Apr 27, 2007

should we or should we not use the N-word? (not a poem)

Ms.presiner (C.A. teacher) gave us this as an assignment, ever since i haven't been able to get it off my head. I just wanted to know what ya'll think. If you want more info before you answer or even if you don't you can still go to www.banthenword.org to learn a little more about your history. It really sent a couple of chills down my back after looking at these pictures. http://www.withoutsanctuary.org/pics_01.html is where the pictures are. learn more, live more, be more~1~ luv all you guys from last year

Without Sanctuary

Without Sanctuary

Apr 1, 2007

Its Like Beef

The same degree of love ain't the same no more
We changed, after a few weeks and we can't even talk no more
Because of a Simpleton yea we cope with the difficulties
But it was still hard to believe that you would leave
See the s**t you gone through, the one that helped you was me
I guess you just don't want my sympathy
So f**k you
From the s**t that you've been through??
You probably be running back when s**t goes down
But my phone is off...no one else would listen to your cries
No one to replace that dagger in your heart
No one but I
I'll watch it bleed, deep wounds never heal completely
So I'll reopen those same wounds if you ever try to hurt me

Miles of separation only made us grow distant
You in one direction, me in another
What kind of bull***t is this?
From being one of the closest, to one of the forgotten?
If I ever gotten the same chance, I wouldn't of betrayed you
But with the gain of Becky's trust, Tobi still sitting with me happy
I forgot all about you, Kandhi said I was stapled down, not free
What could I do? I mean I was filled with reluctance..
Whether to call or not
See if your busy
I hadn't called you in weeks but see if you'd pick up for me
Guess not
Its like we had beef
Like you had to attack me emotionally, but behind my back??
The fact you couldn't even tell me straight up....you think I wasn't going to find out?
Now I know the position you in is tight
Its like this beef started because I didn't pick up that night
Maybe the night before....or before that..
But better believe that I call you right back

So continue f**king with me
I don't really care any more
I guess you ain't true peoples
I'm not going to be waiting any more
I told you over Myspace, I don't have to say it again
From the beginning, I knew that this s**t was going to end
Is it because deciding to move made you ignore me?
Is it because not picking up a few times anger you?
I talked to Morgan a couple times, trying to get my head straight and
Thinking of you could only make me aggravated

I don't need you, s**t, I never did
And if you think calling will help, you don't know what help is
Better leave me the f**k alone
Your voice would only do that much harm
Only if that last week didn't happen, we'd still be getting along
Turning back isn't a choice, f**k...its not even reason
I'd only be concealing the pain that I've been feeling
I rather let time take its damage on me
I'll only get stronger, rather let it past by me
This is not a battle, this is some emotional beef
Don't get the wrong image, I'm not into fighting
One kid's betrayal leave another abandoned
So he's has to verbally assault, but he doesn't know how to handle it
He's caught up, stunned, mentally in a state of doubt
Meanwhile this other kid is walking out
S**t you don't even know the half of it
I knew this s**t was going to go down, but I wish it had never happen