Jun 18, 2008


I feel that tears are only apart of some ones imagination
you wonder why I don’t cry and hold my chest up high
well it’s because I don’t feel the need to show my
sensitive side to someone \who don’t care
you wonder who I’m talking to
well to tell you the truth it’s you
you are anyone who has put me down in my life
you are anyone who feel the need to admire me with an attitude
you are anyone who don’t want me to succeed
you are anyone who have never really seen me cry
and it’s not because I’m shy or because the amount
of pride I own is to high no it’s because I don’t know
maybe it’s for those who die within a inch of their life
or for those who are forced by dirty men on the street to lose apart of them
or maybe it’s for that poor mother who can’t seem to scrap up enough money to feed her two children
or maybe it’s because I have nomore tears left for myself since I cried so much
for those I don’t even know
or maybe it’s because God has created only me without a heart and I am
suppose to live emotionless
motionless towards the mortal who pains
or maybe it’s because you are the person who cause me the most pain in my life
you know I used to look up to you but now
all I can do is cry

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