Dec 21, 2009


Words were so fluid flowing through my lips I never thought I could talk like this
Somehow this happen
This status quo that I thought would never work
Two forces combined in the realm of music
Guess it’s intuitive the way we got glue in it
Its foolish to say I knew this was going to happen
Because I never thought a spark would ignite,
I didn’t think we were the “match”
Sulfur scraps on mind palates please tell me these synapses were right
I guess they were
As smiles were brought about
And although my tongue only kissed poetry I felt she would understand
Because your beauty could only be express with her
Even through breathless words
Countless thoughts
Up to this day I cannot fathom being in a relationship
Because to be honest
I never wanted one
Who knew it would lead to perfection?
I guess someone has got something planned
And if I knew in advance
This would have happened a long time ago I wouldn’t have needed to ask
But now excitement of emotions causes blood rushes
And we can’t control our own bodies
Their possessed
And the feelings expressed
You can only land on clouds afterwards
Its called bliss
As lips walk the grounds of orgasm
While your feet still kiss
We are on a higher level now, no not sex
This that
I understand you deal
Without understanding a bit
And why didn’t you call me flow
But didn’t complain for shit
Its like perfection
Simply that
And if wounds were inflicted from the future backlashes
I know you would still bandage our bond
And we will still be by your fireside sharing stories
During a night that I call perfection…

Ryan Rampersaud

Nov 1, 2009

untited for now

untitled for now

mama when was the last time i told you i loved you
6 months ago
it was 6 months ago when friendly fire aided you to your death
my mother
lost to a straight slouching built
that cared less what life it took
mama did you know that 11,127 people are lost to straight bullets
each year in the U.S.
and the little shoes that hang on phone lines was
your message, and mama i will never let go
a soul connected only by umbilical cords
and the locket you left was tied on
i will never let go
grand ma told me to always pray for rain
to come and wash hell off this earth
so that i can hear your footsteps on my window seal
and hear you sing lullaby hymns to the sun to scratch at the horizon
my mother
remember those lectures that you taught me to be strong
mama nooooo
i know, this hurts me more than it hurts you
but after you can be that toy shoulder for mommy
my son, can stand up high for himself
this pain maybe hurting now
but, i love you, and i just want you to understand
my baby, i understand
the whelps are their to let you know what is real love
and the scars are i the remembrance, that mommy loves you
my son, i understand
she told me to look into the mirror
and i saw saw something that God forgot that he had created
because if he had created me
Adam would have a belly button
and eve would have not bitten that far into the apple
because apples only fall for the bastards that don't know God
and i am the last words God had written into revaluation
and he baptize me
1 for the father 2 for the son 3 for the holy ghost
and i became apostle Paul
writing words that never been said
crif craft creations of my own
because i am Houdini breaking you down into the stars that never took the time to shine
because the government told me mama is gone forever
and she will never come back
and i said that was a lie
because she lives forever in my body
i am the reflection of my mothers love
and nobody can tell me that
love does not exist

Aug 29, 2009

something like god

U smell like something god was too afraid to create
So I stand firm in the belief
That u are a descendant of the clouds
With the sky imprinted on your back

I wish you would laugh more often
With me
or At me
It really doesn’t matter
Either way ur giggles leave me breathless

Women who scares me to a silent quiver of knees and shallow breathing
I just recently found the memory of the best reason to smile
on your shirt
U wear the same perfume as my friend
who slipped through the fingers of forever
To soon .
I know it sounds wrong
But smelling like suicide
Is a compliment here

Women with skin that sounds like the violent snaps of rubber bands
U are a recovering butcher
Or at least I feel it’s safe to assume so
You are stained blood red beautiful
With a soul like a night sky
The stars are clawing to your gut
A Broken Column for a backbone
ur spine is a painting the world is too familiar with
you are godly like fears trapped in a poet

and sometimes I wonder if u could see me past the mic
would u recite me?
dear cloud women,
I’d be your poem
and take honor in being left
on the stage.

Aug 8, 2009

There is a coffee stain on the social fabric of this time,
That reeks of putrid milk spilled over a smooth piece of cloth
That is the American Flag,
No longer Red, White, and Blue,
But Red, White, and
Unable to emit the scent
Of its pure dye,
Black and Brown Ugly blots, naked to the eye.

