Dec 21, 2005

All Hope is Lost

As I walk through this soft land like walking through a wet swamp, Mosh, my standstill will urges me to go on but I can’t
Must be the punishment for my sins
I’m cursed to alone
Lone soldier in this pointless war
My body full of scars
But I rather die than lose my pride
Die than turn to the other side
Die than be confined by the treacherous opponent
The sole component for fighting on is …
Wait I think I forgot
My thoughts rot in a place where no man dwells
I don’t know why I fight, with all my might, my instincts tell me it’s just right but some times I wonder is my instincts right
The last night, my last fright, last shiver down my spine
Because my ever burning, everlasting, forever burning, torch containing the embers of my wills and dreams have been blown out by a gust of wind
I fight on, but it’s pointless because all hope is lost
Well at least I lost all my hope
Don’t know how I cope with it
I just do, must be my gift

The sun’s ever closer
The world still sits on my shoulders
But now i'm just going to let it drop
Wounded in the soul
My scarred soul
No cure that can possibly show
Treacheries and miseries
I’m forced to endure
I’m sure there’s no cure

Power of my power
Scurry and scour to the depths of the earth
No man’s land
I walk through it
That’s why I’m cursed
Cursed to not know the truth
Cursed not to open my eyes and realize
I’m secluded, deluded
By this white fog my puny mind will not allow me to comprehend
I’m nauseos
I need to throw up
Not that nasty stuff
But all my emotions exploding with the power of a ocean
In my inside

No longer am I cursed
No longer shall I walk the depths of the earth
Searching for answers when I finally realize
There were no questions
Now I wake up
I woke up from my eternal slumber
Like sleeping beauty without the kiss
No longer am I blind and my first sight is a white light
And no I’m not dying
This white light overpowers, showers me with bravery as if I was a coward
With compassion as if I had no heart
And with most importantly the truth

There were no shivers down my spine there was just my spine
It wasn’t my last fight or fright
And I didn’t lose all my hope or maybe I did
You know what no I didn’t because
Here I stand
Alive and whole, not scarred in my soul
Still continuing life’s journey wherever it may lead
Because I’m willing to walk to the corner of the Earth
Searching for my destiny
Because I’m destined to be something
And never, never will my hope be lost
Because on this journey
I learned one thing
That my hope follows me wherever I go as if it was my shadow

