Oct 27, 2006

New Postings

Well this was the best I could do but I am coming out with more (oyour thinking AGAIN RYAN!!) so hang tight. THese are not my best at all looking at the pattern but with topics I think I had a little help from you guys (solider-miguel, pencil-from wayne's talking bout his pen, my new home- graduation piece sequel) I hope you guys enjoy and leave some comments

My New Home

You know…
I came from a real crappy place mixed race
People knew my face and I had friends
It was the same all the time
Never changed from the line
It was…
9-5 they went to their jobs
6-10 the party begins
Then 9-5 they get on with their lives
And 6-10 it happens again
Then it all changed with three simple accepting letters
It was

So have a look at my new chapter book
And see this opportunity that I took
I am just starting school it is just like the BX
But now I feel I go more on the line with the grades and the tests
This is important
According to the guidelines and the rules
This is more than what I expected for high school
I know I’ll have to work and I know what I have to do
But this place is huge compared to my middle school
First few days I was gone astray
Into a place portrayed as a classroom
But really was a boiler room
But what would expect? I was a color speck in this pale sea
Beside who would want to a color person like me?

Yep….its pretty crowded
Nah it’s packed
I pack no slack but pack bags that’s a fact
It will never change I won’t slack off
And I know this is going to be hard
But I am up for the challenge
I am ready to go
Ready for anything, ready to show
My talents, my grades
Going to leave people amazed
Nothing is going to faze me

From that one main goal
“to succeed and to have fun”
Thus is probably one of the most exciting experiences
So much for fearing this high school and
More for preparing this “thing” that I long for
Hmmm……I am not going to say it
It’s more like create it
This “thing “is beginning to feel like home
And I love it; it’s called the ABC home

See…..ABC helps you so you won’t get D’s skip E’s or F’s
Unless you’re ready to fail a test
I used to love the Bronx, I still do
But now I got to “rep” ABC
I got a lot of Family: along with FEP and Slamfam you know these #1 poets
I don’t show it
But I love this place
Going to be hard to leave
All I need to do is accomplish this goal all I need is to believe

A Soldier

A soldier in a war, he’s under fire
He knew that this war was dead-man for hire
But he knows that he got to lock and load
Because one shot through his heart could mean that his soul is sold
Bombs explode
Packing M16’s and throwing grenades
The only way to live for another day
And he doesn’t thinking about the killing
He thinks about survival
From his arrival and facing his rivals
He knows the deal
He could end up dead on a battlefield
Thinking how horrible his family would feel
This soldier
Has to make decisions
And god forgive him he kills an innocent man
But all a soldier thinks about is a one shot kill or your body would be lying lifeless until
A soldier can see the reality of this game “they play”
A soldier is a pawn while the king is safe far away
But this pawn can never be black or white
Because life is seem through the color of your eyes
What he seem was the one thing no other soldier saw
He recalls the military flaws
I can’t kill “the man” as long as I live
I can shoot my rivals no matter what they did
So I shot myself and I lay dead
So pawn I was that pawn...….The pawn of life of heavy fire of expectations showering from the light
My only way out has one consequence
Put my soul in the devil’s hand and be an eternal hostage


What ever happen to the times we shared?
All the things I’ve cared for
Has wash away from my shore
Sure new things would wash up but I don’t want it anymore
I want back the things I had
Don’t tell me I am sad I’m just disappointed that every time that something is perfect
I think that is it worth it, worth my life
But it has to fade because nothing ever stays the same
And it kills me to watch my best friends wash away
Everyday we I try to prove myself but you guys aren’t there
Now I am in PA a new place, new school and with some new fear
That the only chance to make friends like you would never come
That 145 was a one-shot deal and now I am done
The money, the kindness, and the cleanliness I don’t care for
If I don’t have my crew what I am here for?
I thought that I would never miss you guys at this time
Time worsen this scar I can’t hide
I reminisce…
Back in June 2006 went by quick, having fun with the Slamfam
Won 3 championships in our course, can you imagine how happy I am?
Its “picture perfect” like I said in June
I can perfectly picture when I was packing up in my room
The times we had, sure it would never last
But would always be encrypted in my heart not my mind
But to find that the choice I made was bitter sweet
Because the experience is great but I miss the New York streets
The concrete underneath my feet now
It pains me
It stains my heart to find I am only walking with friend
Just friends I am pretend that everything is alright and that I would make amends
But thinking
Mr. Craig dissing people, people diss his forehead
Both going back and forth again
We tried to freestyle at least for a little while
We play football and Frisbee
Literally the excitement could not be contained
My insane mind driven out of brain
And when I left the excitement stayed in NY
And sorrow came to fill in
From then on it stays on my mind
The moment I spent must’ve been the greatest
I could resurrect those memories even at the faddist
So that would always be the climax of my life
SlamFam gave me the world so I’ll repay with my life
My success goes to all of you because since of SlamFam
My grades soared
And I couldn’t have wanted anything better anymore
Imagine later in life what would of happen?
We dead silent now since most were sent up and packing
I f we hadn’t left tings would be the best
Still got an education
But still got best friends
Those memories….are killing me
Because I don’t have you anymore……