Inner circle is circumscribed by WARNING SIGNS,
Big Job, Big House, Big Dog, Big Family,
Stale ingredients coalescing into the bland boiling pot of utopia,
That shall sugarcoat one,
But artificial saccharides hide the underlying lie,
This cannot possibly be the American Dream.

“America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing”,
Allow me to unzip this layer,
Here are my quirks, odd-shaped nuts and bolts,
Here is me,
And your media-mediated circle of life, America
I’ve given you all
And now I’m nothing,
But another needle in this smoldering haystack of Dicks
And Janes.

(Based on 1950s American and quotes Beat poet "Allen Ginsberg")(Howl is a LONG COMPLicated son of a gun)

Apr 13, 2009

this man jesus

This Man Is Jesus

Eloi, Eloi
I said Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani
Loi, loi, Eloi
Known as My God My God I said My God My God why hast thou forsaken me
God, My God
Sent down his only begotten son into the world for us
Eloi place him into a woman named Virgin Mary
Now out of the foxy mama’s that lived in beltlham he chose her
And they named him yah-shua
Which means Jesus
So this mean this newborn baby came into this world to die
He had purpose to serve like us
But purpose his was special he came into the world for us to be saved
He came to take on the sins of this world
This man was the perfect sacrifice
He had no faults and no sin but he was perfect
So when he gave up his life “It is finished”
There was no need more for blood sacrifice because this man bared it all
I don’t think you hear me
These people pull out the hairs from the bottom of his face
They spit on him because they thought that he was blasphemy to the highest Loi
They beat this man in the head with a rod and then press a crown of thorns on his head those thorns press through his skull and touched the nerve of his brain
These people showed neither mercy nor pity for this man’s life
They mocked him of his powers and what can do and the miracles he preformed
And when he tried to show them love but they relinquished him
These people was so Immorality that they beat this man beyond recognition
I’m talking about they scourged this man 39 times on his back
Until the point his flesh tore open and the blood flowed though his back
This mans sweat was his blood that dripped from his face
He told me that he was wound for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities and chastisement of our peace was upon him an
But I say No he was wounded for not just our transgressions and he was bruised not just for our iniquities and he was chastised not just for our peace of mind
This man carries that cross of a million dying sins riding on his back
And they stretch his wings out wide as far as they can go and pierced to that cross
They twisted his legs until they pierced his feet to the bottom of the cross
And while he was on that cross those words he screamed out corrupted my insides out because those words that were spoken was
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
And as he was nailed there the words that were uttered “I thirst”
But instead of water it was vinegar but he turn it away because that vinegar stood the sin of the world and it was to much so then he said “it is finished”
So those last 7 words that rings from the ceiling down to my ear drums
“Father into thy hands I commend my spirit”
Then “it is finished”

Mar 26, 2009


this is a poem i'm wrote for a slam it can only be 1min this is 51 sec. give feed back !! =)
♪Hush lil baby♪
They are silent
because the silence is the only thing that will keep them alive as soldiers salute to flags between their thighs
200,000 women are rape in the Congo everyday .
When the sun cum’s
The clouds will climax and they are born
lil rays of strength .
Apollo slept with the Congo
and birth too many wounds between her bladder and womb
Who knew
that the truth of a femicide resided in the steps it took for her to keep her family hydrated
Water wells hold their fate
With rifles aimed up their skirts
Leaving gun powder to linger in their
Even their screams are silent
And she’s not worried about how many men walk out on her
but how many men
Cum in and out of her
These women have been pushed to a place passed hope
Where even prayers are mumbled in a tongue God can’t understand
And tears forget how to form in eyes here
So they just sit in
♪Hush lil baby don’t say a word♪
!!the end!!
Femicide is defined as the systematic killing of women for various reasons, usually cultural. Femicide is seen as a gender crime. for more info on this go to