Dec 19, 2005


I love girls
I love ladies
I love women
They're like candies
Know what, this ain't a Candyshop
It's more like a ice cream truck
But it seems that the prices just went up
Cuz no female is just a dollar's worth
Been 1 'mil since the day of birth
When these chicks rule the universe just remember that i was the first,the first to say that they was hot, smart, sexy and whatnot
I loved it when they argued, loved it when they fought
Loved the way they blushed when they finally got caught
No matter how much they cost they were still something i' would've bought
As long as the passion lasts, girls are something my heart would always sought
That was just a jingle, but i know that it sent the ladies tingles
Let me remind you that Mauricio is single
I mean seriously, ya know i had to write something for the females
They're so, so, so precious
Whether they're playing with friends or searching for vengeance
I don't care if they're small, big, or, or got their boobs enhanced
They could be nerds in technology or cuties doing dance
A girl is like a portrait that even if the portrait consists of only a tiny white dot someone will still pay at least 1 million dollars for it to be hanged on the mirror so they can see it everyday
Please, i'll pay a billion if i had the moneyI'll give her dixie sticks to lick, then some sweet bumblebee honey
I know what's going inside every boy's head right now, Fantasies!
Fantasies about 10 girls with them on the same bed
Two girls, one matress, need i say moreSome lonely men will probably get a whore
For all you married dudes, ya probably want go home to your wives and wish that for this one night your kids were out your lives because you got something planned, damn!
Just hire a babysitter man!Are you that horny!?Are you that lazy?
If you ain't, i am
(I can't believe i'm going to post this on slamfam)
You know what, let me just stop saying all this stupidity, and let me start saying some explicit literacy
Girls are hot, how many flavors, i believe there's a lot
Vanilla, chocolate, caremel, and the list just goes on
I wish i could place all of them in one big bowl
But to not to eat them, but to admire the swirling beauty that i will one day eat
I'll turn up the volume of the sexual music and take tablespoons in according to the beat
I love females so much i'll even sneak in to the girls cabin, and then once they hear the creak, the'll know i'm there to take them to the camp's creak so as they're skinny dipping i can stare in satisfaction at their delicate, gleaming skin, God their tissue is so sleek
The day i'm blind a women's body will be bleak, i can't even think about it, it would be like a horror flick
But you know what, i've decided that not even blindness will stop me from functioning with what makes me tick
Just tell me there's a 16-year old chick with a nice couple of moon-like buttcheeks and a 6-inch in diameter tit
That would definitely make me emerge from the darkness,hell, it'll probably make a 1000 other weasels pop out from that same box
Girls have been a plague, are a plague. and like smallpox it has spread, but unlike smallpox it will stay as a plague
This desease will be within me till the day i become deceased
God, this plague can't be cured, can't be endured, scientists can't find the solution cuz they're infected too with this inevitable infection , which means you've been injected with a special admiration for the femine population, and who's complaining? Not me!
I appreciate the feminine touch these ladies have laid upon this distinguished nation which we call our vast universe
Without this certain touch our universe wouldn't be as incredible, as credible, as diverse
The feminine population makes me burst, with their mini-skirts, mini-shirts, tight shorts, thongs of all sorts, with their cute dangling purses, curses, Mothernature's forces has full control of men, always making us change courses
My next course, next path is to the admiration of Mothernature herself, Queen of all queens, never before seen, most wanted of all the kings
I bet she has the most sexiest,curvy,desirable,gorgeous body, the most intellectual,dynamic, passionate mind
So far i know that the rhymes in this poem might be forced, but who's complaining?
They could be worse, so many rhymes, lines making me hoarse
But i'm alright because i'm doing it for these people we see everyday but we don't really appreciate because they've been so successful these past years causing us to hate
We, men, boys, have been afraid cuz we don't have the 1st player controller anymore, they have it and we've realized it now that's its their turn now
And YES, you know i'm talking about your mother, your wife, your daughter, your headmistress, your baby, the best, your friend, your sister, your partner
So, go ahead and congratulate her

Dec 14, 2005

I Want to Thank

I want to thank you because you're glorious
For being there when i needed it most.
The colors of my thoughts and my worries that appear in front of me.
You open up the book of illustrations that were once caught in my eyes.

You always awited me in the afternoon to take away that of which
i went home to mourn like a monsoon.
And that touch of seewtness you add to the light wind passing by.

I felt so relaxed and hugged by the blanket of my favorite colors
that lasted at least one to two hours for which i used to sigh.
The warmth that i would lose and go back to my room,but i used to
wait until afternoon to say"i want to thank you".


Because of You

I don't know when you knocked on my window
When i was caught up in a dream the background of blackish indigo.
You didn't ask, but now that i see, you didn't have to.
With your infinite words
you unlocked my heart and allowed it to escape when you detached the cords.

Because of you my emotions fly freely
As if my words were ever-lasting ink that never before had shown completly.
You came to me wen i was depressed
and you cured my routine of being in distress.

Because of you i know my mistakes
and you made me realize what it takes
You gave me comfort and relief because you wanted to.
Not because of me or anyone else,but because of you and only you.
I was in search of what i wanted to be
And thought i would no furthermore be insight of the true me.

With your deed
you grew a seed.
A seed that that no longer hid the key
that destined me to see my reality.
Sadly you wouln't believe how it hurt so badly.
So for the lesson you taught me i would always say thank you
Because i can lie to myself but not the pen in my hand.
So i know that to you i can stay true

Because of you



What if the first tears I shed didn't have a purpose?
Was it worth it?
A challenge spent with a mother,father and two brothers living at the corner of my troubles.
Is this life?
Do I still have more to go?
The years of a sleeping mind finally woke up at the age of seven.
The day I saw the truth of a mother and father and the decorations of red and a Friday the thirteenth mirror.
Was it a dream or reality?
Is this life?