Controversial Rhymes part 1

The pencil I have has only lead for success I guess that why I always aimed to be the best
But not sports not games I only aim for the fame
The pencil writes mistakes on my soul
Bush wrote his speech so terrorism explodes
But unlike a pen you can’t erase your mistakes you have to face the after stains on your page

As I write a child dies at his home
A mother worst fear and now she lives alone

Bush target was missed and so he bombed
I bet that mom missed her son when he was bombed
This pencil has not written clear
My hand’s guidance was focused on beating off
Those shear people who don’t share, don’t care, don’t fear, but go near me
Bush has the same way on terrorist
Except I actually care about people and don’t act like a bitch
He’s straight bullshit
His decision were permanent
Because he doesn’t want to be proved wrong by true believers
And so keep dreaming
Because this pencil writes for you guys who thinks that life has a meaning
Fend off Bush and show how wrong he is for believing that he could handle president
Same with immigrants he wasn’t hesitant

That hand that was beating off wasn’t meant to masturbate but meant to educate
I don’t want to be wrong by saying
“Bush is a motherfucker”
But that’s not true
Bush doesn’t fuck mothers but who thought that he got screwed?
The pencil I have only writes on souls
If Bush held a 55 iron pen then US reaches a low
If a pen ink last
Then pencil has to be special
It wrote these stanzas you can tell me it higher than his IQ level!
This pencil make subtle poetry like Bush is subtle
You have to hear it twice to figure out what he said
Bush don’t speak right but me it’s just the special lead

So when you hear this a second time
You’ll realize the truths and the lies
You’ll want to despise his franchise or “cabinet”
So when you read this a second time
You’ll see that…..
My pencil has only lead for success
I guess that’s true from my controversial rhymes
Rewind what I said
Not sports not games I got your attention so let me get some fame

Oct 25, 2006

im sitting here with nothing else to do
but to think about my old ways, my old emotions, my old life
my past life, my future life my- present-life
i have been shot with a bullet that passed my lungs and aimed straight for my heart
peircing through the hard ice that is to be in it's place
My soul is now lost
my soul is no more
my words can no longer speak my minnd and my mind can no longer speak my mind
i am no loonger invinsible
my blood has turned a coal black that has been used as the dirt that man walks on
As i enter my closet what do i see
a dark hershy chocolate bar looking at me
his luscious lips has attacked my body\he caressed my mind as my heart skipped a beat
he captures my soul in a mear image
he speaks the words of true passion and love but i am told that he is not for me
he takes my mind and plays a game
he opens a wound in my heart and fills it with hope and desire
of a romantic night
but all i get is heart break
poetry has leed me to nothing but a vomat of emotions
it has stabbed me in my stomach
leaking out all my internal thoughts, hunger, desires
I can tell you what i have to saybut the words just can't fit this page

i dont know where im going with this help............................

Oct 19, 2006

To all slamfams

The new 8th grade class will not let the poetry slame slip through their careless hands causes the honor to fall into someone else's lap. Even if only two people join we will make the best of it. But I doubt only a few will join. Also I hope ya'll lie bein in high schools...haha freshmen!!!!!! Respect me freshmen for I am a senior LOL I like the way that sounds LOL.


My after school poetry teacher Mr. Fish made me write-yea I was mad. He wouldn't let me stop until the 10 minutes were up n I couldn't cross anything out. So now I'M working on a poem n need feed back. I don't want to give him crap. I want him to see I can write, I jus need time to do it LOL.


You are as beautiful as the night sky
Right after the sun has went to sleep.
Your eyes are deeper than my family roots-
and you know I got a lot of family!
Your cute koolaid smile
is like that bright star showing hope on such a sad day
You are "beautiful"...
Well at least on the outside
now if your personality had a face!
Oh my god,
You would take ugly to another level untouched before.
You are
As ugly as the
"Just woke up" hair style
I'm talking
U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi
You ugly what?! what?! You ugly!!!
Yeah you can bag every girl in NYC
But that's just with your face sweetie.
Girls are not as smart as they use to be
Wanna get with a boy cause he cute, he fine, he calls u a dime
but at the same time
got another chick on the side
AKA his slide!