Mar 5, 2009


Connected by navels [naval]
My heart sinks in this titanic event
Salt brushes my left cheek, and this rose seems to be glued to my hand
I can’t drop it
My lips quiver, and clutch my face
My waist
I waste my life sitting in this place
But the grass keeps growing and the stones still gray
…I can’t drop it
I can still remember when her smile could lift my soul up
Could lift me under her bosom and feed me
So I could hold up
Support was never a problem
I would make my inconsistent bars for hours
Put the work in for ours
Put the roof over for my sister
Over my brother
My baby nephew I miss him
Wish I could kiss her before they killed them
How does it feel with out her? Like a life in prison
I can’t drop it
They would be remembered as blocks of cement?
That’s all they ever meant?
Spent years crying in this bed
I live with the bible by my side with God’s Amen
Thank him
I’m still breathing
My ribcage still closed
If only I saw her eyes before they closed
Before her pulse fell
Before her heart stop
Before I left the house
Before 12 o’clock [doomsday]
I can’t drop it
My eyes stare up
As if the sun could show me the way
Point me in the right direction
Show me the guidance
That’s in God’s eyes as healthy corrections
But I’m here
Mourning the past
Mourning the dead
Looking at the tombstone and still it read
Rest in Peace R & B and Hip-Hop
And I can’t drop….

Feb 27, 2009


[[I'll give you guys a piece of my mixtape, that I'm still trying to record, Shock Therapy 117]]

Now my mind is fog up
Kind of... up
Trying to set my life straight
Since i screwed my life up
so i just type up
i cant light up
if they found out
i'd get my lights bust

So i look for the greater good
who should be the one
to steer away from satan cush [kush]

they say i have devil eyes
they say in your heart is where that evil lies
We all have that evil smile
But does that mean my happiness is a demon's cry?
I've been looking for answers it ain't in the skies
I've been praying
but they don't reply
My mom told me they say it disguised
3 months later
I have blood in my eyes
People say things could be a miracle
The works of a clerical
In this case they haven't looked for this case
Looked for this face
i've been misused in this place

I hate when they say born again
You die for your beliefs
But not born for them
I refuse churchs help I just need him
I don't hate them
i just don't care for hymns

I've been to confessions
Sown my woes
God forgive me
I put the cross over my soul
I crossed over before
And i lost my foes
I need this light so I can escape this hole

People like to keep the bible next to their bed
Keep the demons away
Is what my mother said
But according to my lifestyle that I have led
I rather put the bible right next to my head

Consumed in a environment
Bred for the streets
I can't just walk up the Gates I have to wipe my feet
disrespect my family
No one to go to
Wish I could fly away
And uplift my soul too

I'm trying to imagine
If that dagger didn't carve him
Would it carve me as harmful?
Been to that yard draped in black
Salute that mother....
He died for that flag
It don't matter if it was red or blue
It matters if my Jesus piece protects my crew

But thats behind me
I'm just trying to change
My face tilts down so I can walk in this reign [rain]
They keep telling about community service
I don't that bull...
No bread and circus

Feb 24, 2009

Push by D.J [[Miguel]]

My mother never told me that I can be whatever I wanted to be.
Because she knew the statistics already held a position for me.

It started out with 12 of us.
Me and my crew, all the cool kids knew,
Cuz we were the loudest motherfuckers in the whole highschool.
We had a plan for the future, had it layed out too.
Thought we were ahead of the game, but we just spoke too soon.

+Stats say; 1 out of 6 of your friends
Gon’ cut class till one day you never see them again+

So, it was 10 of us.
Chillen, barely passin’ class.
Sittin’ in the back and cuttin’ everybody ass.
Always talkin’, but stood shut when a question was asked.
Until we found out we ain’t have enough credits to pass.

+Stats say; 10% of us think way too late,
And when the time comes, we won’t even graduate+

So, it was 9 of us.
Tassles to the left, I take a look at my mom.
She cryin’, I’m glad I don’t gotta deal with this shit at prom.
All fun, we got it in to our favorite songs.
We headed home, free crib, boutta get it on.
We planned it out, I’m finally gonna get her alone.
But the car crashed cuz he had too many shots of Patron.