The streets I walk daily to a place filled with differences.
The streets I walk back to my prison where I face the bellows of a mother and a son that grew up too much.
He's not the same and he reminds me of my father.
Is this life?
Did this lead to the fight between father and sonnear College Ave?
A father has to look up at his sons.
Is this funny or shameful?
Is this life?

I guess he's too short to confront his responsibilities now that he's got back his
freedom from a jealous woman that has six kids, I think some from different "men".
If life is limited, how did all this happen to make me feel I'm living an eternity?
My mother has butterflies because she can finally have hopes of going back to
visit the country where a jealous man that sent someone to kill the captin of a
ship where she sailed side by side with her father and his ship.
Is this life?
Is life that board game that you get as a birthday present?
You can't play life over and over again.
You can cheat in life but when you cheat in this life, there's only so little that you can mend.

Is this life?

Is this life?

Is this


By Dalisbeth

Dec 8, 2005

I Am Poetry

I Am Poetry.

The round and the fat letters, the ones tall and proud.
The vowels, without whom my words, wise, wily, willful
Woeful, witty and whimsical,
Wouldn’t exist.

My words placed together, equidistance apart, each a part
Of a larger phrase, larger stanza, larger sentence.
Each a slim slice of a grand pie.

You see,
I Am Poetry.

The young poems, pimple faced and confused,
Underdeveloped females graduating high school.
Jeans so tight they may cause disease, but so eager to please she wears them anyway.
Immature males entering the ninth grade, angry because they’re angry and angry because of that too, who’s parents expect them to think only of high school.

The ugly poems, told by portly people; ashamed and spit upon by the beautiful.
Twenty five pounds to go and another failed diet attempt flies in the face of this
Bally’s and Crunch and NYSC infested contempt for unshapely figures.

The ugly poems, big mouths with small minds,
The powerfully stupid.
Thinly veiled illiterate idiots in charge of my, your, and our future.

I Am Poetry.

The beautiful, simple poems,
You know, the birds and the bees, and the green leaves in the trees,
Simply swaying in the cool spring breeze, appeased and quite pleased.
I am Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs broken on Shel Silverstein’s Sidewalk, because

I Am Poetry.

I’m the ultra-concentrated strength of haiku, a simple droplet of which, like soap can fill my sink with bubbles.
I am iambic pentameter, a sonnet, and villanelle, and politically imprisoned nouns and verbs and taboo vocabulary.
I am the fun students have saying assonance, diction, and epistolary.

I Am Poetry.

The fluidity and the rhythm of thoughts rushing river fast and the cacophonic crashes of word waves in collision. 50 Cent performing Jazz, Eminem dancing a jig.
I am conflict and conceit, cooperation and collusion.
I am playing poker. Nikki Giovanni and Nikki Grimes both hold a pair of aces, Sonia Sanchez and June Jordan stare angrily side by side, while Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou quietly survey the situation.
I am Morpheus telling Neo he only offers the truth, and I am Neo popping the red pill.

I Am Poetry,

And I’ll flip these words to suit me.

I Am Poetry
I Am Poetry
I Am Poetry

Am Poetry
Am Poetry


Words, vowels, ugly, beauty, Haiku, Shel, 50, sonnet, iambic, assonance, diction, epistolary.

I Am Poetry.

Dec 7, 2005

Another Game

This poem is inspired by Eminem’s Stan, keep up with the situation. Make sure read the time and all

Dear Ryan,

Hey man, how are lately? I saw in football and got them out of safety. You were pretty good I must admit. I saw how angry you were and how you threw a fit. I have those too I can understand. I’ve been watching you I can relate like no one else can. We have a lot in common more than you think. Every little argument pushes me to the brink. Hey maybe we can become pen pals like others, oh man I got to got it’s my mother. Hey man write back soon because I am about to move, peace.
Your Friend,
4 days later

Dear Andrew,

Hey man what happen? I see you got to move same with my friend he got the government after him. But why you have to move? Now I got one less person I can’t talk to. Well on another note how you been? My life is crazy and I can’t fit in. You know we are one and the same, except different houses, parent and different names. Man I hope you best of luck, oh man I got to go, my sister got a cut. See you later I hope.
Your Friend

