Nov 1, 2009

untited for now

untitled for now

mama when was the last time i told you i loved you
6 months ago
it was 6 months ago when friendly fire aided you to your death
my mother
lost to a straight slouching built
that cared less what life it took
mama did you know that 11,127 people are lost to straight bullets
each year in the U.S.
and the little shoes that hang on phone lines was
your message, and mama i will never let go
a soul connected only by umbilical cords
and the locket you left was tied on
i will never let go
grand ma told me to always pray for rain
to come and wash hell off this earth
so that i can hear your footsteps on my window seal
and hear you sing lullaby hymns to the sun to scratch at the horizon
my mother
remember those lectures that you taught me to be strong
mama nooooo
i know, this hurts me more than it hurts you
but after you can be that toy shoulder for mommy
my son, can stand up high for himself
this pain maybe hurting now
but, i love you, and i just want you to understand
my baby, i understand
the whelps are their to let you know what is real love
and the scars are i the remembrance, that mommy loves you
my son, i understand
she told me to look into the mirror
and i saw saw something that God forgot that he had created
because if he had created me
Adam would have a belly button
and eve would have not bitten that far into the apple
because apples only fall for the bastards that don't know God
and i am the last words God had written into revaluation
and he baptize me
1 for the father 2 for the son 3 for the holy ghost
and i became apostle Paul
writing words that never been said
crif craft creations of my own
because i am Houdini breaking you down into the stars that never took the time to shine
because the government told me mama is gone forever
and she will never come back
and i said that was a lie
because she lives forever in my body
i am the reflection of my mothers love
and nobody can tell me that
love does not exist

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