Aug 28, 2006

Guess what, and please don't scream

hey u guys, don't hate me but i cut my hair!!!
don't worry it's still long though, it's been 2 days ever since... and i still can't believe it. it looks nice though!!!

Aug 26, 2006

Dear Slam fam

as we all seperate
i feel the pain of a life time
i never thought i would or even could care for people as much as i care for all of u
u all have done so much for me
cheering me on
helping with anything i needed help with
and most of all being a freind to me
Don't get me wrong i was a hand full but u all stood by my side
To Dalisbeth and Jasmine most of all
you both have been closer to me than anyone
you both were the only two i could trust with my personal issues
and i love u both as my sisters
Slamfam will live on forever
as i sit here writing this letter
i shed tears that have been carried with me for a long time
as we all seperate reach for the best and don't ever reach for less
don't let anyone hold u back and remember
in order to see the rainbow you must first endure some rain

Love Carissma aka Applesauce/Mickey44

Aug 24, 2006


I cry the tears of a warrior at war
I sing the song of death and
I dance with the devil
It's like I'm juggling 3 things at the same time...
But yet all on fire and weigh more than life it self
I can't take it but
I can't shake it off but
It seems I find my self lost
Found with a child, a husband whose a dead beat, n a job that
Only pays half of what I deserve
Yet I keep trying to win this war
Though it feels as if I been threw this before
As a story falls from my eye
My child asks me "why mommy cry"
All I can say is
I'm not crying I'm yawning
But even she can tell that waz a lie
and-bitch where my food at!!! My husband yells
Comin honey IM just-I don't care hurry the hell up
now these stories are rushing down my face
to be born in my eyes live down my bruised face and die
in my pool of blood on the floor...
But I still keep fighting even if my army is population of...
This journey in hell has just began
I cry the tears of a warrior and
I sing the song of death
I dance with the devil and
Still have time left.
I always thought slavery days were over but ever seen I've been
Livin wit him
It seems I've just been another
Slave in history.

Aug 11, 2006


Well, Dalisbeth has me crying (again) and Ryan has me astounded. Edwin has me impressed, and Mauricio...well, flabergasted. But none of you have sent me a d*mn thing. Pics, video, HELLO! No help, no documentary...

...but here's something you can do to help, since getting pictures together is so much of a chore...

Your Mission; should you choose to accept it: Write/type a one page (please, one page, not more, not less...) reflection on a topic of your choice, the theme is of course the team. I want to record you reading these as a sort of interview to use in the documentary. Doesn't have to be video, just your voices.

Some starters:
Mauricio when speaking about his Urban Word experience: "the most important aspect about what you're saying , is, what you're saying..."
Edwin speaking about his acceptance to his high school: They were most impressed with my writing, something I've only just gotten better at. Amazing."
Omar: The quietest guy I've taught (besides Luis maybe...), Spittin' fire at the Nuyorican!
Ryan (Mr. Prolific): The three year mission, get on the competing squad. Accomplished!
Miguel: Politics, presidents, students voices, what we say can and will be used...for good!
Dalisbeth: Hello! Scholastic awards! Only Middle school student on stage!
Wayne: Do you really need any starters...? Okay, how about LaGuardia and your sitcom in a couple years (hey, I'm great with a camera, hint hint. You know where to find me.)
Issaka: The soul searcher, the silent assassin, the toungue twister, the seemingly confident yet ultimately shaky inside young man who released his frustrations on paper an cemented a legacy for himself.
Carissma: Three years, and the best performance was the only one that really counted anyway. Graduation! The points are not the point; the point is poetry!

Holla back. Please do this. please...

Seriously,...please. Some of you may have started some of these already or may have something you've already written which satisfies this. Just do it.

Aug 9, 2006

Thanks.. a lot

Thanks a lot Mr.Craig for everything that you have done for us, every motivation, every ounce of love, every hour of effort that came/comes toward us, every laugh, every story, every hour after school was done, every one of the three years, every day of you being our role model, our teacher, afterschool teacher, our inspiation, every piece dedication to us, and most imortant, an every day friend we could always come to to talk to.

