Apr 13, 2009

this man jesus

This Man Is Jesus

Eloi, Eloi
I said Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani
Loi, loi, Eloi
Known as My God My God I said My God My God why hast thou forsaken me
God, My God
Sent down his only begotten son into the world for us
Eloi place him into a woman named Virgin Mary
Now out of the foxy mama’s that lived in beltlham he chose her
And they named him yah-shua
Which means Jesus
So this mean this newborn baby came into this world to die
He had purpose to serve like us
But purpose his was special he came into the world for us to be saved
He came to take on the sins of this world
This man was the perfect sacrifice
He had no faults and no sin but he was perfect
So when he gave up his life “It is finished”
There was no need more for blood sacrifice because this man bared it all
I don’t think you hear me
These people pull out the hairs from the bottom of his face
They spit on him because they thought that he was blasphemy to the highest Loi
They beat this man in the head with a rod and then press a crown of thorns on his head those thorns press through his skull and touched the nerve of his brain
These people showed neither mercy nor pity for this man’s life
They mocked him of his powers and what can do and the miracles he preformed
And when he tried to show them love but they relinquished him
These people was so Immorality that they beat this man beyond recognition
I’m talking about they scourged this man 39 times on his back
Until the point his flesh tore open and the blood flowed though his back
This mans sweat was his blood that dripped from his face
He told me that he was wound for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities and chastisement of our peace was upon him an
But I say No he was wounded for not just our transgressions and he was bruised not just for our iniquities and he was chastised not just for our peace of mind
This man carries that cross of a million dying sins riding on his back
And they stretch his wings out wide as far as they can go and pierced to that cross
They twisted his legs until they pierced his feet to the bottom of the cross
And while he was on that cross those words he screamed out corrupted my insides out because those words that were spoken was
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
And as he was nailed there the words that were uttered “I thirst”
But instead of water it was vinegar but he turn it away because that vinegar stood the sin of the world and it was to much so then he said “it is finished”
So those last 7 words that rings from the ceiling down to my ear drums
“Father into thy hands I commend my spirit”
Then “it is finished”