Mar 4, 2008

Do's and Don'ts of loving you

I'm not a rough rider type girlfriend

that will deck any chick in the mouth for even looking at my boyfriend

I don't fight dudes

To just cry with girls.

I don't pick fights.

I don't criticize.

I don't even mind when my Friends step,

spit, piss, and step all over me like

I'm the old project building hallway.

I don't worry about little things.

I don't share enough with the good times in life.

I fear pleasurable moments

and somehow always end up with the painful ones

I'm just a soft spoken, poetry writing, open-minded type of catch

covered in uniformity.

Sometimes I leak out words of truth

from my finger tips then wipe it up before any one can tell

I reach my hand to God only to find out being 5'3"

means having short arms that can't even reach your fathers shoulder for attention.

I don't talk behind backs

unless Katrine starts stroking through my blood stream

tell me if you can hear the poor pedestrian cells scream

the thought of you Jonathan Heins makes my heart race

makes my stomach tap dance across school

then do breast strokes and deep dives in poetry

spilling my teenage love affair everywhere

but it hurts having the idea of me, being just another chick

another fish in the sea that he happened to catch with some good bate

It's weird that when you didn't pick up your phone I felt alone

but it hurts that I went running to call my ex

5 minutes after my short depression.

I don't cheat, I can't cheat

I don't mess because I won't mess

I don't even flirt with others because I'm always thinking about you.

Though I do write poems to long for hands to be stained with

and fantasize about you and I

being physically connected through mental orgasms set off by metaphors like

your erection is nothing but a mere 40 oz.

while your mind is a bottle of Diva i would love one sip of it

Your million dollar mind is to expensive for emotional poor chick

who only afford to give you $2 worth of body

While I do give you my word

instead of kicks and jeans

that will be played out in 5 years or more

but how many of these chicks can afford to care someone besides them self for a change?

How many don't depend on their man's wallet to keep their relationship in shape.

You could just write me a poem, sing me a song, pluck the petals off of a daisy

and tell me if I like you.

Just don't buy me a sweater, or roses that really smell like poo poo

don't get me a promise ring because I am not Tiffany Evans!

I don't want much...just you and if you did give something

make sure it was a homemade gift made with love,

I'm into little things like good mom

Tell me I'm pretty but only if you think it's true.

Send my the FYI of loving you.

Listen keep it real tell me how you feel

you know i always will

I mean I do tell you the deal

because every half lie finds it's whole truth,

That's why i don't understand why silly little girl act like they do.

I don't want to be hurt again
I'm tired of tired tears
I do care for you
i care enough to fear the thought of you slipping into the arms of a girl that shares my heart
I don't want to love you
I don't want to fall asleep with you mentally
to physically be pissed all over the fact I didn't get a good morning kiss
I don't want to love you
but I'm beginning to think, I do.
I guess that was the real do and don't of loving you.