Now you a apart of her life
Matter of fact
She apart of your life
Cause I never saw a teacher who life is dedciated to teaching
But would never forget his family when they really need him
And watch that you have another seedling
Now that we sprouted
She has just started to grown
You will never give up
At least it had never really shown
But now
I know you living the good life
Even though I haven’t seen anything good in life
But your different
Can’t really explain it
But I could picture it
Through predictaments, torn ligaments I see a light
That shines so bright but you could figure it out
I know you had your doubts
Your times that you pout
But light that give you the hope you wanted
After that baby was born you was different
Now I have vision
An image that one day that girl would awake
Grab a pen and paper and would make a lot of mistakes
But a little inspriation would all that it would take
Fold the paper in half and would make
A little heart and write real big
She would run and jump into a bed
A guy would have woken up and she would have said
“Happy Father’s Day daddy, I love you”
If you want this vision to be true
Be true to your family
Because I know Madison really loves you

Jun 17, 2006

Our love is true/ Saying good-bye

Somehow saying good-bye - doesnt feel right
because i love you
i dont want to go
but i dont have a choice
if tears roll down my eyes
dont let that make you cry
you have to stay strong 4 the sake of our love
i remember when we met,
we didnt expect yo create a world of our own
but we have
and now we have to let it go
but dont worry my sweet love
ill be here 4 you
please dont stop believing that our love is true
i know that your pain is shedding down tears with a sad cry
but dont make it hard on us
i promise to be back..................

Better Photo Service...

Try this out instead peoples...no passwords, no long load times. Still the same funny pix.


Jun 14, 2006


How is that we evolved from writing about the constant game play of video games of our video game systems which I still play, but not constantly
To writing about current issues that are affecting our lives like infecting a product at a factory
I first wrote about my Xbox, but now I just simply exited out of the box
I stopped making plays in my video games and started doing play on words, my adjectives were linebackers, my metaphors were wide receivers, a rhyme was my halfback, my subject was my quarterback, and my linemen were every word in between
From breaking controllers because you still didn't get pass that 7th level,
To breaking pencils in half because you have that first line of that poem but don't know where to go from there, to breaking it again once more because you read that line over and it didn't make any sense anyways
We've reached the unreachable level and now it is our turn to teach
My team is a leech, because from the beginning to the end we absorb...we draw...and we still taking in all of the attention and tension from the crowd
The combustion starts because we're packing heat and the spotlight is on us and we're finally done with the suction so we spit back the tension which is now just now emotion
From writing at such a slow pace to typing with each of my fingers looking like they were trying to win a race
With a writing utensil my pencil and my thoughts were playing freeze tag and seemed that my pencil had plenty of lead but my thoughts were still 2 lines ahead
We are each others radios
And when these radio waves arrive at the shore of other peoples' ears they know they want more, and we're more than a just a group young poets, we're tigers that soar
Sometimes I think the reason why stutter or have trouble speaking so much is because I've always had these rubies and gems, and jewelry in my mouth so when I was saying a poem I was always spitting gold
And the reason why I spit so much is because I get so excited, I become a flame that was just lighted, and I melt my gold so it gets turned into liquid, so, my melted gold gets sprayed on all of ya
I cannot believe our progress, from having pebbles of inspiration, to having diamonds of passion that every jeweler wants, but please tell Jacob they're not for sale
Not because I don't want the money, but because these diamonds are attached to my spine and if you were to remove them I would become motionless and I would rather die than have that experience

(This is the shortened version)(I can't say this right with just 2 minutes!!!)(What else should i cut?)

Jun 13, 2006

Transtions-Revised by Da Joker

See, I used to hate it.
But now I don’t wunna leave Junior High.
I don’t know why.
Do I seriously have great feelings for my friends?
I guess cause it’s the end
Of our friendships, and
Our poetic ambition.
I’m sick and tired of all this talk of transition.
It’s not even over, and I’m already startin’ to miss them.
I guess losin’ ya is my greatest fear.
I feel like ya driftin’ away slowly,
But ya all still standin’ here.
Soon, we’ll be movin’ on from 25-cent juices, to a can of beer.
This might be the last time we see each other, how can we cheer?
Most of ya going out of state, man this ain’t fair.
Ya seriously going places, I kid you not,
Cause while your high schools are far away, mine is up the block.
At least we can look back at our school, and not be ashamed of nothin’,
Cause when it comes to 145x, believe that we’re proud of it.
In our school, the slamfam is legendary,
Cause in our school we’ve left a legacy.
So, when people put us down with their words, with our words we fight it!
Because when it comes to poetry, we all stand united.
We all are standing tall.
United we stand, divided we still don’t fall.
But we’re stronger together,
And we about to split up, and for that I’m pissed off.
I’m not even afraid to admit that I’ma miss ya’ll.

