Jan 25, 2010

dreams could only take us so far

As i fall asleep to the melody of your voice and the poem or your heart the sound of your lips awaken me although this is all a dream I'm forced to believe its not as the wind whispers we are meant to be and our hearts scriptures in our body's we are in love and our destiny's fight in the endless battle to be together out reality opens our eyes and shows us were not it opens our minds but tells us should but how can so much differences make so much in common ?this love story or romeo and Juliet how they died and fought for each other em i suppose to be your Juliet an you my romeo if so i wonder how this story will end up ending as our last tears and our last drop of blood Finally col lade together our destinies finally surrender to reality and our mind stopped corresponding to our dreams that's wen we realized that dreams could only take us so far.