I'm back

You can call this the return of the worlds greatest
Or returning to the blog because Mr. Craig made us
Now that every school hate us
Because the real champs never lost the crown it’s been underground
But poets never reveal their secrets
Wait that’s magicians but this is our magic
Who else can fight with words ignite sentences so they burn?
Overcome stage fright still has the might to learn?
Who can still has enough to excite this blog with my return?
That’s me
And I’m back with fire power
More ammo in this hand and still shooting down cop…iers
Yea copiers still trying to copy my words
But betcha you can’t do it like me
Because no one is able to write like me

But I have been busy for not writing
Busy how high school life is going to be exciting
Can’t believe that I am going to leave
I’m saying I am back when I am about to leave
But it has been a while since I have been on the site
I said on my site Slamfam 4 Life
I got it embedded in hand not tattooed
Because the hard work left a mark so left hand screwed
Maybe that’s why I didn’t write, I did what was right
But I am back with no complaining
Now everyone in Fieldston knows “My Name is”
Everyone in the ABC house knows Ryan’s da greatest
See I’m spreading the word of the SlamFam
It’s the truth you should have seen them
You wouldn’t believe them
Now would you believe that I’m back
Yes Ryan’s back
And here to make history
It going to be sight to see
Make your right hand bleed
Because no one will be able to copy THIS from me

Aug 8, 2006

WOW I guess no one is writing poems

I thought this blog waz made 4 poems? Oh well...Hopefully history will be made tomorrow and sorry I didn't post ( new record 1 month and 12 days) I guess since everyone is talkin about waz iight, I went 2 FEP, the PA orientation which should be longer, and writin A LOT of poems as usual and you will them soon see soon ( I hope)

If I had Mr. Craig worried for not writing I'm sorry but da #1 poet is back u better know it
I'll show it to you in rhyme schemes
but time seems to pass by when you thinking about your dreamz.....
Hope it wasn't too hot in ur home
But when I'm alone poems is my gateway drug it opens me to more bigger ideas
I hope people will see us soon because this blog is too lonely show me poems and
I'll comment
show me writing and
I'll read it
hope we still keep in touch before we are leaving

(a little poem...we sum more)

Aug 7, 2006

Wow, summer is almost done and high school is around the block!
Fieldston finished for us and this summer was a blast! We had fun and learned new things for high school. Issaka, Ryan, Dalisbeth, Ariel and I went to the ABC orientation August 4 - 6 and it was very informative. We were informed of different things that we have to face in high school. There we were in Pennsylvania representing 145, Fieldston and we have been declared the most recent ABC scholars. From this point on is packing up for ABC community and boarding schools, catholic schools and public schools. Now may i say that I miss everyone. I miss those 145 moments, those happy moments with you guys and you too Mr. Craig. If it's one thing that I won't forget to pack is those pulchritudinous poetic moments!! I want to wish you all good luck in high school and don't forget to tell us about your first day of school. Mr. Craig I have seen and read what you have been working on - Thank you, man, I know you will never forget us. We'll get you what you need! Dalisbeth, I'm grateful that you are trying to get us together once more.

Well as for me and Issaka we have to leave August 24th. I'll talk you you guys later. God bless you!

Aug 5, 2006

The SlamFam Experience: The Documentary

Okay, before you get too excited, it's not done; but the reason is simple. I need more footage from you guys. Listen, all the digital pictures you've taken at Awards Night, Fieldston, Graduation, Prom, anywhere that involves you all, I need them. All the digital video your parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers took of us at graduation, at Awards Night, at Fieldston, I need it. I've pretty much uploaded all of the footage I have, from three years ago in a circle in the classroom when Issaka was a foot shorter and couldn't remember his lines, and Luis was his line helper, to Urban Word Semi-Finals, to the beginning of our performance at graduation (my tape ran out as I started my second part...stupid, stupid, stupid...) and it's an awful lot, but I seriously need more from you guys to balance out everyone's time in the documentary. Right now, a few faces show up too much, others not enough. (Plus the interviews were pretty wack considering you wouldn't answer questions for me like you knew how to speak...on stage, on mic, on camera, to foreign leaders,... but not for me...(but that's another story...) So...anybody? I know Dalisbeth has a few digital pics because I see them on her MySpace page, I remember Carissma said her mother recorded us at graduation, anybody else? You know how to reach me. You know how to fix up your MySpace pages so I know you can email me a few pics. I'll get the video from you if I have too, that's more difficult to upload, but come on. You want the documentary right? I need help from you too.

Btw, speaking of MySpace, Wayne, Carissma, Omar, Edwin, Issaka, Karen...Where you at?

Post a comment if you have stuff for me and can get it to me, otherwise, have a relaxing second half of summer, pack light and tight, and stay out of trouble! High school is so close for you guys!

You know my email addy already, and phone number...or, , or
and, oh yeah, started another one for you guys...a MySpace Music page...and it's gonna be crazy!!!--->