Jun 12, 2006

It is Time…

It is time to honor the honorable
It is time to listen to your listeners
It is time to speak with your speakers
It is time to see the change in life
It is time for that message from above
For, don’t you see life is hard – at least an American life is hard?
From the time you wake up for academics is 180 days,
To the time of your activities sprinkled with your schedule,
To the time you spend with your family – most important,
To the seasoning time you give to impress
For I tell you it’s better to give than to receive
A pinch of sleep to go with that and that’s life
But why?
Because he who is worthy of knowledge is worth of innocence
But not knowledge itself – will of God, will of self, will to see beyond what’s in your sight and some common sense
Respect shall be given to those who give respect
Respect and honor your sacred family
Respect adults as you would want respect when you grow old
For is all those messages that help mankind stay alive.
If you find yourself in a dangerous position, rigorous competition, brutal predictions
Think deep sweet thoughts, give a little prayer and look to the heavens
Only one who guides us has guided himself
Those leaders were once followers and those followers will in turn be leaders
And you ask, “How do I survive?”
And I tell you Learning is the key to success
In contrast imagination is more important than Education
You must learn step by step and after you have learned so much be prepared for challenges
In order to be a winner you must learn how to fail – for not all is perfect
You must learn Resilience – not everything goes your way and you need to know how to get back up
And I now tell you:
Remember first is last and last is first – so do your best, have fun, faith, that’s all
Life is eternally full of joy and mysterious concepts
It is time for that message from above
It is time to see the change in life (transition on to high school)
It is time to speak with your speakers
It is time to listen to your listeners
It is time to honor the honorable
And so my peace I give you
Good luck in your future’s endeavors

Jun 11, 2006

Yeah its a fad

Yo I guess its a fad...
heres my site it'll be updated every 2 or 3 days on whats hot,on my mind,about us and whats going on...
its hot please check it out and particiate in the blogs and polls.....PLEASE!!!!

Standing Tall!

Were movin’ on up…
Damn what was that line...?
Were moving’ on up… to…Bigger Times
We finally got our peace of…
Of The Sky!

Cause just like the sun it’s our time to shine
Our Life lies on the fine lined print
& that fine lined print defies the law of our mentality, for a few seconds life is no more a reality,
Our fatality lies…on that fine lined print,
And that fined lined print defines if…
His, her, my, your mind locked behind the bars of freedom
His, her, my, your mind stifled behind the chloroform of life
His, her, my, your mind trapped within the vortex of time
His, her, my, your mind is all on the line…of that print

You see, we don’t need a card to tell us what’s what
Cause its you that knows if you’re gonna stand with us or continue tying your shoes,
You’re your fine lined print…

You see, I always write about what’s right in my writing
Except for today…
I can’t tell you what I was planning writing cause then it wouldn’t have fit on my page,
It wouldn’t have kept up with my brain that’s contained within concrete walls,
And these concrete walls are slightly cracked,
So when this compact brain gets way to packed,
Poetry seeps thru and is then recited to you,
You, my many listeners, listen to my last Jr. high 1 minute and something seconds poem,
We came in hatin’ it and were leaving….. not hatin’ it as much
But it was such an experience finally completing Jr. high now its time to cut the junior
And finally get HIGH!...
High School, cause you know without an education that would make us fools

After this I’ll get to know my pillow and blanket a little better
And remember how I hid my blue school’s pride under a hoody sweater
But yet uhh… I was still proud…
Proud of how we won every round of mock trials, poetry slams, anything else you can think of.
Cause once us tigers put our heads together no one else can beat us…
We spend so much time together its like were brothers and sisters…
Yo we spent more time with each other than our own brothers and sisters.

This is certainly what we all needed…heh…I hate to say it but let’s make like M.J. and just beat it!