1 week later

Dear Ryan,

It took a while to write back. Well at least you did but now I got to pack. This maybe the last letter I will write because my mom is tired waiting for yours all night.
Its okay, maybe I’ll visit another day. I hope your family okay. Mine isn’t it is hell but don’t tell. No one knows it is secert between me and you. But please write me back soon.
Your Friend

Next day
Dear Ryan,

Forget what I said. I’m staying, my dad decided to pay the bill instead. See there was a fight but the government won but it took all night. But it’s all right. But wait it gets even better, we can now write letters from now and forever on. This is probably the happiest I’ve ever been. Ever since I heard the news I’ve been happy ever since. Isn’t it great, oh man its 11:00’o clock man it’s late. Write back.
Your Friend

2 weeks later

Dear Ryan,

I was hoping if we could meet. But guess not because you didn’t answer for 2 straight weeks. This is a warning, maybe the mailman forgot. But next time this game has to stop. Your probably busy I know how you feel, I got time to write cause I missed my favorite meal. See that’s how much I care. If you can’t write back just meet me over here, if you can’t get to my house call me man it’s only fair.

2 days later

Dear Andrew,

I didn’t get your last one, okay. Don’t get mad because I did what you had say. Maybe we can play football; I’ll give you my number so you can call and have a game because without you man it isn’t the same. I’m happy you could stay I really am. Oh crap I got to it’s my dad.
Your Friend

(This letter got lost in the mail)

1 week later

Dear Ryan,

Oh I see how you be. Haven’t written me back now oh I see. How cruel are you? You didn’t write me back or come to my house too. You should be ashamed. So stop toying with me like it was another game. Well you don’t have to write, because I running from home at 11 tonight. I can’t take it anymore! My family hates me to the bitter core and on top of that you hate me too! So forget your family and forget you too!!

P.S. So confess, are you a true friend?

11:59 p.m.

Dear Ryan,

I am on the run away from my home. But not coming back well not alone. I sorry for what I said. I snap sometimes, I forgot to take my med. I get angry for nothing, and then I act silly. I usually snap when someone disses me. But it is okay I hope. I just want to say that will you run away wit....

Andrew was slain at 12’o clock on 169 street.

Dec 3, 2005


They started just like a child in the ways of poetry
Except me
Without a cause
Without a meaning
I wanted to do it but I couldn't, wouldn't, refuse to do it
Thinking, keeping everything I ever knew and held it inside
Put it in the back of my mind and try to hide it but
Everyday I came up with more exciting dirt
Thinking my dirt would hurt everyone I ever said
But instead
I jotted it down
Hid it where it couldn't be found
But now
I released it in the open
In the wide range
And it was strange because everyone was amazed of what I did

I freestyle everyday
I say different things but my hope started to fade
Away into the abyss
I reminced looking back in the day
Looking at the times I started to miss
But look at this
These meanings, this poem
This rhymes
You could say my lines were forced
Well say what you want
Because everyone is
All these things I started to miss
I pick up where I had end
Now I begin
A new chapter a new phase
A new poem that would soon amazed
Everyone, I hope, everyone is in a daze
Hope my freestyle help me.........

See I'm a kid
Just a kid that kids arounds
Do things that I'm not allowed
I just want to be a kid
But poetry pulling in
In the whirlpool of dangerous tales
And peril hoping that I would not fail
I know you don't care but freestyle help me

I grew up
Like no other kid here
I am not the kid I appear to be
See, where I'm from this is my only connection
Now keep your attention
Because freestyle is the only thing I that I'm allowed to do
So be on your toes because there going to be part two

how Freestyle came to be

Right after Fieldston, me Issaka, and Mauricio threw around the football. I threw it over a gate while Mauricio retrieved it. When we when on the bus we found out Edwin and the others had left us. While on the bus we started to freestyle towards our stop. When we got off we took one route so everyone could travel together. Then we continued to freestyle. When we freestyle it was nice, it never realized how good I was. This was when I saw I could make a poem. Also it is also an ironic poem because it not actually freestyle.