Mar 15, 2012

Journey to Nowhere

The lights
from the distance
only seen in the dark
it seems
by memories of the mind that

So I wonder
while I sit there
why I feel so at peace
with my feet in tact
but each footstep leading to another.
Yet, I stand still.

I look to the West
where the day lays to rest.
Oh how I find
solace in the memories
that have carried me
to the place
I am now

When they decide to look,
I’ll already be looking
straight ahead
to the lights all

That little red
light is the place
where the darkness
only I know
remains hidden.
A secret.

That little blue,
a little to the right,
light is the place
that changed my life.
It sent me on a ride
West, to escape heartache,
and a little
South, to escape the blood in me.
Although the route at first
I needed to stop
if I took the wrong road.

That little green,
the one they call
light is the place
I next called home.
I grew a new mind
and let others possess the old one.

I was reborn the red salamander
like the myth
out of fire.
Rebellion took hold of
my mind,
my heart,
curled around it and protected it
from harm.

I remember them.
My feet still intact.
My mind now weary
of thinking, and still
no answer to
that little yellow light.

And all I am left with,
the only thing I know,
the lights are my trigger
and the lights are my pull.

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