We watched as we set it up,
We would cry if it were to fall,
Here we all stand hand in hand,
Standing tall,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,

We watched as we set it up,
We would cry if it were to fall,
Here we all stand hand in hand,
Standing tall,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way,
We fought off every single obstacle that’s in our way…

Jun 10, 2006

Transition reloaded

I like prompts that lead us no where
cause i know with out them i gonna end up going somewhere

we, us
with this poetry thing we gonna end yp being famous

ya keep on performing and doing ya thing
and i'ma keep on writting and making it intriguing
cause now
i aint never scared to get up on a stage
and say how i feel
cause i realize that this poetry thing is the real deal

As we walked into a building called 145 we thought of ways that education could have made us die
entered a building without metal bars
and we knew without it being a jail
it was still built for protection
we could see the class room structure and how it was
built to perfection

these teachers
these educational preachers
have built and rounded our imagination
they have set our minds on one thing which is
we walked into this school not knowing what was going to happen
our minds were set for

death stabbing blood flowing
human cremation

but what we really found was education

learning to be a poet
a slam poet was never an inconveinence

it has given us a lot of sense

we wont be leaving a bunch of people
but we will be leaving our family
this emotional stress has motion my bones and send shock to my toes and went up my veins and

9 th gradewill be fun but it wot be the same
it wont be the same
it can'tbe the same cuase as we walk down the halls people won't know our name and
we will work for popularity but thats not our thing and
we have been toghether through thick and thin....
we have known each other for quiet sometime
and now during graduation

Jun 8, 2006

Yo Ryan Really inspiried me to create my own site
so check it out
Yo! Mock Trial; Poetry,
Graduating; Nothing can stop us
this is our year to shine guys
lets leave with a bang

Jun 7, 2006

Who ever knew and Acid Rain (remake) combined

Check out Who ever knew about the acid Rain?
On my site
§lÄmƒÄm 4 L!ƒe

Jun 6, 2006

Transitions - Mr. C

Someday, a child will be born who will not have to suffer poverty,
Hunger or disease,
Will not have to beg, on bended knee,
Or have any need to plead.

Someday, a child will be born who will never know bruised skin
Swollen lips
Swollen eyes
Damaged goods at the hands of her husband
Father, uncle, brother.

Someday, a child will be born who will succeed in the face of adversity,
Graduate from an accredited university,
And will never succumb to pseudo-democracy
She will be that leader,
He will be that leader,
She and he will lead together,
With respect,
With sharing,
With passion and pride for what one does,
For what one says
And for how one will be seen.

Someday, a child will be born who will write the last poem
Sing the last song,
Film the last movie,
Speak the last words ever seen read or heard,
And everyone will know they are witnessing,
That they have witnessed the supreme spectacle
The most definitive declaration,
The time stopping,
Eye popping,
Crowd rocking,
Super-sayan, uppercut, death blow to all those who’ve tried before.

Someday, a child will be born who won’t be harassed by witless comments,
Won’t respond to halfwit comments
Won’t waste time or energy on anyone’s comments,
She and he will be confident
Because his and her mother and father
Will have raised them not to ignore the comments of the ignorant,
But to enjoy them,
Because the fact that they’re being said must mean that she or he is the center of attention,
The middle of perfection;
The keynote speaker at a huge convention;
The creamy center filling of a flaky confection;
They’ll know that people only hate what they cannot have,
Cannot be,
Cannot contain or irritate, and it
Angers and confuses them.

Someday, a child will be born who won’t have to worry about living on a block
Where cops get shot,
Where, rocks get copped,
Where, glocks get cocked,
Where, Pop drinks gwap,
Or at night, while trying to sleep after four hours of homework and putting two younger sisters to bed,
Shot’s go POP…POP…POP,
Past her window…But

That day is today

And so,
For all those students who’ve quietly marched through the past 740 days
Never had convictions fazed,
Never had intentions swayed by some fashion craze,
Never cared about what colors, what street, or what flag was praised,
About who rocked what fitted, or some Bathing Apes,
Cared more about their grades and keeping their families amazed,
Didn’t have to worry about a time waste on MySpace,
Or where they’d go next, after schools blocked Sconex,
Cared more about the friends they could see,
Than who was on their tag-team.

That day is today!
Because for the last three years I’ve looked forward to the next, but
This year just ain’t quite like the rest,
Watching my seeds sprout, bloom, and be picked for another school’s bouquet.
I know I should feel okay, or even a little happy, but
Not today.
Not today.

From little boys to young men
You’ve grown.
From small girls to young women
You’ve grown.
Seedlings planted in fertile soil, you’ve grown,
Courageous caterpillar to vibrant butterfly, you’ve grown.
And that day is today!
Your wings will unfold,
The wind will take hold,
And you will soar

Because for the last three years I’ve looked forward to the next, but
This year just ain’t quite like the rest,
Watching my seeds sprout, bloom, and be picked for another school’s bouquet.
I know I should feel okay or even a little happy because that day is today.
That day is today!

