Mar 26, 2009


this is a poem i'm wrote for a slam it can only be 1min this is 51 sec. give feed back !! =)
♪Hush lil baby♪
They are silent
because the silence is the only thing that will keep them alive as soldiers salute to flags between their thighs
200,000 women are rape in the Congo everyday .
When the sun cum’s
The clouds will climax and they are born
lil rays of strength .
Apollo slept with the Congo
and birth too many wounds between her bladder and womb
Who knew
that the truth of a femicide resided in the steps it took for her to keep her family hydrated
Water wells hold their fate
With rifles aimed up their skirts
Leaving gun powder to linger in their
Even their screams are silent
And she’s not worried about how many men walk out on her
but how many men
Cum in and out of her
These women have been pushed to a place passed hope
Where even prayers are mumbled in a tongue God can’t understand
And tears forget how to form in eyes here
So they just sit in
♪Hush lil baby don’t say a word♪
!!the end!!
Femicide is defined as the systematic killing of women for various reasons, usually cultural. Femicide is seen as a gender crime. for more info on this go to

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