God don't like ugly,
So you is daymn lucky he loves you

But yet in the medias eyes you are beautiful
Well, what do they know
Who was given the right to judge what's beautiful
I don't remember voting on this!!!
"beauty is in the eye of thee beholder"
But what if the beholder dies?!
What if she or he is blind?!
Then who will find beauty
Who will break the hearts of the ugly by only their words
Who will brainwash the young minds,
If no one knows the definition of

Oct 14, 2006

The Meaning

My pen runs across a blank page of unfulfilled dreams
and it "seems" I've finally lost all hope...
And it hurts,
Because all the work and shit I put into this craft
it won't last,
I gotta make more to sore past any block in my obstacled life,
But time after time my mind gets locked,
my poems contain no plot,
But I gotta top myself to be on top,
but I gotta knock myself down to show everyone what I got
keep planting these worded seeds but have no poetic crops,
I said ima slam poet but damn..What if IM not,
I guess what IM experiencing is writer's block.

Shocks shock up and down my spine,
as I see myself grind on poetic lines
that can not be written,
My mind's trippin off my addiction of raw emotions,
floatin down an endless stream of dreams of who I wanna be, But to show dis I gotta supposedly write it down and perform it to you,
just to show or prove what I feel but I feel I can no longer do this shit,
I can no longer think, write, move or shoot my spit,

Looks like im doin good but
80 percent chance ima lose dis shit,
right now im scared ima trip, slip, flip over my tongue
go thru the rest poem mumblin on and on,
Hope my nervousness of dis 1 minute poem isn't shown
Cause i really want dat cash but better yet dat poetic throne

Dis is a little sample of wat i cud do i hope wat i did really helps me go thru.

Oct 10, 2006

I forgot

It has been that long
I have forgotten the way you make me laugh by just,
poking out your bottom lip when yeah mad
It has been 2 weeks and already,
I have forgotten the way your
six pack pressed against my flat chest
gives such a feeling that if I told you
you'd say T-M-I
It has been uncountable hours
since I had the right to say
"yea we go out"
when you would pass by me with only the
light in your eyes to let me know your still mine,
though we're not together

It's been that long that,
I had forgotten the way you made me feel
the days spent thinking was you really worth my tears
was you really worth wanting to be left alone from my family and friends
you must have been
cause I came right back to you
just like you thought I would
I guess I forgot I love loving you love me...

Oct 9, 2006

guess what even though it's not officialy time for basket ball games we decided to play against Vanguard Highschool and we beat them 38 to 29 i only scored 16 points, 2 3points and the rest were layup shots 2 points i play shooting guard.

we also had a pep rally on friday and the dance team had to dance we were so hype
we danced then we stepped it was hot.

Concert band is coming along great im mad that im third chair clarinet but they said it's a freshman thing.
It's scary cause most of the kids are like white and like so nice and that weird.
Im getting ready for the holloween dance that we are planning (oh yeah im on the dance commity) Im talking over the whole school.
And guess what i found out that i am actually a great singer(i told u i could sing but no one wanted to listen ) maybe one day i will sing for yall

Oct 5, 2006


I know that many people have seen that this blog is going dead. Its seems the main reason we made the site is now useless. But thanks to my study halls and finishing all of my home work I was able to come up with two more poems. This also should not be a one person effort. We all need to pull together and start bringing back the meaning of Slamfam. The 3 championships that we worked for may be gone. Still work on poems, still dedicate yourself to this. I know some people just don't have enough ideas (or in Miguels case) can't finsih it, but the study halls come in handy from high school, I'm going to post up some new poems soon but I wanna the greatest poets back on the stage. Its good we still use the site for telling us infomation, and its good people still use the site. All I am asking is please everyone try to show people that you can do poetry and show them that you have some talent in you. Post something on this site now. PLEASE!!

Oct 1, 2006

No Inspiration

Yo, i've been tryin ta do sum poems fo da longest time now....i got ma internet bak so i culd submit poetry, but...i can't!!!
I've started 3 iight type poems but i only go halfway through them, and no matter how hard i try, i can't finish them...iz dis becuz i dont got ya ppl ta help me out...or am i jus losin' ma touch?