Mar 15, 2012

Hey Stranger

I think I know why I like traveling long distances now
and thought you’d like to know.
I feel like I’m on my own
escaping all the problems I have.
The left window seat on this bus
With the view of the sun slowly sinking –
I’ve always loved sunsets in the summer –
fills my heart and mind with hope.

These are the times that I catch myself in thought,
guided by the music coming from my phone
and slipping into my ears through my headphones.
Escaping one problem now leaves me with another concern.

I’m dead to her now.

It has to be something other than the language barrier.
For every word that gets misconstrued,
my heart twists into a knot and
she suddenly becomes the victim.

She takes me to my favorite place.
And there,
I think of ways my life could be better
and what I could do to change things.
For me to say I need time for myself
is the biggest slap in the face anyone could ever give
her. That I seem to be her enemy is all she will ever know.

But the one thing I need is an extra ear and I can’t seem to find one.
The umbilical cord that once held us together was never truly
but she is guilty of getting rid of any trace that might’ve been left behind.
No one to understand, so no one to listen.
So I say bye to you Mom, and hi to you stranger.

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