Mar 26, 2007

Lilo's in the house right now!!!

I'm back like cooked crack,
and that's some good crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes my password finally worked!

Mar 10, 2007

Collecting for Fire Victims & Family

Good Morning, afternoon and evening to everyone who visits and reads this blog. Normally, we reserve this blog to the brain droppings of several student in the form of their written word, but today I needed to reach many people and spread the word about a devastating situation that has befallen some of our school family members.

By now, most of you have probably heard of the horrible fire that claimed the lives of many in the Bronx this past week. One of the victims, who is still in critical condition, was a student in Mr. Julien's class last year. Not only is he hanging on to his own life, but he has lost many family members due to the fire. We at the school are collecting food, clothing and hygiene products for him and his family. Non-perishable items please, and clothing of all sorts are graciously accepted. Their family has lost lives and their home, and will quite literally be starting over from scratch; so any and all help is immensely appreciated. Donations can be made to our school at 1000 Teller Ave, Bronx NY 10701, attention Ms. Abel or Ms. Hill. If you have anything you can spare, anything you've outgrown, or simply would like to give from your heart, please do. My personal contact info is onemorepoint@gmail (dot) com, if you can't get to the school but would still like to help.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mr. Craig

Mar 6, 2007

A Message to my Poets

I can finally see that this poetry is far beyond just a thing
Through listening and watching over a 10 inch screen I am amazed
From 6 weeks of labor to simple free time
To beautiful lines or simple freestyles
To the little rhymes that makes me smile
Even though I would never remember the line that came before it
I would always get your craziest of rhymes stuck in my head from
"But everything has it own Jekel n Hyde but y does Hyde hide and Jekel remain free?
When we all know there are 3 in a trinity? Add a bit of me"
"My pen shoots through you"
our winnings draw our fame
We can only show them what SlamFam means
So I'm taking a step further and I am going to release....
An Album....which is why I haven't posted in 3 months....
But once its done, you'll realize why my e-mail is Hustle4moredough
I'll show it 2 u on April first
Prepare yourself becuase once its done
You'll hear every1 talk bout "SlamFam Presents: Mr. Prolific Poet vol.1"

Mar 4, 2007


Somewhere in Queens,
There’s a toddler sittin’ in between two teens
In the back seat of a rented Lamborghini,
While his mom’s blastin’ music from “The Emancipation of Mimi”
But the tot’s not in a baby seat cause his moms thinks he’s not so teeny, he don’t need it.
But she’s doin’ 80 down a one-way street like she on a freeway.
And on the end of that street’s a student talkin’ to his peers.
With blasted music so loud, there’s nothin’ she could hear.
But she sees the kid, quickly kicks the brakes and…
Damn, that baby only lived for three years.


Somewhere in Staten Island,
There’s this stay-at-home-wife sighin’,
Signin’ a restrainin’ order cause her husband’s on some domestic violence type shit.
Shit, just a piece of paper?
Should be jail time since
He’s gonna end up knockin’ on her door sooner or later.
“See ya later alligator!” is what she’s thinkin’ now,
But “In a while crocodile!” is the thing that makes him smile.
“Smile now, cry later!” so she holds herself to a smirk on the side of her cheek.
Should be thinkin’ about the reality,
But instead she sighs a sigh of relief.


Somewhere Downtown,
There’s this girl cryin’ on the ground,
Cause the ground’s the only thing that can catch her when she’s feelin’ down.
Down, under that phony smile that’s sloppily placed on her face,
Lyes the lies that are fed by her very own disgrace.
Amazing Grace doesn’t seem so graceful,
When you’re facing a rough road ahead,
And there’s no one to relate to.
Too many hits to the head by her so called “Boyfriend”,
Is why she lays on that cold concrete ground, dead.


Somewhere in Brooklyn,
There’s this crippled man shook cause,
He don’t know what to do when there’s these little kids shootin’.
Shootin’ hoops ain’t the only thing he wishes he could do.
He’s doin’ nothin’, but buggin’ cause his cousin stole his shoes.
Choosin’ flags over family?
He gotta be mentally challenged, B.
He obviously doesn’t understand the damage he
Had to be
Goin’ through that day.
Now day after day,
He’s testin’, searchin’ for the right knife to take his life away.


Somewhere in The Bronx,
There’s this boy gettin’ shot,
And shots of heroine’s injected in an arm down the block.
They’re overdosin’ themselves because that’s all that they got.
They got no family that loves them because they busy smoking blunts.
There’s bricks of marijuana somewhere, so they busy breakin’ locks.
Locked up brains secluded, intruders like the meltin’ pot.
Plottin’ their way for invasion.
It crept through to you,
That’s why that boy is getting’ shot.


Somewhere in this house,
There’s this poet spittin’ knowledge out his mouth,
Cause his mouth comes second to his pen which let’s his knowledge out.
Out there are the lies that try to infect ya mind.
In here are the words that try to make them unjustified.
Do ya mind?
You shouldn’t, cause believe when I say this won’t waste ya time.
And time is somethin’ that you can never get back,
And that’s a fact.
You could believe that,
But don’t believe that “Wrong place at the wrong time” stuff, that’s bullshit!
You’re where you’re supposed to be right now,And that’s somewhere important!