+Stats say; 32% of traffic deaths are a result of drunk driving.
Leaving a slim chance of all you night clubbers of surviving+

So, it was 6 of us.
Way different from how we were in the start.
4 years later, already hit the halfway mark.
6 down, 6 to go. We holdin’ on for dear life.
Try to do the right thing and never think about it twice.
Don’t look back, no regrets. Stay on course through the night.
But sometimes you feel so left, that even death looks right.----Common----
You see, life’s just a game that you can’t control.
And when you’re stuck, people like to use cheat codes.
But they come with reprocusions. Truth be told.
It’s like Grand Theft Auto without free roam.

+Stats say; 59% of us are in jail.
That’s why we’re the minorities.
So someone better shift the direction of this fuckin’ story, please.
And if it ain’t you or you, then I’ma tell you what’s it gonna be.
It will be the spit comin’ out my mouth, landin’ right in front of me.

Let it settle and feed the roots of your soul.
Cuz these kids should be taught more than the best way to roll.
And fuck Jim Jones and every 167 seconds of his youtube video.
Which they felt was more appropriate than a damn porno.
But listen, I’d rather see a little boy admiring the anatomy of a woman.
Then seeing him learn about drugs and how to push it.

I guess these hustlas forgot the whole purpose of hustlin.
It was the only option left when you were in the dirt, strugglin’.
Meant to get back up on your feet, then be on your way.
Yet I see these same niggaz on the corner every gad damn day.
And it pisses me off, that these dudes are considered pushers.
And they don’t push shit.
They settled.
They’re tryna build mountains with pebbles.
And while they’re pacing back and forth 100 times,
I’m focused on pushin’ mine.
My boulders that stand together, yea the journey’s long.
But in the end it’s all worth it, because they stand strong.
And when those “Pushers” think that they’re finally on top of their mountain,
It all comes crumbling down, and they find themselves startin’
From scratch and by then,
Everyone used up the boulders and they’re stuck with pebbles again.
But I can’t front.
You’ll find a few pebbles at the base of my mountain
Because over time, you grow and back then I was an ant.
But I can’t and I won’t ever go back to pushin’ pebbles,
And fuck pushin’ rocks,
Cuz rocks were the limits that statistics put on our grandparents,
Who raised our parent on those theories,
Who’ve used what they learned from those tales on lessons for us,
And now we’re proving those stereotypes correct.
And I’m not lettin’ no one tell me what I can and can’t do.
So I’ma push, and keep pushin’ and I won’t stop until
I birth some inspiration into these kids who can’t tell the difference between a boulder and a pebble.

My mother never told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be,
Because she knew that the statistics already held a position for me,
But I turned it down, and I kept on pushing my boulder to the top of my mountain.


Ive been denied as many times as a dime can be multiplied thats ten minus a nine,

Add 5, then divide by six, no sex, just wrist movements and stress less nights,

No rights just left, right hand on mouse while I stop then perplex, and vexed at the equation, ive been denied as many times as a dime can be multiplied thats ten minus a nine add five then divide by six....


The product, the quotient, the sum of my problems can all be done with one,

Yes her, she broke thy heart and refused to give it back,

And when she gives it back im so amused by her muse that I give it in return as a thank u for returning, wat u took and shattered and the cycle repeats,

And im amazed at her power,

How she can do this  to me,

I love u wayne, rly??

Ur the best friend I ever had,

Now ask me how bad this word can twist and drag my soul out form body,

Ask mario how he felt wen he saved the princess and got nothing, nadi, nada,

Maybe thats the problem, 

Im too much at war with gears

My 360, 360s the mind and all they see is another dude in loved with his games more than her,

No no, I love u baby


Maybe thats it, im too much of a romantic,

I need to be a dick, treat girls like shit,

Cease the good guy and be the guy that hits,

Cuz girls like chris,


And I sing, forced to dance, so they wants a guy who cheats around, then slaps u for finding out

Nah thats just a joke,

I cud never touch a woman

Everyone knows if they hit u u just shake him,

Stop it woman, stop control ur self

Yea thats wat tv taught me,

Then were locked in each others eyes and our lips r interlocking,



Locked in

Not like pop locking

But locked in a relationship


Im willing to stand out and say yes im with it


Im being to easy

Gotta be hard to get.

