Aug 29, 2009

something like god

U smell like something god was too afraid to create
So I stand firm in the belief
That u are a descendant of the clouds
With the sky imprinted on your back

I wish you would laugh more often
With me
or At me
It really doesn’t matter
Either way ur giggles leave me breathless

Women who scares me to a silent quiver of knees and shallow breathing
I just recently found the memory of the best reason to smile
on your shirt
U wear the same perfume as my friend
who slipped through the fingers of forever
To soon .
I know it sounds wrong
But smelling like suicide
Is a compliment here

Women with skin that sounds like the violent snaps of rubber bands
U are a recovering butcher
Or at least I feel it’s safe to assume so
You are stained blood red beautiful
With a soul like a night sky
The stars are clawing to your gut
A Broken Column for a backbone
ur spine is a painting the world is too familiar with
you are godly like fears trapped in a poet

and sometimes I wonder if u could see me past the mic
would u recite me?
dear cloud women,
I’d be your poem
and take honor in being left
on the stage.

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