Stuck in sweet conversation
He was the ugliest of them all
but his words were sexy
Verbally attracted to him
he had more than love to offer
Such a beautiful intellectual
His chipped tooth
meant nothing
Mad as hell
cuz I almost look past this beautiful minded guy
But happy as heaven cuz he said hello
even after I gave him that
I’m just to pretty for your cooked kicks
I mean I’m to shallow to be with u
Sorry but u cant afford this chick
But his mind
was fine
And believe me he let me know that his time was valuable
sat me across from him on a park bench while he violated my mind in every way possible
But I wont press any charges because American bars cant hold his voice back
He pried memories from my head
I gave him brain on our first
not quiet
first date
Screaming for help
I lost my voice doing that
what was I thinking?
this is new York city where no one has time
to save a damsel in distress any more
But hey
At least he didn’t murder me
but he sure as hell left a mental scar on my life.
He lowered me standards
my bad
deleted them
So now theirs is no man that’s not good enough for me
just a man that’s not eloquent enough for me.
I took three steps back when he to one step forward because his mind was to hot for me to Handel
I was stuck in a tight position because my vocabulary did not contain enough word to continue that conversation
But I loved that he intimidated because it has been so long since the last time
some one had the audacity
to put in my place
And I am so happy that I was given the chance to be a victim to his words
I mean
I guess
I was asking for it
just by wearing those high priced shoes
U know the shoes that say
I’m to stuck up to spear change for the needy
He just knew I needed a reality check
And as he checked me
I found myself checking out. his display
I felt like I was in an art gallery and I’m not talking about any normal art gallery I’m talking about that I don’t even know why u conceder that art
type gallery.
The words witch fell from his lips crepe up my spine
releasing my soul on this I don’t care how much your salary is
give me words and we can have kids
I mean this guy had me so messed up
that I would trade my hand held
just to hold hands with him.
It was love at first sentence
mind blowing
at first sentence
But I wasn’t quiet sure if I fell in love with him or his words.
But hey
if he said the right thing he could have
my heals over
my head
in a matter of seconds
So stuck on every faze
he slowly gave my hands a sudden crave
to touch his culturally diverse skin.
And after he took my 7 digits he
swiftly told me he would be calling from the nearest pay phone .
And when I left to meet the very same people that made me shallow
they could see that my skin had this
I just
Won the lotto
type glow
and I let them know
that as I lost myself in this angels chocolate blessed eyes
he mind raped me.

Mar 1, 2007

I just haven’t taking my last breath.

its not the best that I’ve written but it's true, and its the last thing that I will write at the age of 13. lol tell me what you think.
oh and before I forget Mr. Craig I let my tongue lose a little , just forgive me. okay?

Time has not allowed me to live
But in the time I have left I will take every breath I can because I have never known any feeling so satisfying
Family never came first because in their eyes I was always a secondary priority
But my friends
and I mean the people
who aren’t afraid to tell me when my hairs a hot mess
those real friend who don’t care how bad their words might hurt because they know I need to know
I’m talking about the people who allowed me to know the truth.
My friends .
always put me second
But that never bothered me because I understood family came
So happy that they had their life where mine couldn’t be because although mommy said I was greedy there’s nothing I wouldn’t want my friend to have
But as soon as I saw past the fog of reality the prize was already on its way to that place where dreams that weren’t quiet dreamt went when they left my head
But its okay because if I was really meant to keep this happiness then it will come back to me.
According to “ the secrete”
If I visualize it , its as good as mine.
So after my 9 to 5
Ill go see Kevin revise his Oscar for best roll in a comedy
And ill be bobbing my head to Rainey’s latest CD while Mr. rampersaud will be mixed in the same damn play list. Rooting for rikay at his base ball game, and Denisse will have a seat saved for me when her feet blesses Broadway’s stage
Taylor will live next door to may Angelo
While viola busting Miguel out of jail for having M.T.V burnt to the ground guess they couldn’t Handel the fire.
And you know what I just might have kids so they can attend the new board of ed that Mr. Craig him self created single handedly but not alone in hope.
Damn its funny how I just painted a beautiful master piece with no canvas
but people don’t pay for what they cant see at least that’s what mommy told me.
But wait
I’ve placed her aside with perfection
and you know what I think I might just end up where my heart wants me to be ,
my bad
my ass isn’t included in this one.
Yeah there aren’t anymore cracks in my dreams
Because my goal is sealed in the best Tupperware sold on shelves
So no matter how many times it falls out of my site none of what I’ve worked so hard for will have been wasted on the people who wanted to keep me ignorant.
Let me just say god gave me these eyes not to be blinded by your bull shit of what will be my life.
But to see what my life could be.
So yes I don’t have much time left to attend the same class as my extended family
But phones were always my best accessory and I have not Inhaled my last breath of this thing that I found in the south Bronx on school grounds
I just haven’t taking my last breath.