Jun 4, 2006


I waz bored and created a site http://www.freewebs.com/slamfam/
4 no reason at all
I waz just bored

Jun 3, 2006

A Day in The Life of A Puerto Rican

See, I’m just this young, Puerto Rican boy
Speaking about this life.
I speak about his’, her’s, your’s, our’s
And this one ain’t so nice.
And I know that Jesus Christ
Ain’t sacrifice his life for nothing.
So, all we need to do is make our’s better.
Don’t worry, it ain’t that hard.
Praying is like writing a letter.
And those messengers are focused.
No matter the weather,
They will still go.
It could be some rain, some sleet, or some snow.

So, remember, no matter what’s your reasons,
You may always turn to God and Jesus.
But, not everyone looks up to God or Jesus.
And it seems no matter what, they never have a reason.
Like those thoughts popped up in their mind as soon as their life had begun.
They blame him for every bad thing in their life, but they don’t believe when
We try to tell them
That life is bumpy,
And the more you itch, the more it just keeps swellin’.

See, I have experience with that.
A lot of bad things happened in my past.
Even though those events went by so fast,
It seems like an eternity,
Forever it will last
In my soul.
Normal again,
Oh no, that will never be.
I’m permanently scared.
I compare life to a rock, cause it’s nothin’ but hard.

I took advantage of my friends’ lives, but I had to remorse three.
I gotta do that cause those same three friends died before me.
But I need to remember that no life is guaranteed.
But all these signs around me were meant to mislead.
Trick me into thinking that it was all of my fault.
But all these signs around me were meant to exalt.
Intensify the truth.
That’s all they do.
They’re infecting the minds of all of our youth.
Somewhere down the line of our youth,
It comes to me.
Somewhere down the block,
There’s a boy getting’ shot,
And a shot of heroine is injected in an arm down the block.
They’re overdosin’ themselves, because that’s all that they got.
They got no family that loves ‘em, cause they’re busy smokin’ blocks,
And blocks of marijuana’s somewhere, so they’re busy breakin’ locks,
And locked up brains secluded, intruders like the boilin’ pot.
Plottin’ their way for invasion, crept through to you, that’s why that boy is getting’ shot.
You see, it’s hard in this world.
People can’t figure out who they are, or what they’re worth.
It’s hard because not even God owns this Earth.
This world plays tricks with your mind.
It gives you infinit stabs from behind.
It got teacher sayin’ ”Quit you illiterate, stop tryin’!!!”
So now we got little kids throats slit then dyin’…
No matter what I do,
This is where I live,
Where 15-year-old girls are screamin’ at their kids.
Where hustlas keep rollin’ dice and makin’ bigga bids.
Where criminals keep stackin’ up their homicidal list.
When the hell will we stop all of this?

See, everyone needs to snap out of this stereotypical state of mind.
But the only way to get to ya is if I spit it out in a rhyme.
So, there ya go.
Are ya satisfied?
Ya need to stop,
Cause ya got us feelin’ like we’re crammed in a shell.
Cause every time ya think “Mexican” ya think of Taco Bell.
Cause every time ya think “Dominican” ya think of platanos.
Cause every time ya think”Puerto Rican” ya think of Coquis or Goya beans.
Don’t hate cause ya can’t have any Coquis.
Cause ya know that they can’t survive out of Puerto Rico.
Don’t hate cause ya don’t got Goya.
Stop frontin’, cause ya know that ya eat it and it is “muy rico”
Yea, I’ll crack a little joke on a Dominican or Mexican,
But in their mind, they know I don’t have nothin’ against Dominicans or Mexicans.
So here we go, to Puerto Rico,
Yes I’m reppin’ it.
But I also got that Bronx blood in me,
And no matter what happened in the past,
in the long run it did better me.
So yes, I grew up with a rough past.
Had my “friends” force into my hands a gun.
While, their child grew up in a great school, with role model parents.
Yet I bet I still know more than their son.
Yes, I speak different with the accent that we all have in the Bronx.
People have criticized me for it,
Not by usin’ sticks or stones,
but it was more like big rocks that broke my bones.
But no matter what, my attitude will always stay positive.
This will not ruin my future plans,
Because in time my bones will heal.
And I’ve got nothin’ but time on my hands.
When I’m done with this, give it a big “Wepa!!!”
Si Puerto Rico es mi tierra.
I could be walkin’ down my block chantin’“Yo soy Boriqua, pa que tu lo sepa!!!”