See if I hang then flex, then flirt with the next

She’ll see me as no less but more,

Cuz I got babes hung on me like knobs on a door

Number one, number 2, number 3, number 4

I look across the room to see if she sees how much im adored

But then I adore

Not her chest

But her ears

Not that butt but her arms

Not her face but just the eyes

Cuz see im not like most guys

And I know most guys use the same lines

But I like wat most dont see

And thats wat locked u to me

sorry if theres mistakes,

Bullet Proof Glass

Why is it that you love me from behind bullet-proof glass?
Why do you flinch when I move closer to you?
What are you scared of, tell me, what did I do?
You stand there and try to explain, you say,
That everything’s okay, yet you’re still standing behind that bullet-proof glass.
What’s wrong?
If I didn’t do anything then get from behind that glass.
You laugh, and hesitate to tell me bout the nightmare that you had.
About a man from the past, who got to get you from behind that bullet-proof glass.
He joked and he smiled,
You felt safe for a while.
But he got outta hand,
And here you stand now,
Behind your bullet-proof glass.
Well, I’m not that man from the past.
And understand that if I can,
I would go back in time and kick that niggaz ass.
And I know violence ain’t the key in any time or place.
But I know that it’ll bring a smile to ur face.
Even though that memory is something that you can’t erase.
When we kiss, the glass is the only thing that I can taste.
So can you please get from behind your bullet-proof glass?

[[Might Add More]]
Feedback yOo..lolsz. I juss wunned ya 2 noe I'm alive nd still writin'..

Feb 15, 2009

Seed of Glee

You seem to be a homemade hot soup with ingredients gathered from the whole family.
You do not hold putrid flavors like our sister’s disobedience or my consistent calamity.
Your arrival marks the make of an inequality
And the utter beginning of a one-sided sibling rivalry.

You came in dark times and illuminated my life.
Listening to your charming gibberish made me quickly get rid of my strife
Listening to your cries made my eyes liquify and instead of breaking glass you broke my ribs allowing your pain to enter
Full of sorrow caused by your mood, I ran to you fulfilling my duties as your brother.

The seed which, when planted, had grown roots of glee in my body is what you are
I’m just reminiscing about how your past, innocent actions have affected me so far.
Our appearances most likely convince our characters to be equivalent,
But my heart wishes for you to emerge as more reliable, fortunate, and more valiant.

You are either greater than, or equal to me.
Or maybe just a better equal than me.
But, there are still variables and terms to be accounted for
And as your side of the inequality increases, my love for you grows even more.

(Wrote this for class like two years ago and NOW is when I post it!!!)

Spit Gold

I must write because

My mind must be wrapped around a Hershey bar of poetry because that chocolate makes me happy,

My mouth must morph into a boom box yet again

Because my bones ache to feel the rhythms in which meters transcend

From the inner vaults of my heart out to the bass pounding oval frame of my mouth

I need to spit gold,

And hope my drops of saliva solidify

So you may see

That what I say, what I feel is REAL

Because emotions are abstruse objects hidden behind the locked gates of our chest

And as I try to get high off of that pure stash of ardor, it only gets harder

It’s like my tongue wrestles itself down and my words get tripped up as they dance upwards on my vocal chords

So they begin to form an itchy hair ball between my neck and throat,

So I choke

Seems like my voice box just broke because I know what to say but my lips don’t

But I need to spit gold,

And present to you a poem: a metaphysical gift wrapped around pieces of my mind

But my bottled soul has been more than half empty

But it’s not as if one’s heart can suddenly stop its circulation of the forever stream of emotions flowing in and out of the body

It’s not like thick arrows have struck my brain and damaged my limbic system causing me to grow ascetic roots as I rid myself my one true passion, to slam

I need to slam an audience with a vicious five finger smack of this-is-what-I-love…

So much

That I want to spit gold till my lips feel so dry that Chap Stick can’t come to the rescue

Spit so much that the mike’s pores overflow with puddles of my belly-quenching moments

As my voice attempts to quench your ear’s thirst to hear more

(didn't know what else to say......for now I mean)

Jan 15, 2009


Completely flawless
Down to the bruises and self-inflicted wounds
This is true beauty
I can not change your course
I can not change your ways
I can only take in your splendor
And breathe in this self-fulfilling prophesy
That downpours misery
That destroys its own body for you
This is beautiful
Simply beautiful